Bungie Built A Puzzle So Hard, Everyone Just Got Mad

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Lamon Gamon are baaaaack

With the new forge dropping for Destiny 2,many were excited to see what awaited inside.. all you had to do was solve the puzzle.. problem is.. the puzzle was so badly designed that no one has the slightest idea how to solve it.

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32 Responses

  1. Laymen Gaming says:

    How would you like to play a game?… Just press the link below and enter your credit card details on our merch.. you win a prize that comes in the mail…



  2. angel Harrison says:

    Your shiting me right?…. Are you seriously going to blast bungie for putting a hard puzzle in the game that the community had to figure out?…. Well i guess we should start to blast EVERY game that has a hard puzzle!!!! Plus the community wasnt mad about it, they were doing like they ALWAYS do, trying to solve it!!!!

  3. Sparky Ferret says:

    you guys have amazing gag reflex, how much more bungie dick will you be able to stomach ?

  4. Martyn James says:

    If people weren't so pathetic this puzzle wouldn't have been a big deal. It's because twats decided to try and do it quickly, they tried to do it in one run. If the community had been reasonable and taken their time with it (instead of trying to rush through it doe bragging rights that really don't mean anything; talk about reinforcing every negative stereotype of gamers!) there wouldn't have been a problem.
    Once again the Destiny community and certain Youtubers show that gamers can be very sad little people, making me ashamed to call myself a gamer at times.

  5. Raptor Maverick says:

    (Whispers) wish 15

  6. Dribble Pi55 says:

    I'm waiting for the next bunch of DLC I was done with the forges after the 3rd one it's just lazy game design throwing a stupid ball at a machine and it's boring as hell

  7. DynamicUrufu. says:

    Because the old destiny community is good at solving puzzles, the new one on the other hand…

  8. Andrew Linares says:

    Puzzle nobody can solve in a video game?. Challenge accepted.

  9. J Fec says:

    Let's for a second pretend were in a day an age where there is no internet, where we can't "look this stuff up", where we can't directly contact the dev of the game and ask pretty please help me with this really hard part of the game. Like every person before the internet was a major source of every answer to every problem and we actually had to figure it out for ourselves. Now let's ask if this "puzzle" was really as hard as they made it out to be.

  10. Jon Boone says:

    it didnt backfire at all, they made a puzzle, the people who like that shit went to work on it for not even an entire day, a big portion of the community cried about not being able to do the new forge, bungie goes "fine dumb fucks, here ya go" and hands it over. That is the end of it, only people like this chanel that are out to generate false rage talk about it being a failure. outrage culture has infected gamers and now you guys are all running around like fucking sjw's offended at literally everything so these companies are damned if they do damned if they dont.

  11. RunawayThree says:

    Few days later….bungie leaves activision…

  12. Jonathan Ouimet says:

    wait 24 hours is a long wait ? dude come on, i like your content, but that is a really cool thing to do. A hardcore puzzle so the best of the best( not the no life players or the fastest) could sit together and focus on the solution to win this. A real puzzle solver would not do the thing over and over again. they would have scan the entier zone with screen shot and take the time to find de more logical solution. for a theories a day is nothing to be able to solve a problem. Plus, there is only ONE forge that is lock not ALL the forges.

  13. Castle Road Official says:

    The people who break this puzzle will be heros.

  14. Castle Road Official says:

    I like it!

  15. Lionel Whiskerknot says:

    Hmm….. Seems risky to me. Lock people out of content they paid for is just begging for the customer to ask for a refund. But hey… It's your game. You just keep being you. 🙂

  16. FLLN 97 says:

    What a clickbaity, inaccurate, stupid thumbnail. Oh well. Here buddy, have some ad reve… oh, no nevermind. This is why I use adblock.

  17. Ron Romano says:

    Hey time hating bullshit from destiny per usual! Woo baby, nothing like timegated metrics that you pay for.

  18. gamamew says:

    That Goldeneyes's 64 Facility level outro

  19. Bryan Schenk says:

    If I haven't played Destiny 2 since pre DLC #1, how much am I up to pay to get access to all new content?

  20. Hannyabal says:

    The reason the puzzle hasn't been solved yet is bc only idiots give money to Activision/Bungie

  21. Chris Hubbard says:

    Remember when battlefield games had intense season long puzzles that spanned all of their maps and almost every cypher known to man? Dont remember people complaining it was too hard then…….

  22. alexubel says:

    My take is that games should be for everyone, but not every game should be for everyone.

  23. Nick Jeffrey says:

    Imagine paying for a tv and can’t turn it on for a day once you get home

    Imagine buying a car but u can’t fill it up with petrol for a day

    Imagine buying a drink and not being able to drink it for a day

    Imagine getting paid but not being able to spend the money for a day

    Imagine buying a dlc and not being able to play it for a day!

    You are all fucking retarded!

    And right now no one knows how long this wait will be!

  24. unkie cast says:

    i would of been ok if this shot was still locked in 2 months. ready player 1 style. imagine the hype for thos who cracked it

  25. A. M. says:

    Fact is they need money…they make good games but their glacial pace PLUS the fact they usually screw up on initial release and takes DLCs to fix …it takes money to survive. Its the reason they had to get in bed with microsoft and activision in the first place. They will make a go of it for a few years..and when money runs out..they will go into another contract with someone else.

  26. DYNO WILD says:

    “I think the whole community was like I’m over this whole grinding shit” DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT GAME YOUR TALKING ABOUT

  27. Patar says:

    Dun Dun, dunnn, Dun Dun, dunn, dun dun dun dun dun dun! Duuun, duuun, Duuun. Goldeneye

  28. DYNO WILD says:

    Yet another video of these two clowns that don’t play Destiny shitting on destiny for a thing that is not even bad

  29. Hank Storm says:

    DoN't YOu guYs hAVe PuZzlES AT HoMe

  30. Running Tiger says:

    They rectified the issue the day after… they thought it would be cool to see the community come together and they did, it's just the puzzle was too hard so they decided rather then sit around and make pr statements they just de-coupled the puzzle from the content. It isn't really a big deal… :/

  31. GenericName007 says:

    I’m not overly concerned about being politically correct but I have made an effort to stop referring to things as being “gay” but those shorts are really pushing my restraint.

  32. Satanel4588 says:

    what a bullshit clickbait

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