Dark Souls 3 – FighterPL vs Asmongold(Popular World of Warcraft player)

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I joined his fight club as lots of people asked me to, as he was talking lots of crap about Dark Souls 3 and how easy this game is(btw he was dying a lot)

I’m not hating as i would be a totally useless in WoW as well.
Just a fun few fights so he can see Dark Souls 3 pvp is not easy at all.

We were both lagging a bit. GG to him.




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28 Responses

  1. Fighter .PL says:

    The best part was that nearly 1000 people from his stream came to my chat and told me to go and kick his ass lol
    Guys no hate. It was just for fun

  2. Vicenzo Cicone says:


  3. szymonPL _ says:


  4. Mark Setosta says:

    Hey Fighter next time you meet asmongold parry his attacks so he get salty.

  5. Valravn says:

    oh boi, hes soo salty about this xD his reaction to this video is Gold

  6. King Bear says:

    In desc you say he died alot but I think the final total was like 13w-5l

    Conclusion? The only people less skilled at dark souls than my boy asmongold is twitch chat :^)

  7. impact aci says:

    can you invade him more? his doing ringed city DLC recent day.

  8. Ornado says:

    I would officially say out of all the souls games three is the easiest with 2 bosses being "the hardest" – Scythe Chick from painting and Midir. 1 is a cakewalk with the only REAL hard boss being "Manus" and even then not really. 2 is the hardest souls game and the one that gave me the most ache. IMO overall though three is by FAR the easier souls game. Less bosses, you can move and drink estus, combat is more fluid, armor doesn't really matter (fashion souls babbbyyy) and farming for souls is 10000000x easier with +2+3+4 rings.

  9. TSEEGAN says:

    Fighter .PL. That's my champion.

  10. quarter mac says:

    he looks like a rat lmao

  11. joseph loper says:

    good on this guy to try to dive into ds3. if u dont know who asmon is he acts like an asshole but its all part of the act. his ds3 stream is funny , but pretty frustrating at times. Well done Fighter! get the DS3 youtube boys together prod/chase/etc and try and forge this guy into something. u got to start at the basics tho, this guy doesnt know what a weapon art is, or parrying/blocking for that matter. super green and ignorant but hes competitive and hopefully will rise to the occasion.

    good to see one of the top streamers for WoW give DS some love. I feel like as time goes on and shity cash grab games keep coming out, ppl are startling to see what a real gem dark souls really is. This is good for DS. love it

  12. Sean B says:

    Keep thinking this guy's handle is 'Ass mongoloid'

  13. CXVII 117 R says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  14. 1fka7a says:

    All you guys sound like a bunch of pussies and beta males. Every streamer is putting on some sort of an act, meaning that he's pretending when he's saying that the game is easy etc. so stop whining.

  15. Smurf Derf says:

    im sorry but ds3 is easier than the other games

  16. Supercuate says:

    Hes so damn bad

  17. Evan Park says:

    I watched a bit of his DS1 playthrough and was like WUTADOOSH

    Then some of his other gameplay vids pooped up in my feed, I'm pretty sure he was trolling viewers saying its easy. He knew he sucked. He KNOWS he's bad. But hes gonna pretend its the games fault.

    Guy is aiight, a troll in his own rite lol

  18. LazyGamer says:

    Go back to Azeroth, casul

  19. North P says:

    Foretold in the legends,this would be the battle to shack and crack our world.

  20. AwsomeAnubite says:

    And here is Bellerophon claiming to be as great as the Gods, only for him to be swatted out of the sky and come crashing down. Kinda deserved it for his hubris

  21. Hybrid Gaming says:

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen

  22. TooBadPing says:

    Everywhere i go i see this assmongoloid… youtube ples

  23. Reverend Bonz says:

    It's ya boy, asmonpoise XD

  24. Dark Thunder says:

    Well, atleast he took the loss better than most casuals.

  25. Wilson says:

    you guys are both great

  26. Rex Powercolt says:

    Jeeze look at all the summon signs, wish it was like that on xbox

  27. Jan Kłos says:


  28. Dip Flup says:

    Inexperienced ds player who mostly plays wow vs elite ds player, yeah you destroyed him fighter and it was totally even.

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