Board Game Breakfast: Episode 26 – Here’s to the Small Games!

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the news of the week, as well as starts a cool new contest for Marvel Dice Masters!

Speaking of which, it’s # 1 – 15, not #1 – 12. Apparently I can’t count.

Rothbo –
4 sided dice –

Show Notes (courtesy of fredmcmack)
Intro / Contest (Tom): 0:24
News (Tom): 2:02
Kickstarter News (Nick): 6:51
Game Releases (Tom): 8:51
Ivory Dice Tower (Scott): 10:24
Dice Tower Productions (Tom): 13:34
Head in the Clouds (Chaz): 14:39
Dice Dice Baby (Tom): 16:40
Snakes & Lattes (Steve): 21:30
Tom Thinks (Tom): 23:27
BGK (Some People…): 27:24
Conclusion (Tom): 29:36

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25 Responses

  1. Chris Deal says:

    why wouldn't you just put some velcro on a lazy susan and also on your game boards. Smaller base and it would fit all of your boards. Might need something to extend to the corners though.

  2. Wonder Creation Studios says:

    Everything about Scott Nicholson is awesome.  The way he views gaming and in general with reflecting on what you learned.  So much of that psychology can also be applied to real world situations, not just gaming and movies.  It's this mode of thinking that I wish more people lived by.  Reflection is key.  I have a lot of respect for this gentleman. 10:30

  3. GrimsFedora says:

    "I love more stuff" – Tom Vasel

  4. Brad R says:

    spinning board and the fascination within identifying the trains grip-ability wins the comic moment of the day

  5. Jake Kamps says:

    A friend's friend of mine is the illustrator for the game Myth that Tom & Nick have of their game shelves!

  6. Jake Kamps says:

    Love the Notes (thanks fredmomack)!

  7. David Bator says:

    I was on holiday for almost a month in the Philippines (being online wasn't the easiest at most times) and fell behind with my weekly portion of Boardgame Breakfast, but now, finally I am up to date! Just want to say thank you for the excellent job and creating this interesting programme for us, fans of The Dice Tower (and the rest), and I'm already looking forward to the next one! Keep Chaz, don't drop Scott, get Eric (Summerer) to do something for the show (he can do short segments. Remember his 72 seconds reviews?) and maybe Sam and/or Zee would be a good addition, but not with Tom involved because they would argue for too long and there is no time for that. Anyway, keep up the good work and perhaps see you one day! (Why not? Coconut! That's a Pinoy saying I've just learned on my holiday. "It's More Fun in the Philippines." That's the country's official slogan. Not joking.)

  8. Justin Brauchler says:

    Does anyone know if Tom will be at Origins in Columbus this year? Im kind of basing this fact on if I will be attending or not :p

  9. RVS70 says:

    The stains on the shirt are priceless

  10. No Pun Included says:

    Please do more spinning board hallucinations. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Ike Evans says:

    7:09… Thebes and Sam.  Yeah that was a joke that I got!

  12. Sam Healey says:

    I KNOW I've seen this Ivory Tower segment before…O.o

  13. Sam Healey says:

    I have been slandered…NICK, HOW DARE YOU!!…LIES!

  14. Antonio Perito says:

    I would honestly like to see a list of insurance based board games.

  15. Jason Taylor says:

    I think that Crypt's lawyer should give the following opening statement:  "Wizard is trying to tap the copyright laws in order to mana block my client." 

  16. KAM1138 says:

    Sneezing Baby!

  17. godofzombi says:

    That spinning ticket to ride board almost hypnotised me!

  18. Rowan Potter says:

    I've also seen Nerf Darts being used to pick up the Hey, that's my fish! tiles. Quite nifty.

  19. Nick Shaw says:

    Chaz: Where did you get the tiny Hey, That's My Fish box?  My copy's box is HUGE (but has exactly the same size components).  Love your segments, by the way.

  20. forisrex says:

    so… we are going to see what your guesses are the 12 (or 15 depending on how you count) new chars for marvel dice masters right?

  21. Peter Haraldsson says:

    Is the Rothbo Anne Wheaton safe?

  22. Josh Smith says:

    Best video in a while Tom! Only had to skip the Ivory DT. Everything else was relevant!

  23. gml4 says:

    I gotta share, last weekend at my game group we decided to pay Axis and Allies. It was clear after an hour and a half that two of us were really not enjoying it while the other two seemed totally engrossed. We held on, and finished the game, but it felt like the evening was a total flop. In retrospect, I wonder if I should've just stopped the game and pulled out something that everyone would've enjoyed…. Any thoughts?

  24. Dia Thao says:

    Gah…I can't figure out the last dice…

  25. Ardnightian says:

    Like the new intro animation. Still think the drive thru thing has to go though

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