Chargers vs. Ravens Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

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The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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27 Responses

  1. Glenn Brito says:

    lamar this and lamar that, ravens that and ravens this, wtf chargers played good and stopped lamar and the run game, give credit to the winning team not the losers

  2. seyar najeed says:

    Adrian Phillips underrated man what a beast

  3. Infinite Rush says:

    Chargers need to do some fumble recovery drills. Sheesh.

  4. Datkiddmatt says:

    Lamar Jackson still had more passing yards than Rivers

  5. Julian says:

    If Spanos didn't exist, I would root for the Chargers.

  6. John Clements says:

    That's the worst I've ever seen a quarterback look

  7. Richard Gray says:

    My new team LA Chargers

  8. Lor Dj says:

    Why people bashing Lamar instead of giving the Chargers defense credit they change they game plan and watch film on Lamar and the offensive coordinator should be fired

  9. Deli Bilal says:

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  10. J Syauqi says:

    Well done, Lamar.

  11. Dominic Booth says:

    2019 not 2018.

  12. kk5521123 says:

    Lmar Jackson's passing sucks!!! Some of it caused by the garbage O-line

  13. TradeWithRicky says:

    This game should have been 30-0 for LA, chargers were stopped at the goal line from scoring td and rivers almost had tyrell Williams for a td plus a blocked field goal . Ravens only scored points late when chargers played soft

  14. Christopher Pagan says:

    What if the Chargers get moved to Oklahoma City?

    The Oklahoma City Chargers

  15. Janiyah Pouncey says:

    Lets go chargers and Steelers dad and uncle the Pouncey twins #53

  16. Mindy Gaines says:

    @ 13:40 that was a touchdown how didn’t the line judge see that ??? They made us use a challenge !!!

  17. Spencer Hughes says:

    This is why the steelers should be in the playoffs and never the ravens

  18. Jahmane Croxton says:

    are they playing like they are playing in the nfl or high school football

  19. ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose says:

    How I feel when I run: Lamar Jackson. How I actually look when I run: Antonio Gates.

  20. joshmsimmz says:

    Lamar was bad for 3 quarters , but he picked it up at the end . Was pretty sweet seeing him stiff arm derwin james.

  21. Nag 006 says:

    He didn’t have possession he fumbled

  22. Paul Nweke says:

    Im sorry but lamar Jackson is a Running back playing Querterback, This is coming from a DIE Hard Ravens fan hope he can Throw the ball better Next year. He was a Rookie Querterback Inthe playoffs with a trash O-LINE

  23. Julius Ulit says:

    Lamar weakness is accuracy, even from College this not surprising

  24. David Baker says:

    I am glad the chargers won! But, the run by Melvin Gordon at the goal line was a fumble, for one it wasn't a dive like the review officials are saying, he was definitely tripped, Gordon wasn't ready for that and you see the ball go loose from there, which is clearly loss of control on the ball and you can see it loose all the way till the ball pops out at the end. I think the game would be different if it was a fumble. Anyway a great defensive game! Good luck chargers! I still think its a fumble!

  25. SERROT 05 says:

    Lamar only played 1 quarter and almost won the game. Credit to him. Go Chargers!!!

  26. Jesse Low says:

    lamar jackson is worse than dak lol

  27. emisoccer • says:

    Lamar choke

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