Conjurer vs The Ebony Warrior (Completing Skyrim SE #84)

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Level 271 Conjurer vs The Ebony Warrior

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Now, something I want you to know. This let’s play (and all my let’s plays) are called “Completing [Skyrim SE]” because I like to explore, loot, and do absolutely everything there is. However, I only show my looting in the first couple of episodes because, after a while, it can get kinda boring. That being said, even though I like to cut out all the boring and unnecessary parts so that, if you want the full experience, you can still play the game for yourself; you can be completely sure I am looting, exploring, and doing everything there is to do in the game. Therefore, “Completing [Skyrim SE].

Completing Skyrim SE – Part 84 – Level 271 Conjurer vs The Ebony Warrior

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14 Responses

  1. samu steger says:

    Just an idea: thief build: sneak up on him and put differest statuseffect poisons in his inventory and see if youcan poison him to death, with different poisons.

  2. NazzeemzTales says:

    Like if ebony warrior did the best kill cam

  3. Marek Anderson says:

    Hi Simon grillo I subed and shot that bell with my bow

  4. Kadastrophe says:

    as destruction Mage u can try to steal him is magicka with lightning spells so he can't heal himself

  5. Vinicius Bega says:

    the problem of conjuring the dremora and it does not appear is a consequence of a perk of the alteration tree, maybe a perk of magic absorption šŸ™‚

  6. Copper & Sky says:

    Yeaah šŸ˜€ You have got french community now

  7. SG_MysticTV says:

    Nice video!

    I sound like 1 of those bots lol

  8. Santiago Celauro says:

    I don't know what to suggest you now
    Maybe just with companions,and ypu heal them so they dont die lol

  9. Dallss Eidson says:

    Maybe if you stop making this video I will watch you

  10. TGR plays says:

    Ur proper mint UR A FUKIN GOD oh and my favourite youtuber

  11. AlphaOtterYT says:

    The wrathmann do more damage then the Dremora Lord but have less armor rating because they are wearing dragon bone armor I believe but the dremora's do less damage but have higher armor so a combination of those two would be proficient

  12. Mittens The King Of Cats says:


  13. 100 subs no vids says:

    Hewwo isk Iā€™m back and yay Iā€™m level 40

  14. daboi 682 says:


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