Bethesda Is Ripping People Off With Fallout 76’s Microtransactions

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The price for items within the Fallout 76 market is unbelievable and even devoted fans of the game are demanding Bethesda lower the prices! Let’s discuss.

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33 Responses

  1. TheRobohobojoe says:

    If they do this with ESVI I'm going to lose my mind.

  2. Al Simmons says:

    These video games reviewers just get older and older. Hearing old men complain. No thanx

  3. 45Kimber1911A1 says:

    No, they are not.

  4. Jason Schanne says:

    Do you guys have phones??

  5. Agent Revenge says:

    I've noticed that AAA game makers have been able to get those Microtransactions to work in their games just fine but not the game itself.

  6. Xujen Voxith says:

    Doom may suffer. And that pisses me off.

  7. Arbor Mancer says:

    Someone should compare Warframe cosmetics to Fallout 76 cosmetics 🙂

  8. DavyDave1313 says:

    Every real AAA entry by Bethesda has been pretty good. I don’t consider FO76 a real Bethesda entry, more of a cash grab with some gameplay mechanics. I have high hopes for ES6 I know it’s gonna be simply amazing. If it’s not, then Bethesda is done forever. I know there’s a lot of people like me still enjoying morrowind oblivion and Skyrim so we’re holding on for Bethesda’s real entry

  9. Whiterun Guard says:

    Skyrim has no use for your kind.

    (Directed to Bethesda, of course.)

  10. Jason M says:

    Bethesda keep digging their grave deeper. They better come out swinging with their new game

  11. Metrack says:

    I think Activision is trying to figure out how to keep up with EA/Bethesda as the worst company. Meanwhile Ubisoft is staying somewhat behind

  12. Pandarah says:

    All of these "micro" transactions should be a tenth of the price at most. In every game ever.

  13. M. C says:

    Rich, have you considered working for your local news station? I can see that you really enjoy reporting, and putting a story together. Don't get me wrong; I love RTU! 🙂

  14. scarabmango says:

    I'm having fun with Fallout 76. I love exploring new locations, fighting new enemies, collecting new items, improving my hideout, all that stuff.

    But no, I'm not spending real money in the Atom Shop, let alone twenty dollars on a Santa suit. Not even once.

    I love Bethesda, but I SO hope they correct their course. The way things are going, they could blitz right through the EA phase and go full Konami.

  15. insert good name says:

    "Micro"? These are major transactions.

  16. THE NPC says:

    You are kind of an idiot. "For privacy reasons". When they are posting on a public forum…

  17. Micheal Odargan says:

    I would be fine with microtransactions if they could cost no more than $5 .. They are very very cheap for them to make and to ask $30 is unacceptable

  18. heinzerbrew says:

    I get that this stuff is way over priced, so just don't buy it. How hard is it to just not buy it, the stuff looks like garbage anyway. What about star citizens crazy pay to win strategy on a game that isn't even released.

  19. Joe shmoe says:

    Its not about the hate bandwagon, pre release purchasing and microtransactions are turning the entire games industry in to a sh1t pile.
    The quality of what is out there is dire compared to the past. The last game I paid for from bethesda was new vegas,after being impressed with F.O.3. Great games.
    When kids stop buying pre releases and microtransactions bethesda will have to go back to making good games again, wont they? Instead of selling promises with a franchise name. Lets be clear, thats what they did.
    People buying pre release and MT are condoning it and are part of the problem.

  20. Clint R says:

    They are already done. Just take your drink… and walk away… 🙂 thanks for the info. Glad to be informed as I won't buy this stuff myself.

  21. jordan secrist says:

    I’ve never understood how these people don’t realize that like 95% of people would buy a cool skin for 99¢ for a game they just bought. That seems to be a way better way to make money. A buck or two depending on the skin. Game companies make me reluctant to buy a new pc.

  22. Drakkus says:

    The game is not unplayable as you stated. I watch a streamer play the game for 4hrs at a time and if he has ore than 5-6 issues during the streak that’s a lot. And that’s 4hr streams 3x a day

  23. AkiraTheGodEater says:

    20 bucks for a damn santa outfit

  24. Anthony N says:

    This is 1000x worse than horse armor dlc for oblivion. Never forget horrible choices made by developers.

  25. Skunky Monk says:

    Not make them cheap, remove them all together! and let us host our own servers as well! But no they will stick it out and the game will be a shell of what it could of been. Sad thing is if they did I bet in the long run they'd make so much more.

  26. Chris Brown says:

    What's that keyboard you got there in your video

  27. Brad Boesel says:

    I remember when I could buy a game, and it was complete. You all still playing, you're enabling them to do this crap.

  28. SilvaGaming says:

    U would hate fortnite

  29. James B says:

    Bethesda doesn't deserve all the hate for 76. They tried something new (Multiplayer) and it sadly failed miserably. This is their first real flop in a long time. They also aren't greedy like EA or Activision.

  30. Jheyo venero roncal says:


  31. DRUNK PUNK says:

    Did fallout 4 have micros? I played it, n left it alone before it was released for a month or 2. Id assume the suits were thinking "ya know with fallout 4 everyone bought that game. 76 didnt sell almost at all. We gotta make the money in micro trans. Got make em expensive to compensate for the customers who didnt buy 76."

  32. Oni Zero says:

    Hey, at least when FALLOUT 76 crashes, FALLOUT 4 will have more content to be added with mods.

  33. Belfast Gonzo says:

    I think we have to stop using the term 'micro' transactions. It is no longer correct.

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