Card Shop V-Logs #21 – What Are These Card Games Doing?!

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DISCLAIMER: You buy these cards at your own risk! By watching this video, you do not have to buy ANY card whatsoever. Any information in this video is based on PURE speculation. The advice given in this video is speculative or by opinion.

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9 Responses

  1. 1upization says:

    Coming along nice V

  2. endmp25 says:

    I like the mat. I have no idea what arg is though…

  3. Jaiken says:

    I like waking up to a chill video with V talking alone in the morning. It's somehow very pleasing.

  4. Team Scrublife Gaming says:

    Thumbs up for the mat

  5. Lorena Garcia says:

    Could you do product reviews? Get two duelist and just have them explain/compare/critique the sleeves, deck boxes, mats, stuff they use. Recently got back into the game and the ultimate guard boxes while good are too bulky. Ultra pro sleeves also tend to slowly eject my cards too.

  6. phillip thompson says:

    your building your inventory up. can we expect to see you at a event in the near future as a vendor ?

  7. Cool Penguin says:

    Hey V, quick question, what's your opinion on keyforge, and will you be stocking it?

  8. Lou Mor says:

    I like Yu-Gi-Oh. I'll beat anyone with my Yugi deck

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