Building a $400 and $500 Gaming PC 2014 – Best Custom Build for the Money

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*** The ASROCK board will NOT work with 8 Series FX CPU. You’ll need to go with the Asus one to stay within the budget and keep your OC limited on the 8320. Go with a different board if a heavy OC is your aim.
$400 Build Parts List:
****To find parts for the list price you may need to look around for rebates (especially NewEgg this month). Let me know if you have any questions.
$500 Build Parts List:
$300 League of Legends PC

Other References:
Asus Board CPU Compatibility:
ASROCK Board Compatibility:

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38 Responses

  1. jorden stock says:

    why get a 500gb hard drive when you can easily get a 1 or 2 tara byte for that much

  2. Hola Bola says:

    This list is awesome

  3. SauceGodd says:

    I have been looking for a desktop just to record xbox360 gameplay and edit. I have been looking into gaming computers. Any suggestions? Max $500.

  4. IRepLegacy says:

    could you play games like gta v and wolfstein with the 500$ build

  5. alden joel says:

    In malaysian…. how mush all its the price???

  6. jay_615 says:

    stop talking about build i can do that where ur pc stupid

  7. LisaraTV says:

    Zotac GeForce GTX 970
    ASUS H81M-A mATX
    Windows 8.1 English
    Crucial 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1600Mhz Ballistix Sport
    Cooler master 650w
    Is this pc good?

  8. biplob says:

    you talk too much 🙁

  9. TrystsandTrustfunds says:

    Keep your head up buddy!

  10. TBSaurus says:

    Yeah I need the $500 dollar. I'll keep looking for better PC's for 500 or 550 but if I can't find anything I'll come back to this video.

  11. Derek Hanson says:

    I was wondering how well the $500 build will run after effects, premiere, etc. and if I am working in 3d I don't want a super long render time.

  12. sui says:

    I just want to stream, and make videos and also play CS so can someone give me a price range that I would have to pay for a good/decent computer for cheaper for those types of things

  13. SpIzIx says:

    1st keep up the physical training man that's awesome
    2nd thanks for this video I have been trying to find a good source for info on a cheap pc and this was the best I don't have a lot of money and will have to save for a while but going for the $500 build.

  14. Big Joe says:

    how is this for a $619 build 
    Intel Core i3-4150 Processor
    – AMD Radeon R7 250X Graphics
    – 4GB 1333MHz Memory
    – 500GB Hard Drive
    – 500 Watt Power Supply
    – Windows 8.1

  15. GBM Gaming says:

    hey subscribe to us we are new please we need some help getting into the youtube

  16. Mark Pasal says:

    Hey I have a question. What are some budget friendly GPUs (within 150-200 dollars) that is best for Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H motherboard with a 4th gen intel i3 CPU. Any brand will do as long as it fits the budget limit and as long as its compatible with my motherboard.
    PS. I want to switch to an integrated GPU but Im on a tight budget right now so ill have to settle for a cheaper GPU. Hope you could give me some recommendations. thanks

  17. REEMIKS says:

    where can i buy all this stuff and also compare and compatibility 

  18. Teun Kenter says:

    How good will this PC run LoL on high settings? 

  19. Tristan Young says:

    What mother board should i get for the 500 dollar version but msi amd radeon hd 7770 1gb gddr5 instead if the one he recommended

  20. Kellythelegend says:

    is this build any good for processing 1080p video ?

  21. Pigglet Pro says:

    Im pretty sure you could get a better performance if you do a bit of research for mouses and ram

  22. PaniikMusic says:

    Instead of $500 you are looking at $673. Before you talk crap i did not finish watching the whole video but if he said that it wouldn't be exact or closer to $500 then I'm sorry.

  23. SpannerzIsHappy says:

    You look like a sad potato

  24. BossManiacGames says:

    is this build good or not  can it run cod aw, bf4, high intense games at 720p 30fps

  25. Zhmoses TV says:

    does this computer support wireless internet connection?

  26. Psycho RedHood says:

    for a minute there he went off topic

  27. Drewbidoo says:

    Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P, AMD FX 8320, Asus HD7770-2GB GDDR5, 8gb kingston 1333 ram and a Lepa 500n PSU. 2x 2TB hhd, 1x 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD. In Win GT1 with 4 silent 120mm fans

    My cheap Build

  28. AgentFour says:

    I've found Microcenter has the best prices, as well as great bundle prices with AMD CPUs/APUs and motherboards. If you're on a budget anyway, just get an APU instead of separate CPU and graphics card.

  29. Matt Garcia says:

    Can you use two 4gb crucial ballistix ram instead of the snipers?

  30. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

    Hi guys need help here, which do you think is better in gaming.
    ig 4460 + R9 280x or i5 4590 + R9 280??

  31. TheVideoGameReaction says:

    Is the mother board compatible to hold 4 of 4 GB of ram? Or does it only have 2 slots for the Ram chips? If there is only 2 please link me to a website showing me a chip that 8gb of ram fully, not 4 and 4, Thanks 😉

  32. Zero Fux says:

    woow epic transitions/menu thing.. what editing software you use?

  33. OhhThatsJaY says:

    I just want to livestream guys, not that much of pc games. Any help?

  34. Simplify says:

    How would you install windows without the optical drive?

  35. No_Name says:

    Is this a good build? Everything seem O.K. or compatible? Please reply ASAP!
    With Window's 7

    With Window's 8

    Is windows 8 or 7 a good gaming OS?

  36. Sam_WigLAD - CS GO says:

    could i pick parts from both sections or would it not work ?

  37. JAGUARCD32X says:

    Anyone ever tell you that you look a little like Quentin Tarrentino mate?.

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