Build the Best Cheap Gaming PC 2017 – Radeon RX 560 + G4560

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How to build a Gaming PC 2017, AMD RX 560 & Pentium G4560.
Games tested GTA 5, Battlefield 1, CSGO, Overwatch & Rainbow Six Siege with benchmarks.

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►System Specifications (PC Parts list)◄
AMD Radeon RX 560 2GB Graphics card
(USA Link) –
(International) –

(USA Link) –
(International) –

Intel Pentium G4560
(USA Link) –
(International) –

Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR4
(USA Link) –
(International) –

EVGA 430w
(USA Link) –
(International) –

WD Blue 1tb
(USA Link) –
(International) –

Thermaltake Versa H15 Case
(USA Link) –
(International) –

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Gaming PC Build Guide (step by step)

Monitor used in this video

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37 Responses

  1. Joey Delgado says:

    NEW $500 PC Build Guide is now live! 😀

  2. SeZithe says:

    Hey anyone know if this would work with most micro pc towers I found one I like and want to use it any help?

  3. ferrari458speciale fan says:

    will the performance be better with a Gtx 1050 someone plz answer


    ITS 2019 BOYYY

  5. Robert Acero says:

    you forgot to put the screws on to support the graphics card

  6. sahil shaikh says:

    It is 15000 inr in india

  7. IAmARealDuck says:

    Does the intel cpu cooler come with thermal paste applied?

  8. Luke Kiely says:

    I got 530

  9. shane pizza says:

    Thank you joey, it was a very detailed build. Didn't expect a 400$ build to perform so well. Hope for more build vidoes and pls host a giveaway soon, cos my gaming mouse is as good as broken and I am brokr too

  10. zombie slayer says:

    Pentium still trash tho

  11. Bolt Boltaic says:

    Joey you deserve 1,000,000 subs your better than tech source because you help us budget boys building a good pc

  12. Dawnxtr says:

    Should I get this Pc I'm new to PC and I'm also on a budget yes or no?? Guys is it worth it

  13. Spec Ops Squad says:

    what was the music you used in this video called?

  14. Web says:

    this gets more fps than my rx 580 and i5 7600k. do i need more ram i only have 8gb

  15. Injigo says:

    Is this better or the PS4 Pro killer better? I'm deciding which one to buy…

  16. GT FURY says:

    Dude i found build on newegg. Com
    For 467
    Include: rx 470 athlon 200ge 8gb ram ddr4 500gb hard drive 450w power supply 80 plus bronze evga
    Asrock a320m motherboard
    With aoc 22v2h 21.5inch edge to edge 1080p 5ms 75hz with rosewill fusion c31 Include mouse and keybaord how good is this

  17. GT FURY says:

    some think cheaper and better that we can afford for our crys

  18. 一OtakuGamer says:

    did you overclocked??? i think thats overclocked because it's getting too hot

  19. Epic_ Venom61 says:

    This is literally just the Boson 4.0

  20. Mohd Zafrin says:

    Can i have music did you use while you were playing games in this vid?

  21. Slendy Boy says:

    Yooo that screen tearing on bf 1

  22. Apple Fan Boy BMW says:

    In csgo everything maxed out it can run 1080p everything maxed out but then you will hear the fans spinning at full speed and that isn’t good so you should go for around at least 600-1000$ and on battlefield 1 also the same : cpu wants to die, fans are spinning on the fastest they can, gpu fan spinning the fastest it can, gpu nearly 100% and ram is saying: lol I am ddr4 and I am the best thing in this pc so with ddr3 you all would be dead Pentium g4560 ,hdd and rx560 you should be happy that I am here with you
    Cpu: thanks god that you are here
    Gpu: i really like you you are the best ddr4
    Ram: thank you all of you what about you wd blue hdd?
    Wd blue hdd: yeah really I am happy that you are with us,ddr4.

  23. danny YT says:

    Can you make some more update tutorials but on some cheap ones like 300 or 200 if possible


    Swap the Pentium for a i3 8100

  25. Mason Cowan says:

    Right now this is roughly 500$ on amazon

  26. Arlojay Vlogs gaming says:

    Arlo gramatica Delgado

  27. Arlojay Vlogs gaming says:

    Ammm joe we are the same last name

  28. Zova gaming says:

    howdoes this work for streaming

  29. iefgnow says:

    damn bro, what songs you used for this vid? they killin


    I dont get anything about any pc parts explain

  31. clasher gaming says:

    Lol i made a gaming pc for 600€ and has:
    Intel core i3 7100 (3.90ghz)
    Gtx 1050 2gb
    8 gb of ram(1×8)

  32. NERD says:

    This pc is great for people who are beginning pc gaming

  33. MISCHIEF says:

    You can’t build a PC that can play games like a (insert bad console here) unless you pay 1000+ dollars.
    -every console player ever

  34. Chillzpanda19 says:

    Can you overclock with these?

  35. w e e b g o d says:

    hello i have a question about the motherboard

    can i use msi b250m vh instead of msi b250m vd?

  36. Atom YT says:

    Joey and ScatterVolt are my fav pc building youtubers…

  37. xBenqo says:

    Can you plat fortnite 100 fps ?

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