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Hey nerds,

So I wanted to share with you all, An experience I had in vanilla and what Classic WoW was like here in Australia.

Although the majority of my Experience with Vanilla WoW was, for the most part a positive one, I’m pretty sure The Aussies had to have that little bit of Extra love for the game since we were on the other side of the world from the Original World of Warcraft servers.

The Video is meant to be something you can listen to in the background of what you are doing and I hope you enjoy.

Also Schedule Updates for 2019 at the end of the Video, so yeah..Videos every week!

See ya next Thursday Fam.

Love ya guts



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15 Responses

  1. Big Matty says:

    Just Fyi.. was gonna analyze Classic WoW but just shared a story instead haha..

    Also you have no idea how hard it is for me to not Edit stuff.. A friend suggested I just try to do some narrating and small effort videos between the bigger ones….

    Not editing was harder than actually editing for me lol..

    And I'm getting ready to stream soon. Keep an eye out.

    See you soon.

  2. sikhjatt23 says:

    Matty why is your lock alliance now :O

  3. Ronald Futcher says:

    Like you I played on a USA server from Australia to play with friends. I even was limited to dialup for my internet connection. I didn't do raids and PUGs were absolutely horrid. Everyone keeps talking about the community which doesn't match with my experience. Sure most people were okay to some even friendly unless you were in a dungeon or heaven forbid a raid. I remember very distinctly how rabidly elitist the higher players were, booted for latency told how useless I was my gear sucked too badly to even take in a normal dungeon. But I ignored learned to enjoy the game my own way and played it forever since except when i didn't have a computer. My fondest memory for classic was earning my Paladin quest mount after 60. I still have that toon gathering cobwebs somewhere.

  4. cool as ice says:

    Love from Melbourne. Wrath of the lich king best expansion ever!

  5. Qienna X says:

    I live in New Zealand and I choose to play on US servers. The latency you experienced in vanilla isn't a thing now…unless your internet is reeeeeeallly crappy

  6. TwoMG says:

    Count down to Classic… Josh has a GREAT podcast. Check him out. Surprised you haven't heard of him.

  7. Cynd Fire says:

    first like then watch 😀

  8. Tracyn says:

    But on wich side of the mount do you mount?

  9. Taedrem says:

    Great video

  10. Jason Escalante says:

    Always gonna be guild drama when a new player joins the raid.. Especially if he is pulling his own weight.. I remember leaving my guild after a fall out and we had Ulduar on farm, but this other guild I join hasn't even cleared half of it yet. So with my raid leading experience I got them to clear it the first week of me joining em and leading. But when it came to gear, there was mild drama because I had transition to dps and I wanted to dps and not tank – but because I tanked during that raid people threw a fit. Really hard to make a strong argument against someone who just carried you threw the whole raid. I eventually just passed all the gear anyways since I was losing interest in wow at the time.

  11. adox says:

    Haha poor Ozzy bastards are always forgotten on their big island with nothing but ther koalas to cuddle for comfort XD

  12. ShadowReaper072 says:

    you know its funny you talk about all of this, i actually raided ALOT with Aussies and west coasters as a east coast USA player. because i was Allways Awake and playing at those times. i had people actually ask me to join their guilds, im not gunna lie, i had more fun playing with those people then other east coast players

  13. Rakitun210 says:

    The best thing about you Big Matty, is that you're a fellow Australian and the only Australian WoW Youtuber I know of, unless there are some others.

  14. Fiastos says:

    Another upload from the legend himself!

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