Christmas Shopping Guide 2013: Strategy Board Games

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Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower takes a look at five strategy games you can buy for the hardcore gamer this Christmas

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23 Responses

  1. Shawn Fritsche says:

    Glad to see Firenze get some love, I feel like it went under the radar. It's a great game and has gotten a lot of play in my group lately.

  2. cartoon80s90s says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Tom.
    1:05 Firenze, 2:50 Francis Drake, 4:47 Kemet, 6:27 Caverna, 8:43 Terra Mystica

  3. Joseph Grimer says:

    Thanks for the video, and thanks for referring to it as Christmas, and nothing less!

  4. André Zanollo says:

    tks for a video without sam and zee 🙂

  5. Jen Freeman says:

    2103, Stratus: The Cloud Farmers, aka Agricola 59 is the hot new game. With the newly fashionable roll and move mechanic.

  6. trent100100 says:

    2103 where games cost $58,000 each

  7. p3ter20002000 says:

    Holy, games from 2103!

  8. Taddoggg says:

    Tom, "Caverna" hasn't been released in North America yet.  It's tentative release date is listed as "November/December," but I don't know if it will be out before Christmas. 

  9. Dr_SupaFry says:

    Dose Caverna work well with 2-3 players?

  10. The Ominous One says:

    2103 Holiday list:) Very futuristic:)

  11. Todd Adams says:

    Nice list.  I've played all of these except Caverna, and I enjoyed them all.

  12. Gman says:

    WOW….. u have a typo… "2103 Christmas". I would love it if that was true.

  13. Dulse & Roe says:

    Hey Tom, I love the videos, but would like to make one small suggestion. When you list the price, you should post the MSRP. For instance, Terra Mystica is $79.99 MSRP, although you list it as $54.99 because that's the price at Cool Stuff Inc. Now I know CSI is your sponsor, so you're listing their excellent prices. I just think it would be better to have an idea of what the MSRP is, so we know what to expect in our FLGS or at retailers near us.

  14. Peter Schott says:

    Not sure how Agricola made it out of its confinement from the "to get rid of" pile after Melody was told to take it away. Looking forward to playing Caverna when it finally ships. Though looking at the component drop, I thought for sure Caverna would be the heaviest game. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations, Tom (and Ruby).

  15. fixer10091994 says:

    3:40 That was a wrong picture ^^

  16. mostman says:


  17. wetwillyccma says:

    Great job Tom. Ruby is so cute.

  18. Landgraft says:

    Those American RRPs make me feel sad.

    Firenze: $100AUD
    Francis Drake: $120AUD
    Kemet: $115AUD
    Caverna: $140AUD
    Terra Mystica: $120AUD

    Guess I'll have to make do with coal in my stocking. Bah humbug 🙁

  19. Rori Rants says:

    More Ruby!! 🙂 

  20. Todd Johnston says:

    No another Agricula!!!

  21. Lordjunon says:

    When your talking about Francis Drake, the picture you have was still of Firenze. 

  22. liorean says:

    A bit early to bring out the 2103 shopping list, isn't it?

  23. PerHHornstrup says:

    Nice.. a guide for 2103. 🙂 – I'm not gonna argue if the guide is correct or not in 90. years .. actually I'm pretty sure that Tom nailed it. 🙂

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