Blizzard’s response on Diablo Immortal Fiasco; Fallout 76 Fires Keep Burning; New PoE Atlas, & more

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Blizzard gives its official response to the Blizzcon 2018 Diablo Immortal fiasco, hinting that Diablo 4 will be revealed in 2019. Bethesda addresses the Fallout 76 community after a possible class action lawsuit starts to form for players demanding refunds. Torchlight Frontiers second alpha start date coming soon. Wolcen beta still ongoing. Path of Exile PS4 release date delayed. PoE Betrayal Atlas revealed. Diablo 3 2.6.4 season 16 PTR ends.

Fallout 76: 00:29
Path of Exile: 07:45
Wolcen: 08:50
Torchlight Frontiers: 09:03
Diablo: 09:25

Bethesda message to Fallout 76 players:
Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition canvas bag ad:
Fallout 76 Bethesda message on canvas bag:
Path of Exile PS4 release delayed:
New PoE Atlas for Betrayal:
Blizzard Diablo Immortal message:
Reddit Diablo Immortal Blizzcon 2018 interview:

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39 Responses

  1. Kathaleen Wood says:

    So they give the customer $5.00 and t

  2. Ansilo's adventures says:

    people that cry about refunds for fallout 76 , why did you buy it in the first place?

  3. Zachary Smith says:

    You gamers brought this up on yourself giving money to these shitty BR companies to release games in alpha creating a standard for other companies to release buggy and incomplete games. Thank BR players for this.

  4. Barkla Butson says:

    They need to give us a road map ,not o we are not sure what you won't how about saying something,give use some hope…Not a fking phone game dam who the fk players a phone game when you go out,when you can sit home & =enjoy gaming …}}}

  5. jchinckley says:

    I will be playing PoE: Betrayal, but I've not decided on a build yet. I'm still learning the game's mechanics since I didn't really start playing until last spring. My highest level character is only lvl 72, so I'm just getting comfortable with the game now. I've also received an invite to the Torchlight Frontiers second alpha, so I'm good to go this time of the year. Betrayal looks great and TF looks good too.

    I am disappointed enough in Blizzard's interaction with fans that I've uninstalled everything except Diablo 3 & StarCraft 2 – and I had everything the launcher offered (including the offer to redeem Destiny 2 for free). I'm not interested in anything they have in the works except WoW Classic. And who knows whether they'll deliver an experience close enough to what it was in 2005 to keep me interested? So, I'm taking my cash elsewhere until they get back into the business of making truly AAA games again instead of "cash grab" crapola stuff. Unfortunately, I don't think they're going to do it since Activision has begun its process of complete takeover. I think that in 2 years there will no longer even be a company named Blizzard. It'll just be Activision, a company whose games I've never liked even from the beginning. Perhaps they'll keep the hyphenated name to retain some kind of reputation, but that'll be in name only. I saw this coming when they announced the merger and it made me sad even then.

  6. Reaper 430040 says:

    I see people still making videos making it appear as if fall out 76 is suffering, or is buggy, and that Bethesda is giving refunds because its so bad. Truth is, the game is perfectly fine. Bethesda has been putting out multiple patches and updates to fix the small amount of issues that come with any new game. Why people keep acting like its a terrible game is beyond me, because its playing fine for me on xboxone, very small lag once in while "about a one second lag every 2 hours or so, no bugs, and no disconnects at all, and it has plenty of content. For those who don't spend there life on fallout 76 power leveling like a noob skipping all the quests or exploring at all, the game has plenty of stuff to do, quests to complete, and more places to explore than fall out 4. Most of the comments you see on here that are negative, are people who have not played the game, or any of the fall out series. Do your self a favor, and go get it on redbox for one dollar, and try it for your self.

  7. Larry Sawicki says:

    You often offer a very reasonable and level-headed report on hot button issues with regards to our favorite games but I feel your reporting on the state of Fallout 76 is a bit harsh. I have been playing the game since launch and while it is EXTREMELY buggy it is still incredibly fun and full of excellent content. It is certainly a Fallout game for Fallout players, content wise. The bugs are certainly ridiculous but I am 100% confident that Bethesda will resolve these issues with an increased focus on support and patches. As you have stated before, you are NOT a Fallout gamer and therefore couldnt possibly report fully on the game itself. As for the reports on the collector edition and customer support, I feel your take is spot on. There seems to be a major disconnect between devs and their most loyal customers. Both Blizzard and Bethesda have a lot of apologizing and reparations to attend to.

  8. Hector Barrera says:

    Time to pirate some Bethesda Games..

  9. Rune Russell says:

    The tears people give for not getting a Xbox explicitly states there’s no refunds given once you purchase something so if any one on there was crying about it, they can forget any chance of money returned

  10. Hogscraper says:

    The parent never promised a Disney trip. They promised a vacation. The child, being a child, decided it must be a trip to Disneyland. Billions of destination options but nope, the one they wanted most is the one it absolutely was guaranteed to be. Until it turned out to be a canoe trip then it was time for a temper tantrum. When I originally heard about an announcement I kept reading over and over that Blizzard was going to announce Diablo 4. Until I actually tried to find a single, official source and found nothing about Diablo 4 at all. Blizzard even said something like 'we're working on multiple Diablo projects and good things come to those that wait but evil things take longer'. I figured that was, at best, an indication of an announcement of some new dlc for Diablo 3 but I also took that as a guarantee that Diablo 4 would be "later".

  11. Jordan M says:

    Rhykker IS Diablo

  12. OSSSSHHHH says:

    Diablo Immortal is GREAT. Blizzard made the right choice but the "gamers" are nothing but misogynist thunderf00t subscribers who believe that they control what video games are and on what platforms. As a member of the LGBQT+ community (sorry if this version is out of date) I am scared of what our community is becoming. In the video game, Vice City, we seen people go into strip clubs and shoot up strippers in video games. Then we see the shooting at the Pulse. Fact is, we have copy cat killers that are being perpetuated by the media and co-opted psyops to screw with your minds and control your thoughts. They blend the truth so that you don't know what is real and fake. They ruin things and fuck ups become the norm. People will put up with anything, Look at this, all the screw ups in pre-releases, EA, gambling, and so many other problems. The act of subversion infiltrates and becomes the institution itself and anything against it is just a conspiracy theory.

  13. Pumpkingun W says:

    I like how he is way more critical with other companies

  14. ItsColour says:

    I get fans of a franchise being upset when they don't like the direction it takes, but I don't think that means you deserve an apology. Blizzard is handling this right, they know people were not happy but they don't owe fans anything. This is a lot of what sounds like spoiled immature people complaining. There are lots of games I don't like and I don't go bitching at the devs for it. Being a fan of older versions of that game doesn't, or atleast shouldn't, change anything, it's just another game I don't like.

    EDIT: They didn't do anything wrong ^^

  15. ThomasN7 says:

    Every class in D3 is pretty much op now. Pretty boring. Waiting for Diablo Immortal.

  16. Phil Tron says:

    Of course your sorry, but its too late for that. I thought this shit just works, Todd.

  17. Jonteqrisen says:

    Im doing Scion blade vortex ! : )

  18. Miroljub Ilic says:

    The best thing for us gamers is for this big companies to die, like completely. Then maybe others will learn something from that.

  19. Joolo says:

    Those game companies nowdays are just like politicians ..they forgot why they are where they are 🙂 ordinary people make creative people or musicians famous and rich ..and sometimes those people will forgot 🙂

  20. St. Terre says:

    Yeah gonna play the new PoE league, gonna try a wild strike build for my first character to farm currency and then make a golem build as my second

  21. None Ya says:

    Bethesda: "Customers, we are sorry that Fallout 76 is garbage. (I didnt buy it) But we are too busy to fix our money printer! We are to busy making another buggy game!"

  22. Bas X says:

    I don't think that they should say sorry for Diablo immortal. It is a game, why say sorry for creating a game.. I just believe that the marketing team should have seen this comming. They should say sorry for raising our expectations. And they should learn that mobile games should never be considered a major announcement towards a fanbase that is 100% PC gamers… They should have said something like: "great things are comming for diablo, but it is going to take at least a year, but maybe longer, until we are allowed to announce them". To ease the wait we want to give you something: it is called diablo immortal.

  23. WildStyle says:

    I have never bought a Bethesda game early, because it is always, ALWAYS 100% broken, with bugs that blow your mind, because they have made so many games and yet still manage to include the same bugs on launch? HOW?!?

  24. kajcsapapa says:

    we need Diablo 2 HD

  25. Robert Schäffer says:

    Just found a nice video from a guy investigating the whole false advertising case with the canvas bag.
    It's actually infuriating that they don't just give you and assign you the "compensation" 500atoms. You have to accept that "compensation". And with it, you accept officially that you are o.k. with it and won't have any further claims. LoL.

  26. AmpEdition says:

    Well I would say it you’re own fault for spending 200$ on a video game lol…companies are all about that money grabbing, it’s really turned me off from gaming, I hardly play anymore

  27. Goldfingers Gaming Channel says:

    The best explanation why Triple A companies are on meltdown and Gamers are not going to stand for it i have seen so far;

  28. Michael Flores says:

    As a thanks to those who beat our mobile game, we offer you a week of double xp. Boom. Play and beat the game before diablo 4 launches next month to not miss out on being OP before everyone else. Boom. Watch them hit us with this. It’s okay though, I plan on playing Diablo immortal.

  29. Tyler Vandevelde says:

    the ear being tucked into your hat is bugging the shit out of me

  30. Jurek009 says:

    Dude, you gotta focus your camera on you, 'cause right now it's on your mic.

  31. Clay McAtee says:

    Why did you stop making diablo lore vids???????????????????????????????

  32. RawLu says:

    POE PS4. Take your good old time & make it right, is always how I feel 😉

  33. Fainalhunter says:

    The Diablo team keep saying “we have many projects and we’ll show in the future” wondering how long they will keep saying the same bullshit… as a diablo player i want a TRUE FACT not the same statement over and over…

  34. Bob stroganoff says:

    u made me wait through the entire video to hear about the diablo content when i already knew about the other bullshit. and for that i say … wtf

  35. Jaur0n says:

    POE on Xbox One is a significantly behind the PC version with little to no communication. Potential console players would be wise to pass until the Devs give the platform the same treatment the PC version receives.

  36. Benjamin Johnson says:

    These companies are making me regret buying their products in general. I'm wondering how Bethesda is going to make Elder Scrolls 6 a big money grab. I'm also wondering if Blizzard is going to… you know… make an announcement that will help people forget about Diablo Immortal and make them EXCITED for Diablo again…
    But I know that getting my hopes up means that I'm going to lose money.

  37. Digging Up Artifact says:

    Why would blizzard apologize? They announced well in advance of Blizzcon that D4 was getting pushed back. Anyone who was expecting it is a moron who wasn't paying attention. I was there, they didn't do anything wrong. Whiny idiots feeling entitled to get exactly the content THEY want don't deserve an apology.

  38. 22snus says:

    Just don't f#&k up the Oblivion Franchise…plz remember that there is a lot of us out here that enjoy our single player experience

  39. Eric Cotter says:

    Playing new league. Probably the EE's version . Super fun. Scorpion comes out of the ground and wrecks with chaos damage. It's awesome

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