Bethesda Responds to Fallout 76 Bans and Essay Requests

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Today we take a look at some more news around Fallout 76. In this video I go over some of Bethesda’s responses to the recent Fallout 76 ban reports and odd essay request as a route to get unbanned. I also touch on misinformation and how some outlets took my original video and misrepresented it.

Previous Banning Video:

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Fallout 76 Modders Ban Reports:
Shown in video –

Fallout 76 Cheaters Essay:

Bethesda Responses to Fallout 76 Bans:

Reddit Posts on Fallout 76 Mods and Bans:

Psychology Experiemnts Post:

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20 Responses

  1. Chris laflamme says:

    They should reset games of anyone caught duping. And if there busted again.. they should ban them.

  2. CIA CIA says:

    No im still not forgiving Bethesda, it doesnt matter if they're fixing it now. Games should be released complete and ready not buggy, whack and unplayable, if you want to release a early access or BETA game there can be a few bugs and glitches here and there but it shouldnt affect your experience

  3. Gigaheart says:

    Here's my take on it.

    No, you still can not officially use mods. They are not officially supported and you do so at your own risk. Their wording CONFIRMS players were banned for using mods, even if it was a mistake and they can easily get unbanned. It still means they will ban you for it. I expect the official reply is going to be you can not use any gameplay altering mods and only graphical mods will be allowed moving forward until they officially start supporting mods.

    It's also quite simple. People who were banned incorrectly will not require an essay, but those banned for use of 3rd party exe's WILL require an essay.

    That's my take on it.

  4. Julian john says:

    heres a question. I play fallout 4 and 76, fallout 4 is modded it uses vortex. now what if I been playing fallout 4 ive been adding mods to it vortex is open then I decide to play fallout 76 so I close fallout 4 and open 76 forgetting to close vortex can I be banned? ive got no intentions of modding 76 I don't even think theres mods on nexus anyways so ill only be modding it when we are eventually allowed too. can I be banned for simply forgetting to close vortex?

  5. Mr. Skywalker says:

    Makes me wonder why I was just freely given a two shot exploding homemade rifle

  6. Fuck google says:

    Bye Bethesda.

  7. My Precious says:

    It seems they can't even get their game manual right…

  8. White-RainMLP says:

    After I watch your previous video on this subject. I watched a YongYea video fully explaining this whole situation.

  9. Gbahstsy gttwew says:

    So you can't mod at all if you your gonna be banned, also does that mean you could be banned for like modded clothing with normal stats?

  10. D Johnson says:

    This company is literally the worst.

  11. Matt Ragusa says:

    Are we honestly defending cheaters now?

  12. koko_lame says:

    if they know which softwares you have installed in your computer then definitely they are scanning every and each computer what is a quite illegal procedure that is close to a scam

  13. Superade 79 says:

    A few of points that seem to be being ignored. Firstly, you have cheat programs installed = you're a cheater and you should be banned! Secondly the examples made by the online community to a) server hop b) glitch & c) farm are as good as cheating. Thirdly why on earth are you doing this psychology bs at the end. Nobody gives af.

  14. Asian Caillou says:

    This is one of the days I've been waiting for. Where game companies get the same hate by people to the banks, cheapskate companies and governments. Truly a beautiful sight

  15. Matthew Dowd says:

    Have they fixed the game now on ps4? I'm thinking about getting it just because I enjoyed new vegas, 3 and 4.Although new vegas was better then all them I would say.

  16. Bill Kerman says:

    cheat engine will result in a ban whether its hooked to the game or not

  17. Ronald James says:

    Yeah, Fallout, eh ?
    But that last part of your video was really interesting.
    The hedonic treadmill, great stuff !

  18. Arin Hamarashid says:

    666th comment nyhahahhaha

  19. babyp 3k says:

    Cheaters need to be banned. End of. 666th post.

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