Chronicles of Crime & Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – DIFFERENCES

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The CEO of the Lucky Duck Games alongside with the CEO of the Portal Games are discussing the differences in both of their games, Chronicles of Crime and Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. Watch this video if you’re interested in what made them decide to take the different paths in these designs, and how they perceive the creation of the other company.

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7 Responses

  1. Tamara Cook says:

    The background music was a little too loud, next time please bring it down a little so the lower voices are heard better.

  2. Massimiliano della Rovere says:

    I love this video!

  3. Joshua Photara says:

    I own both games, they are both very different in how you play but both provide an entertaining and in depth experience. I would love to see a crossover expansion of some sort. Don't know how it would work but the scanning interview system and the real time feel with the antares data base and legacy style realism, it could potentially be amazing.

  4. Josh Bach says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! It was excellent to hear how the concept and origins of both games, while similar, yielded different experiences. Very excited for both games and for the future of where they will go. Again, enjoy the camaraderie between the two of you and support for each others work (and the fact that you are geographically so close together is quite amusing). Thank you again for all of the hard work and content from Portal Games.

  5. stevelabny says:

    I'm not sure you're aware of this, but Ignacy has a very thick accent. He speaks very well though, so he's always understandable… UNLESS YOU HAVE TERRIBLE MUSIC PLAYING LOUDLY OVER HIM SPEAKING. turn down the piano, or better yet, turn it off.

  6. Petr Vojtěch says:

    Great games, both of them. When you talked about "bringing something more" I hoped for a second, there was a colaboration between you 🙂

  7. VMC BUX says:

    well well

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