Can You Guess The Food By The Emoji?|Emoji Challenge|Emoji Puzzles[Spot&Find]

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Spot&Find presents,
Can You Guess The Food By The Emoji?|Emoji Challenge|Emoji Puzzles[Spot&Find]

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Emoji icons supplied by EmojiOne
Stardust by ikson:
Feel Good by MBB
Good Old Days by Joakim Karud

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28 Responses

  1. Angelfied 7 says:

    Cheescake & Fries

  2. VijayKumarReddy S says:

    anjali- my favorite food is strawberdy milk shake. like who likes strawberry milk shake

  3. Mary Angel Petalver says:

    i go eleven points 11

  4. Ezmee Sanderson says:


  5. Karla Carangui says:

    my fav is chcoalte milk

  6. Twin Squad says:

    Since when milk chocolate and shellfish has been a food.

  7. Lisa Hand says:

    Candy apple chocolate milk corn nuts

  8. Lisa Hand says:

    Pumpkin pie

  9. Lisa Hand says:

    Banana spit corn bread milk chocolate blue cheese 7 up

  10. Andrea Vehvilainen says:

    I love these games!

  11. Maria Mera says:

    7 up is a drink

  12. lisa wilson says:

    i got 19 but 7 up is a drin not a food this challgene was about gussing the food but also is a game who ever did this is telling
    us to guss the food they most of changed there mind to guss the drink

  13. Narzary Lakhiram says:


  14. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Cloud candy

  15. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Corn nut

  16. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Chocolate milk

  17. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Sweet apple

  18. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Pumpkin pie

  19. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Canidon bacon

  20. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Boiled egg

  21. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    7 up

  22. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Blue cheese

  23. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Corn bread

  24. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Chocolate milk

  25. #Gaming Fantasy says:

    Banana split

  26. kah'nilah giles says:

    So easy

  27. kah'nilah giles says:


  28. kah'nilah giles says:

    Nice try trying to trick me on the second one you said good 7 up is a drink not food like me if you agree

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