Board Game Breakfast: Episode 54 – Selling Games

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the news and more from the board game world, joined by a host of friends!

00:00 – Opening Segment with Tom Vasel
02:24 – Dice Tower News with Tom Vasel
04:25 – Board Game Brawl’s Kickstarter Update
07:09 – Tom Vasel’s What’s on the Shelf?
09:05 – The Discriminating Gamer
10:52 – Snakes and Lattes: Wayne’s Party Games p2
13:10 – Dice Dice Baby with Tom Vasel
14:39 – Conversations with Creators: Geoff Englestein
15:29 – Suzanne Presents Board Game Apps
17:32 – Dice Tower Productions with Tom Vasel
18:55 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
21:17 – Q&A with Tom and Jason
25:00 – Bored Gamers on Sci-Fi Board Games
26:58 – Tom Thinks about Selling Games
29:18 – Whitleypedia: The Free Board Game Encyclopedia
31:26 – Closing Segment with Tom Vasel
(notes thanks to MarioFanaticXV)

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43 Responses

  1. hunter4hire says:

    Bored games section how you disappoint. What happened yo Eclipse? Eclipse should be on that list

  2. Greg Smith says:

    The "gripmaps" are not available for purchase – they are a "Kickstarter" item – Tom, please separate proposed items and immediate off-the-shelf item availability for your viewers.

  3. Syncopator says:

    Well, the GripMats looked interesting, but going out to the website and the kickstarter page, I could not find any way to actually buy one.   The kickstarter page doesn't seem to have any active links for contributing (original kickstarter capaign ended over 6 months ago), and the website was no help either, as it just refers to Kickstarter.   Plus, after looking at the user comments on the campaign page it looks like they're way over schedule (was supposed to deliver by March 2014 and some people still haven't got theirs).   So I'd say if you're interested in a GripMat, AND you can actually find a way to pay for one, you'd better not be in a hurry…

  4. Jake Kamps says:

    Cups on the floor are spilled easier, but I see your point

  5. Jake Kamps says:

    Why not just 12 hrs. of gaming you zealots?!

  6. wsn helios says:

    Dear Chaz,
    although normally I enjoy your segment very much, today I felt, you made a big mistake. It is true that the new edition of Blue Moon, the one you have, is quite confusing and maybe therefore you were not able to go deep enough with the game.
    But mainly I don't understand the critic – also Tom Vasel said the same once – that Blue Moon is just like war. First, it is not. And second, in my opinion, it is not possible to say a game is bad, just because it has the same mechanics as something else. I also don't say Terra Mystica is bad, just because it is again worker placement combined with areal control. It always comes down to how you present the mechanics, in what details you change it and Blue Moon is far away from war, it has an amazing design from different (famous) designers and a lot of strategy.
    But I give you the detail with the 4th dragon. Almost everybody struggles in the beginning with it, but you get used to it.

  7. zenpvnk says:

    Love Chaz … the best segment on… okay, let's just be honest here…. ANY podcast.  ANYWHERE.  (dramatic pause)  OF ALL TIME!
    He's way off on Blue Moon, though.  It is highly strategic and tactical.  It sounds like he just hasn't played it enough, or just kept moving on to different decks without really learning how each deck is supposed to fight.
    He IS spot on about the 4th dragon, though.  That always silently bugged me, but now that I've heard someone else say it I think I am going to have to go out and pick up a dragon mini to throw in the box.

  8. amn1088 says:

    Good games don't make it to the top 100 all the time. Tobago is a great unique game. However since 2009 its almost never talked about ever. I heard it talked about once on the dice tower somewhat recently only in reference to the fact its a great game that no one talked about much after its release.

  9. DemonmachinE says:

    Gaming snacks for me… single malt scotch and pastries.

  10. Stephen B says:

    SCYTHE is not pronounced with a hard C, it's pronounced sīT͟H

  11. Eyal Itsik says:

    Sorry, Whitley, IMO Kingdom Builder is one of the most boring games ever to be conceived by a human or humanoid being.

  12. Sean Thompson says:

    How about a game of X-Wing for your Live Event on Dec. 19th? I'd like to see Tom play the Rebel Transport and escorts and have everyone else play the Tie fighters trying to get him!!!

    I do something similar like this with Star Trek Attack Wing where I play the Borg cube and have everyone else play the Federation ships. You can have a good multiplayer game like this.

  13. SamTheWai says:

    I like eating greasy snacks with chopsticks.

  14. superchee2e says:

    Man Tom, you like a lot of milk was your cereal.

  15. Ozzy says:

    You guys should play Five Tribes.

  16. Steve Friedly says:

    Game snacks? Yes. Especially some candy like Skittles or Dots cause they can double as game components in case some original pieces are lost!

  17. MarioFanaticXV says:

    Sorry about last week, I was sick quite a bit. I can still go back and do that video too if you think it'd be useful.

    00:00 – Opening Segment with Tom Vasel
    02:24 – Dice Tower News with Tom Vasel
    04:25 – Board Game Brawl's Kickstarter Update
    07:09 – Tom Vasel's What's on the Shelf?
    09:05 – The Discriminating Gamer
    10:52 – Snakes and Lattes: Wayne's Party Games p2
    13:10 – Dice Dice Baby with Tom Vasel
    14:39 – Conversations with Creators: Geoff Englestein
    15:29 – Suzanne Presents Board Game Apps
    17:32 – Dice Tower Productions with Tom Vasel
    18:55 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
    21:17 – Q&A with Tom and Jason
    25:00 – Bored Gamers on Sci-Fi Board Games
    26:58 – Tom Thinks about Selling Games
    29:18 – Whitleypedia: The Free Board Game Encyclopedia
    31:26 – Closing Segment with Tom Vasel

  18. GamerZapocalypse says:

    …anytime a beverage is on the same table a game is being played, a pending disaster is waiting to be unleashed(.)
    The more beverages, the higher the chance…such a theme would make a fun game actually…lol 

  19. KabukiKid says:

    Kingdom Builder is WAY loved in my gaming group… to my dismay.  heh  I think I am the only one who isn't in love with it.  I generally will play any other game if there is another table playing something else.  Also, if a game is ranked in the 300s, is that bad?  A ton of my favorite games are ranked lower than that.  Rankings don't decide for me how much I'll enjoy a game.  I also tend to doubt that people care about the designer's name and want to avoid giving them money.  If a game is good… it is good.  I honestly didn't even pay attention to the designer and had no clue that the Dominion guy is also the Kingdom Builder guy.

  20. Rachel Poulos says:

    YES!!! KINGDOM BUILDER IS AWESOME!!!  I actually don't think this is a good gateway game though.  While it is simple to teach, you have to think very complexly to give yourself future opportunities.  You can make a mistake early on in this game and then basically sit out rest of the game.  The punishing feature is a feature I like.

  21. antoyal says:

    Wait, so the orca gets all the penguins including the winner? That's… that's…

    I feel a boo-boo lip coming on.

  22. gurtana says:

    I think the all night gaming sessions are a terrible idea – I don't see how testing yourself and breaking yourself past your endurance levels are interesting for anyone watching, what we end up seeing are tired and bored faces that need sleep!

    I would much rather you guys just do episodes of 1-2 hours single game sessions where you are all pumped to play one game and let us see you play this game with your gaming group every fortnight, or every month. Maybe include off-camera asides, or game tips to liven the presentation. 

  23. Aaron Garten says:

    Pocky is also a great snack 🙂 Fairly cheap too.

  24. Aaron Garten says:

    How about a Top Ten list for tips for an awesome game night. I'm thinking things like how you've mentioned that games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf or The Resistance are best played at the end of the night. Things like that.

  25. The Discriminating Gamer says:

    In our segment this week, Shawn sings of his love for Five Tribes!

  26. Jonathan White says:

    Whitleypedia, great segment on Kingdom Builder! I actually hate Dominion but love Kingdom Builder. There's definitely room for clever play, especially when you throw in the expansions. The Caves promo is almost essential. And the best part, never the same game twice! 

  27. Steve Gale says:

    Good episode. Discriminating Gamer is excellent as usual. Whitley, you have some interesting theories as to why Kingdom Builder has no lasting legacy. Another theory is that it's uninteresting. 🙂

  28. John Byrne says:

    Whitleypedia got it wrong. I found Kingdom Builder super boring when I played it. It's very, very dry and the mechanisms weren't particularly interesting either. I can see why it was forgotten.

  29. Bob Gabriels says:

    Star wars is not sci-fi. it's fantasy. it has MAGIC.

  30. Carl Frodge says:

    Kingdom Builder is one of the worst games I've ever played.

  31. Bob Gabriels says:

    snacks for games ? I play games to eat snacks !

  32. capitalismgood says:

    Just a small correction: the live Q&A is at 1pm not 2pm.  CENTRAL TIME ZONE 4 LIFE!!!  *cough*  Also enjoyed another great breakfast, which I actually watched during my breakfast today.  Thanks!

  33. newkillerstar26 says:

    I'm lucky enough to live near a game store that gives me store credit for games I want to get rid of. They only give me about 50 percent of the msrp, but I see it as helping with their selection while making room for more games. Plus then I don't have to pay shipping.

  34. wroot says:

    We usually order pizzas or some other food before the game (though personally i don't need that and don't get the whole "wow, pizzas before the game" craze, or i'm not so hungry person generally). Usually it is like a chillout before the brain burning session, sometimes we discuss the game we are going to play while eating, explain some rules to new ones. But i'm ok without the food at all, i'm enough excited by gaming 🙂 Oh, but i have to confess, i drink tea sometimes. And we usually play my games, so i know what money they've cost me, but while time goes i just don't care that much about them anymore (i mean, i care, but not go crazy about it). They're just games 😉

  35. Bob Vosper says:

    I just picked up Thunderstone and am excited to try the Epic Variant. Is it a good idea to only include 4 copies of each card when playing that way?

  36. Phoe says:

    Look at Jason and his fancy cup holders. Ooh la la

  37. Javier Perez says:

    Am I the only one who looks for different food for different games? I mean, they're called beer ´n pretzel games for a reason and, at the same time, you don't serve beer for Viticulture.
    Also, fruit and cheese!

  38. Joachim Beunckens says:

    I've only seen the first two minutes of this BGB episode, but I wanted to react anyway and say that I'm very stoked about the 18h livestream in a about a week and a half. I thought the previous live gaming stream, earlier this year, was a lot of fun!

  39. Drew Prichard says:

    Ohhh, I would love to see you all play Zendo!

  40. Mark1130 says:

    We don't eat during gaming. We normally order before hand, play after we are done. As for drinks everyone seems to bring bottles. Almost like a unspoken rule noone says but everyone does. I think its because were all gamers and know how much were spending on the games we are playing.

    I dunno about you guys, but I don't care to see people stuffing there face when I'm gaming. Same with your last 24hr session During your next one (18hours on the 19th) stop  half way threw, take a half hour to hour break. Eat up, then resume. Don't wanna see another pizza face stuffing session. No offense. 🙂

  41. Ben Vara says:

    Oh gosh, Whitleypedia segment was really funny (and true) today. Big thumbsup for that bit alone.

  42. Sarah Langer says:

    Well, it seems to be confession time: I like Kingdom Builder too 🙂 AND I think it can be a nice abstract-ish game for gamers, if they are more then two.

  43. Scottishstorm says:

    Chaz is great, as always!
    (so is everyone else, but Chaz rocks!) 🙂

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