Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Taking Any Damage?

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There are many ways to play through New Vegas: Melee-only, Unarmed-only, no fast travel. But one way takes the game to a whole new level. What if any damage at all killed you? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without Taking Any Damage?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form)

My hunt for the man in a checkered suit is on. After a few weapon mods caught my eye in the General Store, I spoke Sunny Smiles to get my hands on a Varmint Rifle. Then I killed her and her stupid dog with it and bought Silencer and Extended Mags mods from Chet before ending his life. The townsfolk in Goodsprings were very nice to me. To reward them for their generosity, I killed them all and let the Powder Gangers take control. Then I killed the Powder Gangers, too. My next stop was Primm, for no other reason than Johnson Nash being the next closest vendor after Chet’s tragic accident.

I found myself inside the Bison Steve Hotel. The Powder Gangters inside provided me with my first real challenge. It’s kinda like Call of Duty where he who sees first kills first. Their guns are drawn and they’re facing me, giving them a step up in the fight. After several deaths, I was able to walk in and instantly aim at the bad guy’s head, allowing me to kill him and hide behind a corner. Several deaths later, I was on the 2nd floor, where I had even more fun dying over and over again. Good thing I’m persistent.

The Gangters were cleared out, Beagle was rescued, and Primm was in need of a new sheriff. NCR were my first suggestion. But, with my Speech skill laughably low, I had to drag myself to Mojave Outpost to get approval from someone higher up the ranks. Then something strange happened. After I killed Ranger Ghost so I could steal her clothes, one of my dialogue choices with Major Knight was to tell him that I’d helped out around the Outpost. Maybe Ranger Ghost was a total not nice person or something. Regardless, I brought the law back to Primm, and my work there was done.

Next was Nipton. Boxcars, the last standing member of the Powder Gremlins was granted the sweet release of death. Vulpes Inculta also needed to die. Something deep within me said it must be. So that’s what happened. Using my Sneak skill and silenced Varmint Rifle, I eliminated Vulpes and his group of Legion soldiers. I found myself full of items that I didn’t want to drop. Novac seemed like the perfect place to sell them. I took the road southeast of Nipton and killed a whole family of Bighorners along the way for some quick and easy experience. And then I got carried away and got myself in a sticky situation involving a lot of very dangerous ghouls. It took a considerable amount of time and ammo, but I was able to kill enough of them to accomplish my goal. I really wanted to know what was in that shack. The Hunting Shotgun inside was nice, but the real reward was discovering what happened when I took too much radiation damage. Once it crosses into the first Radiation Sickness category, you take damage, which kills the me. Or I tripped over a rock while standing still. I could honestly be either.

Fresh out of that irradiated hellhole, I encountered a few traveling merchants to whom I could sell a few of my wares. That voice came back and I was determined to kill them all in the most beautiful of fashions. Picking them off at a distance would just not do. I put myself between all 4 of them, targeted their skulls in VATS, and fired away.

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39 Responses

  1. Mitten Squad says:

    Several people have asked, so here's the list of mods I used in this playthrough:

    Fallout Mod Manager – my mod manager of choice

    Weapons of the New Millenia
    Project Nevada
    NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas – Small
    The Mod Configuration Menu
    EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements
    Weapon Mods Expanded – WMX
    More Perks
    Weapon Retexture Project – WRP
    NVAC – New Vegas Anti Crash
    New Vegas Stutter Remover
    4GB Fallout New Vegas
    Yukichigai Unofficial Patch – YUP
    Unofficial Path Plus
    Weapon Animation Replacers
    Vanilla HUD Remastered (4K)

    I can edit this comment to include a screenshot of my load order if anyone wants to see it.

  2. Just Justus says:

    Umm no. Not sure if you missed something but if you get the army of securitrons you can order yes man to throw olliver off the dam without a speech check. It also negates all fighting

  3. Mad Madix says:

    How tf did u do this omg

  4. spoi crab says:

    Can you beat fallout new Vegas…


    Beating fallout new Vegas?

  5. Isaac Riggs says:

    Blow your damn nose.

  6. Darthmufin says:

    Also using modded weapons seems a bit cheap but whatever.

  7. ItsDATBag says:

    *Can you beat New Vegas without picking up any weapons

  8. Darthmufin says:

    The helmets from factions don't have any faction tag, so anyone can wear them. So boone can wear a legion helmet, just like higher level NCR do.

  9. averagejoe455 says:

    Fuck you for killing Sunny

  10. ReconCrusader says:

    Yes it's called TGM

  11. Red Kitsune says:

    Can you beat fallout 4 without taking damage?

  12. Streetkid _ says:

    I just recently found this channel and I love it so much I love playing fallout new vegas it's my fav fallout I've beat it around 8 times and this channel just gives me more and more ideas on how I should try and beat it next

  13. GoldenFlareon says:

    Can you beat Fallout New Vegas without anybody getting hurt

  14. Islarf says:

    Can you beat fallout 4 without taking any damage (excluding radiation)

  15. comeoverlater says:

    thank you for still bringing fallout new vegas content

  16. Preston Gravey says:

    No one equipped the helmet because the legion held doesn't count as faction gear

  17. TheOtioseFanatic says:

    Can you beat tale of two wastelands without taking damage? As a baby? A giant? Without a pipboy? You have so many challenges left to do!

  18. Doc 76 says:

    No your companion can equip hats and helmets from any faction but not the chest pieces

  19. Ryne Mcgriffin says:

    If Dark Souls has taught me anything, then it’s not only possible, it’s probable

  20. Emily Brolly says:

    Can you beat fallout 3 without being told to watch where you're going ?

  21. Zachary McQueen says:

    I think rwlying on guns is boring. You feel a sence of accomplishment when being able to solve a problem with a more diplomatic approach.

  22. Tommy Vercetti says:

    Can you beat Fallout 3 and New Vegas by buying every version of Skyrim

  23. Agent Sly says:

    this would be more impressive if u didn't use mods but i'll let it slide, it was probably hell, next week i'm gonna do a pacifist run

  24. Kelsie Metz says:

    Cannibalism is hot, id eat a whole squeaker

  25. Carlos Ramon says:

    Helmets don’t count as faction gear uwu

  26. Magic Gonads says:

    Use forceav health instead of modav so that if you gain any health it won't change the fact you will die instantly upon taking damage

  27. Portaller says:

    You really went out of your way to make this run as hard as possible. And the boat to the Fort doesn't spawn until Caesar invites you after Ring a Ding Ding.

    Now do Lonesome Road.

  28. Dis Like says:

    Can you play fallout without moving?

  29. Cheese Wizard says:


  30. Some Guy says:

    Hotline New Vegas

  31. Patrik Reichel says:

    plus he took damage,he said it.

  32. Patrik Reichel says:

    u can't do that, he's a lier he used a hack, u could see that he used a hack when her started.

  33. Ethan Sin says:

    A fallout run all in one go no saves

  34. Cory Branch says:

    Truly chaotic neutral.

  35. Dabadibadooba says:

    Oh man I can't wait to play fallout new vegas when my aunt gets here!

    In 2019…….

  36. tsaqifqi nurarif says:

    please make can you beat fallout without saving ??

  37. Dabadibadooba says:

    Can you beat fallout new vegas without fallout new vegas?

  38. Joe Yummiestanimal says:

    Can you beat new Vegas, fallout 3, or fallout 4 with only fists?

  39. Jimi Nutrain says:

    6:03 the helmet doesn't count a faction armor, just the armor itself

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