Black Desert Online – Xbox One Release Date & Pricing!

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23 Responses

  1. Tennek127 Gaming says:

    Black Desert Online is NOT a free to play game, it is a retail priced MMO. Expansions and future content will be free and there is no monthly charge, buy it once you're good for life!

  2. Connor -Paul ShadowMask- says:

    I hope they bring black desert online to PS4 this year.

  3. Angelo Outlaw says:

    I'm going to buy the $29.00 version I thought it was coming out next month on the 3rd. But I can wait I'm playing Never Winter and Elder Scrolls now and until then I'm also thinking about buying Kingdom Hearts at the end of this Month I think that this year will have a lot of great games coming out and I will buy them all if I like them.

  4. Anthony Quezada says:

    what about PS4?

  5. Sincere_420 says:

    Is the game still over saturated and bright af? I shouldn't have to adjust my tv settings to play a game, the beta was fun though.

  6. F F says:

    damn man Xbox is trash

  7. We Are Venom says:

    Looking forward to the release, I'll probably just main the Ninja, having the Dark Knight and mage (or male wizard, that is) as alts later on.
    Looking forward to playing.
    Didn't play much at all during the beta.

  8. NeezyF Baby says:

    Shits gay

  9. Zer0666 says:

    On PC this game is $10. I don't understand the price hike. I wonder if it's that high for those pre order packs..and then will become $10 for just the standard game on console. What little I played on PC I can say this game is fun and the controls will transition to a controller very well. Excited for the release even with the higher pricing

  10. Ярик Пивавр says:

    Есть русские кто собирается играть на коробке?

  11. Varric Tethras says:

    Hmm, i'm not impressed with these pre-orderbonusses they are not even close to what they were on PC for example, no costume/ armor of your choice for the class you want to play, but instead the Trina Knight set, and well the shudad armor (also included) is in the image not Trina Knight
    I never seen any one using the Shudad armor and I could be wrong but I remember the tier 5 horse was in every pe-order pack
    but hey it's not that the bonusses are bad but not that great either,

  12. Kouldor Bane says:

    Just warning everyone h games super fun but is definitely not for the faint of heart it’s a game that is really for people with no life or relationships they wish to keep black desert online will become your life it’s a Korean mmo meaning it’s super ultra Grindy really fun but grindy but head my warning normal people who are a functioning part of society this game will turn you into the lonely socially awkward person who hides in the basement and only leaves to work for money

  13. John Hshs says:

    is this a new game or a xbox one version? i seen a $99.99 pack in the shop and it looks interesting

  14. GTAHeisenberg says:

    Early access is for pre-orders only, hence why the release date is the 4th, no the 3rd

  15. Marcus Harmon says:

    What remix Is that kingdom hearts intro?

  16. cloudywolf 4 says:

    I'll buy it when they add all the other classes

  17. Killer Snow says:

    Wow I told them to add more items in the bonus purchases and they did. But I still need to compare them to pc to see if it’s really a good deal or if there pulling a fast one. Hell if I can find evidence of mice and keys support I’d buy the $100 even if it gave me no bonuses.

  18. ilikeitalotsexy says:

    When I played bdo on pc they went by different regions on separate servers,this helped when tey did there regular updates,and not having everyone blocking servers logging back in,not like tera where the release of valkyrie brought maintenance for servers due to a bottleneck of players overloading servers,bdo has one giant positive and that is the amount of servers to to choose,on for xbox that I don't know

  19. Anson Pansby says:

    Can’t wait to play my warrior again. Been having withdrawals since the beta! Did anyone else solo all the bosses in the beta?

  20. MrBlackJaQ says:

    The Shudad Armor is the one seen in the graphic for the game. FYI. That's only available in the $99 Pack.

  21. Louis Cortes says:

    you will be able to play February 28th 7pm in the east coast (United States) . they say that march 4 is going to be the release date because the time is set as UTC+0 (GMT) which is in Europe

  22. nordy259 says:

    bought my ultimate pack as soon as I heard it was up.

  23. nordy259 says:

    I think the point of having the 4th of march being the official launch is that's the date you can no longer buy the pre sale packs. As of the 4th you'll be buying just the base game or another pack that's no quite as good of a value as the pre order packs.

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