Board Games & Card Games : How to Play a Ouija Board

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When playing with a Ouija board, ask questions that the widget will begin to spell out on the board. Ask a Ouija board yes-or-no questions, or try other methods with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on board games.

Expert: Windy St. George
Bio: Windy St. George has worked at Games of Berkeley for eight years. She is an expert in all types of card games, board games, tabletop games, RPGs, and miniatures.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee

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41 Responses

  1. Lily Fiesta says:

    Anyway I saw a vidio in u tube also and there was a ghost I don't know what was going on but who was the person that invented this game

  2. Skye says:

    I’ve always wanted to see someone ask dumb questions like “Am I gay?” Or something like that lmao

  3. Aaron Shaw says:

    U have to use a spirit box to communicate people lol that will help get it to work

  4. Aaron Shaw says:

    a spirit can't move a planchet only the person but if you use a Spirit Box it will help you communicate with the dead that's what I use I got that Little Emf spirit Box that thing that lights up when you answer questions and it's not fake u can really get voices from this if you have ghost hunting equipment some of ya people don't no what u talking about saying it's fake

  5. play no0iypLy says:

    Can called outer for and found it and my city's am form a.b.u dhabi lifestyle need get for lost some need to found a the magic of your order

  6. Vlad Nagornov says:

    Don't ever play this, it's real. Don't play this especially if you're atheist cas you're weak and will get effected by this

  7. أدريبككَ تحبن says:

    يالربع هي وش تقول ؟

  8. Billyandfriends says:

    It's not real it's controlled by the player ok guys wtf y'all so dumb

  9. jang jo says:

    The oujia is not a board game -.- you do not play ouija. The oujia is a legit way to communicate with the spirits. And not a board to enjoy playing with.

  10. Sayyro says:

    i like this girl

  11. peter martin says:

    This is NOT  a board game,This can be very dangerous because you don't know what spirit you are talking to .sos

  12. Buettler Music says:

    Ouija is a very dangerous game. PLAY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  13. Kevin .Naqvi says:

    satanic mean devilish or demonic

  14. SWDPA says:

    It's a Hasbro game people lol

  15. Katarzyna J. says:

    are you serius you don't win you either die or stay alive

  16. Daniela Huitron says:

    I heard tht these games can open up a door to the devil

  17. TexasTechMom691 says:

    Only you can save yourself from sounding like an ignorant dumbass.

  18. Ed Lectron says:

    You say you're satanic? What does it feel to be part amorphous mass of stupid people? Btw I'm atheist and I don't believe in such things. Good Bye.

  19. abdell919 says:

    cool game

  20. Marisa Lowe says:

    @TheMasterpieceArtist Yeah it's funny my friend asked it that 🙂

  21. ali khaled says:


  22. emily roberson says:


  23. Sheila Mckenzie says:

    You guys are idiots, im Satanic and i wouldnt dare play this game, assholes.THIS IS NOT A FUCKING GAME. dammit its not any board game you can play any day its an evil diabolical game which has a 60 percent chance of one of you getting possessd . fuck dont wanna be cursed for the rest of your life? dont play it

  24. Daniel Nicholas Georgi says:


  25. Daniel Nicholas Georgi says:

    *Cough Cough BULLSHIT GAME Cough Cough ONLY IDIOTS PLAY OR BELIEVE IN THIS Cough Cough* i gotta go to the doctor for this cough

  26. SAVAGE BIGGIE says:

    u win this game by dying

  27. henryforton says:

    Omg im gonna call the pooool..

  28. cooljustin127 says:

    thats an evil game

  29. cookiepie30100 says:

    I try this at school my teachers play with me 🙂

  30. revert relganps says:

    @TomHPMc u never win the negitive energy just slowly kills u

  31. talia mamane says:

    centenosparky nobody does. It moves itself wen u play but here they wer moving it

  32. talia mamane says:

    I made my own and decorated it with bleeding roses and stuff and when me and my friend played I asked "Did my cousin really ask you a question and get a correct answer?" and it went to the YES!!! OMG!!! we were SO freaked

  33. Alex Borrego says:

    How to play: WEEGEE

  34. saavelia0993 says:

    The chick looks so uncomfortable doing this.

  35. Simon says:

    isn't it by Hasbro? since when did companies start selling "spirit products"? It's all a bunch of crap.

  36. Crystal Corona says:

    wow this is horrible.. theres so much more to playing the ouija can be very dangerous..i am a witch so i cast a circle which is creating a sacred space to invite only positive spirits.. i cleanse my space and all.. and also consecrate the board and smudge it with sage and surround it with crystals such as crystal quarts, amethyst, and rose quarts… but even still its not 100% safe but its as safe as its going to get.. once you open the door its hard to close..playwisley think b4 u ask

  37. Sarah Holmes says:

    im goin to play the ouija board tonight.. im nervous

  38. alpaugh61 says:

    hmm….i have an idea for the ouija board.

  39. DmistroJ says:

    @coolHalo2Glitches y open and that maked it so the spirts can come out freely and haunt u, thats what happend to me, i still have fucked up dreams of the devil, and i hear shit when im sleeping…and one time i woke up at like 3 am and looked at my door but my vision was blury and i saw a four armed figure standing there watching me and i blinked and it was gone, DONT FUCK WITH THE OUIJA BOARD, if i was u i wouldent play with it.

  40. DmistroJ says:

    @coolHalo2Glitches no dude the spirits move it, that shit is real bro, i tryed when i was 12 and had a really bad experiance…..i asked it if it was from the sun or the moon….which means (sun=good spirit and moon=bad spirit) and it moved to the moon and i asked what it wanted and it said life…idk what it ment, but after that the lights started to flicker….the ouija board is nothing to fuck aroud with, U ARE OPENING A PORTAL TO THE DEVIL, and if u dont close it properly the portal will sta

  41. Francis Kiutau says:

    devil worshiper

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