Can You Guess The Game By The Emoji | 20 Emoji Puzzles | Emoji Challenge

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Can You Guess The Game By The Emoji | 20 Emoji Puzzles | Emoji Challenge

We have 20 emoji puzzles that will test your brain.
You have to guess the Game based on the emojis.
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2. Vexento – Masked Heroes

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39 Responses


    the last one is Minecraft

  2. Aibor Warlarpih says:

    It's purely MINECRAFT in the last guess round

  3. Thunder09 ABC says:

    1). Candy crush
    2). Angery bird
    3). Subway serve

  4. Maky B says:

    Art miner

  5. Nagaprabhakar Aadhimulam says:


  6. Shaik Munwar says:

    Zombie tusnami

  7. Shaik Munwar says:

    Awesome exllent. Thanks

  8. Shaik Munwar says:

    Subway surf

  9. Shaik Munwar says:

    Angry bird

  10. menaka raja says:

    I did 15 correct, even in the last round except for 1 I knew all, in the 2nd round 2 mistakes, 1st one and 3rd one I made 1 and 1 mistake in each

  11. Cricket Hits says:


  12. Atul Pandey says:

    The last one is MINECRAFT

  13. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Bubble shooter

  14. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Right all pool

  15. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Shadow fight

  16. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:


  17. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Zombie tsunami

  18. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Castle run

  19. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Fruit ninja

  20. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Subway surfer

  21. Liubov Trent says:

    I did good on very hard

  22. todd phillips says:


  23. Patricia Hardy-reynolds says:

    Fruit ninga

  24. Małgorzata Więckowska says:

    20/20 last one is mine paint or minecraft

  25. Kalani Thirulinganathan says:

    I got all them right

  26. A Kumar says:

    MX paint

  27. #W W says:

    The last one is ofcourse MINECRAFT

  28. Dolan Das says:

    The last one is minecraft

  29. mahabuba opyelia says:

    5 I can't pass

  30. MineBloxCenter Master says:

    The last one is minecraft am rigth or no

  31. Vikki Greenup says:

    1 candy crush
    2 angry birds
    3 subway surfers
    4 fruit ninja
    5 hill climb racing
    6 temple run
    7 zombie tsunami
    8 Pokémon go
    9 plants vs zombies
    10 stickman and gun
    11 shadow fight
    12 8 ball pool
    13 bubble shooter
    14 slither is
    15 fifa World Cup
    16 love balls
    17 pubg
    18 gold digger
    19 my talking Tom

  32. LPS Shadow Moon says:


  33. All Rounder says:

    Minecraft game is the latest one

  34. MIND TEST says:

    fruits ninja, right?

  35. Sunil Chavan says:

    Why dount you not add clash of clan game in this game

  36. TNT Game says:

    18/20. But the last one is minecraft…. like if you agree with….

  37. IRON MAN says:

    I am the fifth liker and fourteenth viewer

  38. Btsforlifexx says:


    Edit: thanks for the heart and highlight and I was first

  39. FBI says:

    First but whatever lol

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