BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – World of Warcraft: In-Game Item Reveal

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Never miss a moment with the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – available now:

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42 Responses

  1. Anonimo says:

    … i thought there'd be more,.. and worse part?… don't seem to have any of the items yet… ???

  2. Andrey Suradeev says:

    No mount, no pet, no money

  3. samstorm x says:

    Ok i dont buy it… A cloak Lol…

  4. Chris Bowman says:

    Might pass on the virtual ticket this year… sad day

  5. Sovereign Knight says:

    My reaction: Whooptie friggin' do.

  6. Loke Man says:

    I seriously want a refund for my ticket…. what a kick in the balls

  7. Krenon says:

    oh ok so i will wait for somebody to review the wow stuff

  8. Mistah Grizzly says:

    lol the dislikes are more then the likes… 😀

  9. Xenomurphy says:

    First the overpriced 'Battle for Azeroth' Collector's Edition with less content and now the overpriced BlizzCon ticket with less content. You become greedy, Blizzard.

  10. patch822 says:

    Raising the price by $10 and selling junk is the same reason Toys R Us went out of business just saying

  11. Thwompthing says:

    I just purchased the ticket so when I i get the items in games? I logged on after buying the ticket, but didn't receive any mail or items yet. I assume they will not be delivered in game until the day of the blizzcon event? The alliance and horde cloaks and banners look AMAZING! People are so selfish and greedy, for some reason they want a million things with the ticket, when they completely forget the ticket also pays for you to watch the BLIZZCON EVENT!

  12. meru says:

    if thats it then naw dog

  13. Alien Volt says:

    No mount, no sale. You should be stepping it up each year not downgrading your content. And who is going to wear this cloak unless you happen to have a transmog that will match it. People either wear something that matches their tmog set or hide it altogether. It seems like the people balancing classes and coming up with content/items don't actually play WoW.

  14. Gazgar says:

    Soooo was this Activisions idea?

  15. Odin the Wanderer says:

    You worked hard on this reward. I think i will buy a ticket now. Eh, no.

  16. Simple Nature says:

    i actually considered buying a ticket this year and googled what the item would be. welp, heres to another year of not attending

  17. SSBM_KOVA says:


  18. taucommander12 says:

    Not even a full set rofl. I will pass

  19. Chad White says:

    Every game got something pretty good and then Wow gets……..cloaks?!?! Oh sorry I forgot the banners BWAHHHHHHH

  20. ranch man says:

    607 likes, 4.4k dislikes, omegalul.

  21. Moonstone says:

    I feel bad for the announcer having to hype up these garbage ticket items.

  22. Alexander Jaklitsch says:

    I guess the original item was the mount from the 6month sub. than they saw the playerbase shrinking and pressed the panic button… and now we get a cloak :/

  23. UgandaKnuckles says:

    when do i get the items i buyed the ticket

  24. :p says:

    I love how everyone is commenting saying that the cloak is dumb for the moneys worth. They didn't put the price on the cloak. You get so much more worth out of blizzards other games as well. A bunch of self entitled babies If you ask me.

  25. Talyn Edmonton says:

    Lots of people coming down on others for saying that they wont buy the ticket now…
    Well, it's really none of your concern, for one, and for another… people vote with their wallets. So really, your condemnation is pointless unless you plan on buying a ticket on their behalf anyways. Lol.

  26. Mr Debunker says:

    This is the first time I haven't attended or got a virtual ticket in 8 years. What a massive letdown.

  27. Happy Hyena says:

    Wait so does the cloak allow you to fly around like superman or…?

  28. FacuM45 says:

    Bro tbh I just bought it for the Classic demo lmao

  29. Alex G says:

    Guys, chill. Maybe you can ride the banner around

  30. some white male says:

    Why for no do pet?

  31. Riernox says:


  32. Sneppi Seupi says:

    maybe the best blizzcon ever made, always pet every year …, the skins are very beautiful in overwatch, starcraft, heroes of the storm, etc … the cloak of wow and cool and donates for the blizzcon mount of 2017 or armor gladiator season 1

  33. Greeb Gerrald says:

    50 bucks and that's it. Yeah nope.

  34. Kyle Garrett says:

    Dislike bomb it into the ground!

  35. Neil Hamersly says:

    When you place the flags thing down, How long does it last?, Does it give you any exp exp like the Guild flag thing?

  36. BUZZY says:

    Almost as big a disappointment as BFA……

  37. Chluster says:

    u have to be bloody kidding me

  38. K M says:

    For the $65… a banner and cloak…. no thanks! Mount and pet.. or NO THANKS!…. Easy choice this year, save myself a ton of money! NOPE!

  39. K M says:

    What is this? I would always get it for the mount…. weird and ugly shoulders and a random banner? NO THANKS! NO TICKET THIS YEAR!

  40. SilenceStabber says:

    Symbols of honor… showing Horde logo lmao.

  41. Barbara says:

    I hope this has been rethought. I don't even show cloaks on half of my characters.

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