Card Games On Motorbikes

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45 Responses

  1. Jackson Adams says:

    I love 5ds

  2. M3G4 T3RR4 says:

    Don’t make me angry… EVER!

    Or I WILL challenge you to a children’s card game.

  3. Primal Groudon says:

    fangirl scream for Seto "screw the rules" Kaiba

  4. Daisja Sharp says:


  5. Jaden Yuki says:

  6. Yuuki Marvell says:

    Well ive learned something! Atem looks rlly dumb in yusei's outfit!

  7. Sir Foop says:

    You can say what you want about 5D but the opening song was kick ass

  8. Braden says:

    I swear I WILL duel someone on a motorcycle someday

  9. Matt Montgomery says:

    The joke works double well when you realize that the VA for Tristan (Greg Abbott) also voices Yusei

  10. Kermittu the Frog says:

    Kaiba's so OP he's got all of the Signer marks

  11. Carlos Rojas says:

    And now we got Card games on Hoverboards!!!!!!

  12. Zephyroths says:

    0:34 lol, Kaiba got all the Signer birthmark

  13. DIO says:

    Now card games on the internet…..
    oh the memes.

  14. Masterwar15 says:

    The edition on this deserves an applause, damn.

  15. Allen Sharp says:

    I need to know that song.

  16. Manuel Argenis Arroyo Lopez says:

    what episode is this?

  17. mark robinson says:

    this edited YGO 5D intro video made Anzu and Mokuba looks like legit badass main character instead of cheerleading role

  18. shooting star says:

    helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo card games on motercycles hows amercana

  19. MetalSifr97 says:

    Goddamn this editing is great, and it's 6 years old too.

  20. TheIain531 says:

    6 years later and this is still funny

  21. rulo cheewe says:

    CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sukhmeet Dhingra says:

    Yusei must really hate Yugi after hearing this.

  23. Onna no ko says:

    card game on motorcycle 
    then card game with scouter 

  24. Onna no ko says:

    and now there is card game on circus 

  25. alprazolam says:

    why is yami yugi in that opening

  26. Diego Flores Reyes says:

    Hahaha Tristen and the bike!!!!!

  27. Sean Whetten says:

    I feel like playing card games on a motorcycles would be a terrible idea IRL

  28. Phantomhive's Ghost says:

    That makes way to much sence

  29. ShinobiLiger says:

    I liked Yusei, Akiza (actually, loved her.  Akiza is like my favorite character), Crow and Kalin.  The rest could have been rid of.  I would have liked to see the old crew all grown up.  Or if not everyone, maybe threw in one or two, like… Tea and Joey with Tea being a professional dancer and best friend to Joey Wheeler who grew a bit older (not old man) and took up card games on motorcycles.  And of course, we have to imagine Kaiba would be in there somewhere.  Where is Kaiba anyways!?  Don't tell me everyone's dead already!

  30. Anxious Aesthetics says:

    Same with Kaiba-with….um….jack? u know the guy who says "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!"in evry other yugioh abridged video

  31. Anxious Aesthetics says:

    Wait, so yusei just happens to hav the exact same bike,suit,and picturing as yami?

  32. tdm17mn says:

    Is this the oping to 5d's? Thanks

  33. Katelynn Tomassi says:

    Card games on skateboards

  34. Tabatha Ackley says:

    I would Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's if this happened 😉

  35. Jonathan Walden says:

    Card games with knifes, instead of tributing, you stab your foot

  36. Elfun says:

    Card games with scouters

  37. Ronico Hagos says:


  38. willian vasquez says:

    Dafuq did I just watched?0.0

  39. Onna no ko says:

    card game with scouter yugioh zexal anyone

  40. Onna no ko says:

    nope it's heard of the scouter now

  41. ??? says:

    If only they used the original characters it might've been better…

  42. Rex8483 says:

    you mean season 0?

  43. SidneySweetie says:

    And Yami is awesome in a motorbike as well!

  44. SidneySweetie says:

    It could be better if it just had Yami in the other yugioh series that will be awesome and they will make more money if Yami was in all the yugioh series and get more cards as well!

  45. SidneySweetie says:

    Omg Yami Yugi is awesome on a motorcycle
    I will that to happen in Yugioh Classic

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