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Found a Win while Playing Scratch Off Lottery Tickets from England. Monopoly and Cash Spectacular Tickets.

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9 Responses

  1. Kansas Scratcher says:

    Great video just subscribed

  2. James Harkness says:

    Also, have you had any luck with second chance drawings?

  3. James Harkness says:

    What is your biggest win so far since you started your YouTube channel?

  4. Brittany B says:

    love the UK tickets!

  5. Diane Kerrison says:

    nice win enjoy your holiday by the way Judy im from sunny cornwall

  6. K-9 SCRATCHER says:

    I really love the way you edit your vids.. you're AWESOME SAUCE. LOVE THIS CHANNEL. Those were fun to watch will have some French scratch offs to scratch soon stay tuned

  7. *WeekendScratcher007 * says:

    nice tickets, thank you for photos

  8. low roller scratcher says:

    nice winners tickets

  9. Tru Purple says:

    I'm am from the UK I live in Cheshire. I am so glad that you are enjoying London. I hope you and your sister are well.?

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