Crazy Arcade in JAPAN!!! – KOWLOON WALLED CITY (Kawasaki Warehouse)

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WARNING – DON’T book your travel through Expedia – they are super sketchy! So many people have reported being double or triple-charged by – and Expedia has refused to refund duplicate charges caused by glitches on their site and app. I don’t know if travelocity and are as sketchy, but they are owned by the same company. I will be trying competitor Priceline in the future.

The Kawasaki Warehouse is a huge arcade in Kawasaki Japan (about 30-40 minutes from Tokyo by train). The coolest part of the arcade is a section modeled after Kowloon Walled City, a crowded urban nest in Hong Kong that was demolished in the 1990’s. Kowloon inspired the settings of many fictional video games, animes, and movies.
The Kowloon section of the arcade houses classic game cabinets such as Darius, Outrun, Street Fighter, and Gauntlet. ウェアハウス 川崎店 • ウェアハウスカワサキテン

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40 Responses

  1. President says:

    holy shit i would like to visit that place so much

  2. MisterThibo says:

    Welcome in 2388

  3. EvilHomerSimpson says:

    another sex dungeon

  4. M 6 says:

    Nice stabilization

  5. Jiei Do says:

    Taking videos is not prohibited???

  6. Lorendrawn says:

    I just found the perfect stoner video

  7. Virgo Bro says:

    Needs noise dampeners

  8. The Orange Element says:

    Fear effect memories anyone ?

  9. Takehaniyasubiko says:

    The Silent Hill 2 bathroom takes the cake.

  10. Ja So says:

    I find this place really beautiful for some reason

  11. Frances He says:

    It's a great shoot from game player's perspective!

  12. jsun Proter says:

    Thanks for the travel tips and video. Can unfortunately confirm priceline is shit also. I booked a hotel only to find out it was a shoddy illegal rooming house. They would not return my phone calls and wouldn't refund my money

  13. Dam Son says:

    They should make a small cafe in there as well.

  14. SixDN says:

    I will never understand why people would downvote a video like this. It just shows an interesting location, no political opinion or whatever. So why would someone say "Naah thats bad I'm gonna downvote this"?

  15. Keyla Does this says:

    Its creep cus iam alone and he is alone

  16. Kenny Lin says:

    cyberpunk come alive

  17. Grace Suan Jin says:

    Well it look creppy but their no Ghost in their

  18. 野龍 says:

    So… Hong Kong style street in Japan. Totally legit.

    Also, those spam ads on the wall. XD

  19. Kevin says:

    It's as if we stepped into the set for the 1988 movie of Akira or the 1995 movie of Ghost in the Shell

  20. Dustin Farinha says:

    That's so cool

  21. png junhong says:

    look like silent hill

  22. Thorn says:

    The way u filmed it at the beginning makes it seem like a House Of The Dead Level.

  23. Phuong Hoai says:


  24. Maximum Override says:


  25. Mantis Monk says:

    So awesome! Really does look like Kowloon…Amazing!

  26. You're Right I am right. says:

    That is fucking amazing detail!

  27. WÀBZ says:

    damn i thought i was on fucking weed

  28. HungrySmileDog says:

    i bet they hold melty blood tournaments in the bathroom

  29. Brad c says:

    Man that looked crazy

  30. AliasUndercover says:

    Mister Lo! Gimme a quarter!

  31. RTSchofield says:

    Deus Ex

  32. MT FunnyBones says:

    Now, I can see a making movie about a girl who live in a city of darkness.

  33. lenneth3 says:

    this arcade center is awesome!

  34. World B. Gilbert Gottfried says:

    This is a recreation of an actual neighborhood that used to exist in Hong Kong. It's since been demolished.

  35. Jayd Lor says:

    That is so cool! :V I could spend my time there like everyday.

  36. butterroronoabutter says:

    This is so weird and cool, especially when the real walled city is situated right next to my school

  37. Anton says:

    De tetas

  38. Sean Smith says:

    Is there anything roughly equivalent to this place in the UK?

  39. antoine blanchard says:

    no people?

  40. Japon Secreto says:

    This arcade is insane! We enjoyed a lot in january when we 'discovered' it. Really weird

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