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What will you discover at the house on the hill? In this week’s Game the Game, players take on Betrayal Legacy by Avalon Hill. In this extended format players craft the house’s iconic history to tell a new scary story.

Conjure the game here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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34 Responses

  1. Jackie Fuchs says:

    Anyone know if these plastic sliders are any better than the ones in the original? Or are we still better off using an app?

  2. german talz says:

    The game looks very attractive 😛 actually this game looks like it have a lot of play-ability , many rules are implied and if you can change scenarios and rules that makes the game even more interesting! well done for the review , well deserved thumbs up.
    Btw my friend send me a link to a game called Heropath , i remember seeing it on kickstarter and it actually made me curious. now it is on the Indiegogo. Have you heard about it?
    The art looks great and there are many game pieces but first I would like to know your opinion on it.

  3. Sappy401 says:

    would you consider to do a series with Ultimate Werwolf Legacy? 🙂

  4. Anthony Sanchez says:

    So there's a lot of misunderstanding going on in the comments about how a legacy game works I think. Trust me, I get destroying pieces is like a sin against gaming, BUT legacy games feel so right to do it. With this game specifically (I've already finished it with my gaming squad) it almost needs to happen, there are so many components and some cards permanently become upgraded so if you keep everything it gets watered down and almost impossible to play in free play mode (which is fantastic post campaign btw). You end up with more cards than the original game even after destroying cards and components. Plus marking the board and cards makes them unique and punishing at time. The best part of all this though is by the end you have a real story with your main group and you can share that with other players with how unique the game is now. If you don't like the idea, I highly recommend the classic version as the legacy version will only work as a campaign if you keep all elements and anyone who has played a campaign multiple times over will tell you he element of surprise is the best part and if that's gone it's super tedious. Hope this helps. If people have questions about the game or other legacy games (I've played a lot) I'm more than happy o give recommendations or answer questions

  5. SANTHOSH Felix says:

    Ive got a question? nothing personal against legacy. What happens if you drop the cards while unboxing. Is there a number on the side of the cards to place back in order. Or how about someone shuffle the cards without reading the instructions?

  6. Alexander Alexander says:

    1: 28:58 way to count buddy

  7. DrDelicious70 says:

    This actually looks epic.

  8. N . A Salim says:

    Love the concept

  9. Feeluck says:

    prolly not the best game to feature here – since the complete episode is a spoiler, considering this being played in order without shuffeling any cards

  10. Sonsy Sy says:

    Well to do calling card couldve healed the critical traits but thats just me

  11. Yimmy P says:

    IGN has a great play through that's a little more clear as they have the creator of the game so he explains the differences and the new rules. might be easier for people to digest than people who are trying to be entertaining.

  12. Billryethejewishguy says:

    Only issues ive ever had with legacy games is the fact you end up destroying the map and cards, id be sure as shit to make copies of everything, map included because buying a game for 75$ then destroying it never seemed like a good idea.

  13. Olsongc says:

    He never used the broach's power……he would have won.

  14. bigben028cards1 says:

    Becca made a monty python reference. That is great.

  15. John D. says:

    SPOILER WARNING! How hard is it to put a spoiler disclaimer into your video? Sorry, but Becca's "I won't spoil the details of the legacy deck…" (2:19) does not count! Being familiar with BaHotH, I know that there are multiple possible endings. I thought that was the same here with the prologue and that your plays would build on your own unique endings. The reveal at 50:45 is an utter spoiler for anyone who hasn't played and was planning on it. Poor form, Geek & Sundry, very poor form indeed.

  16. John D. says:

    Wait…is game 1 the same situation and scenario for everybody? And if so, does that mean you guys just major spoiled it for everyone who hasn't played it at 50:45? Or are there possible different outcomes for the first game?

  17. Johan Svanborg says:

    I will get this to replace my 2:d ed. I already know who I will house rule some of the cards showed in this video to not destroy them and hamper variability. Some cards – like secret passage – are used to make the game tiles unique and that card will be destroyed, but cards like "add 1 knowledge and check a box" will be just "add 1 knowledge" and still be used after the campaign at my house.

  18. Vincent Lobster says:

    "Who do you trust?"
    ":) I'm dead! :)"

  19. Primordial Soup says:

    this show is allergic to straight men.

  20. Morbius2271 says:

    These vids get my dislike.

    Gimme Wil or gimme… well this I guess, but I rathe Wil.

  21. ID10TANK says:

    If I ever get to name the sickle I am going with Kosher Dill

  22. fabricio ycaza says:

    I like these videos but the pacing is dreadful.

  23. Pierre Condon says:

    I loled about the secret package

  24. Parker Hinkley says:

    When Becca dies she forgot to put a ghost sticker

  25. SpydersByte says:

    seems like a cool game but damn, limiting your audience much? Seems like you'll have to buy the game all over again if you ever want to play it with more than one group of people, pretty rough.

  26. SpydersByte says:

    12:18 "we're people of the earth, we're very hearty… a buff plowsman" says the guy with blue hair and black nails wearing what looks to be red sweats and a rose-covered tracksuit top that I think he stole from my great grandmother… oh and a… witch's hat? Well, at least we know he can roleplay.

  27. jon snow says:

    This girl is awful! God she is like a game show host from the 80s. Calm down. Calm down!!! Talk about being fake. Totally unlikable to adults. Again to adults.
    I watched this in total shock. Boy when they say Geek they really mean Geek. I threw up.

  28. resdamalos says:

    You can't actually steal in this version of Betrayal.

  29. Martin Teece says:

    Legacy games need come with a tiny candle and safe tray to burn the destroyed cards

  30. Timothy Smith says:

    Just got Betrayal Legacy but have to wait 2 weeks before my group will be together to play it.

  31. GamingXMachina says:

    Well, you shouldnt have given you family's names in the prologue. Only during the first game is when you get family names. Also I dont like the comments that are happy about defacing games/cards or destroying cards, any real tabletop player would cringe at these comments even if your supposed to in a legacy game. I mean it always makes me cringe and so fourth.

  32. Tagalog Gamer says:

    i really cant like this show because of its host, feels like hosting this show is a job to her.

  33. BlindedByMirai says:

    Witches not needing sanity, eh?

    "Insanity is a requirement of our kind", so they might say.

  34. Donni Manicotti says:

    “Jenaveve loves salad made with fresh lettuce and WATER”

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