CALL OF DUTY IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Infinite Warfare: Jackal Assault VR (Playstation VR Gameplay)

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To Infinity and Beyond! We are going to play the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare VR Experience with the PSVR. Enjoy!

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28 Responses

  1. 101Fire _Friend101 says:

    When i play that i was dizzy

  2. Trais Gaming says:

    Great game, got gameplay on my channel, along with other VR videos, check em out 🙂 no commentary, yet.

  3. public enemee says:

    Does it have a full game ?

  4. MrPanther826 says:

    Damn, why didn't they make a full version yet?! I played it like 4 times, I stopped cause it was too damn annoying not playing a full version.

  5. Vinay Shakyawar says:

    those explosions are shit

  6. djhype81jc says:

    I finally got to play it lol. Late I know but I actually liked the vr experience. Hope they make it a full game.

  7. DB Jr Barnett says:

    the commentary made me cry

  8. Darren Mullen says:

    "My brain is farting." American Slang Gone Wrong

  9. Luigi Espitia says:

    I liked this video just because he said "there's so much going on, my brain is farting" 4:50

  10. muhd naufal says:

    Does it need controler?

  11. Master God says:

    why don't you play a friendly game

  12. Rachael Ward says:

    how are you steering? with your eyes or hands?

  13. Laufield says:

    "Call of Duty"? You gotta be kidding me

  14. Hassan K says:

    you are a call of duty fan for sure!

  15. Andrew Hanson says:

    0.18 borat

  16. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    infinite warfare

  17. Bryce Carey says:

    less talk and more play

  18. Ayrton luis says:

    muito top

  19. Liam Mahon says:

    pc vr better

  20. Liam Mahon says:

    my black ops 3 ps4

  21. Black Goku says:

    Call of duty black ops 3

  22. Retro- Hunter says:

    with vr

  23. Retro- Hunter says:

    infinite warfare play more of it!

  24. Invel Yura says:

    This game looks awesome 😀 have very good realistic space battle in my opinion from what i saw in video ^^

  25. 3000tomas says:

    just this short mission in vr 🙁

  26. satria64 suryajaya says:

    Welp,looks like they crushed the BF1 bandwagon with this.

  27. Briten Laishram says:


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