Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

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31 Responses

  1. Strange Parts says:

    It was a blast showing you around Huaqiangbei, Linus! Thanks for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule. Turns out my editor already has a decent editing rig, so I'll be giving this PC away to a lucky fan in an upcoming video. If you're interested in winning this PC (and some cool and rare Strange Parts swag) definitely keep an eye out for that video.

  2. MassDynamic says:

    hm. i thought vpn's were illegal in China

  3. Jesús Evaristo Valle says:

    Full jerk Linus. Its like a child who does not understand the environment…

  4. Erdouf says:

    They scam you so badly lol… NEver a chinese guy will pay what u paid. This is coz u are white lol

  5. LightningInfernos says:

    what does he mean by 11 62? 22:54 did he buy it for 11.62 dollars or 1162 dollars i don't get it.

  6. Electric Dreams says:

    Dude. What are you doing in China with Conor McGregor?

  7. arseymcpherson says:

    Is dental cheaper?

  8. A A says:

    I cringe thinking about what the Chinese think when they see a couple of white guys building a PC beside a garden bed.

  9. A A says:

    As a white guy who spends a lot of time in China, I can say that Linus is a straight-up douchebag, thinking that China should make any attempt to make shopping easier for foreigners. Dude needs a punch in the face.

  10. faustino mendoza says:

    Total fail

  11. Ryan Reynolds says:

    Stupid video by a stupid guy. Linus you are an asshole.

  12. PixelSplatMC MC says:

    A mac running windows 7////////what a bizarre store

  13. Gokcan Demiralp says:

    9:00 unexpected lol

  14. Alaneqxd says:

    Linus looks like a little kid in That mall

  15. Woe UntoTheWicked says:

    China looks amazing, wish we had stores like this in the states

  16. Bel Moreno says:

    You are exceptionally rude Canadian. I heard lots of things about Canucks being pleasant and polite, you, on the other hand, is an exact opposite. Just watching you shopping is stressful.

  17. Donski II says:

    Had to double check the speed of the video once Scotty began talking. lol

  18. Curtis Y says:

    so vthis is what happens when they dont plan the whole video in advance

  19. attk177 says:

    The blue backpack guy seems like the nicest dude ever, Id love go tech shopping in China with him

  20. atinder says:

    you are trash, this was last video i watched. I hope your dumb ass dont show in my youtube suggestions. have there ever been any video where you trash ass ever showed anything creative. No skills whatsoever just assembling shit thats all. This channel is for lazy people who can't or dont want to read manuals. you are rude and pain in the ass to hang with. P.S : I love chinese people

  21. TIME RYDER says:

    I like how you link to literally EVERYTHING EXCEPT A VIDEO WHERE YOU TRY TO PLUG THE DAMN THING IN AND TURN IT ON TO SEE IF IT WORKS. We're just left with you having assembled…that thing, and wondering if it'll DO ANYTHING or not.

  22. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Sorry hun but I love someone else I want a divorce

  23. doubi water says:


  24. OkiStash says:

    When he said fuck it I hit the like button lmfaooo

  25. Paul Stubbs says:

    As that watercooling tubing is just for looks, you should try shoving some LED's up them, with some form of light chaser – so you have 'photonic' water flowing

  26. Ethan Morgan says:

    You should co-op more often! This video was really funny!

  27. Eternity says:

    Never knew Linus's fans were so bitchy and toxic..

  28. Kovaso Bix says:

    At least taste the local cuisine ffs, some fried dog and cat.

  29. EDISONTECH says:

    Actually google is unblocked in china

  30. Ed Briscoe says:

    Is the guide's voice sped up or does he sound like that for real?

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