Best Budget Gaming PC Tech at CES 2019! – PT. 1

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Huge thanks to Unboxed for providing the filming setup!
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In part one of this video I’ll be covering my favorite budget oriented pc gaming tech & peripherals from CES 2019. Subscribe and turn on bell notifications for part two tomorrow where I cover the coolest (premium) pc gaming tech from CES 2019!


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36 Responses

  1. ScatterVolt says:

    I hope you guys enjoyed part one of this CES 2019 compilation video. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!



  2. inhale the memes exhale the memes says:


  3. VRTK says:

    Make cheap PC with with good CPU and graphi

  4. GyZo says:

    I loved that new matrexx 70 case, and when you said 70$, oof I’m not gonna buy the nzxt case no more.

  5. ethan hammond says:

    Does anyone know the release date for the Deepcool Matrexx 70???

  6. Renuga Kothandapani says:

    Please give me a giveaway gaming pc

  7. FrizzzGaming says:

    Dang that looks amazing

  8. Vx Jam says:

    Can ScatterVolt run ScatterVolt videos?

  9. T-MAN M says:

    whenever Zachs Tech Turf uploads a new video can you comment that you like the new intro. I am messing with him

  10. Josh Wagoner says:

    If only I had the money to get this stuff… ;(

  11. ryushura says:

    I really want that new ryzen laptop

  12. j3fF says:

    I'm new to pc gaming and I was wondering if an fx6300 6 core at 3.7ghz is as good as the newer 3.5-3.7 6 core processors

  13. Gaming Savior says:

    I hope to see sum comparisons and new 400, 500, 600 etc builds with this new tech

  14. nuri4ik says:

    Do you use steroids or what?

  15. Breezy Dragon says:

    Can I have a heart

  16. Levi d vlogs says:

    hi scattervolt

  17. Robbie Holmstedt says:

    i really need to build a pc cause what i have now is an office pc from 2008 but the problem is that i have the lowest of budgets

  18. No Yes says:

    not 360p? Im dissapointed

  19. Nate Barrieau says:

    3 uploads in one month???!! WOW! lets try to get 6

  20. Tugboat Larry says:

    Love youuuuuu

  21. KAZAZPlays says:

    Not a lot of comments or views or likes yet rip Where you at likebuttonsmashers

    Edit: Hold up did I just get a heart?!

  22. Decilcious says:

    Uber Eats

  23. Arashmickey says:

    Glass PSU basement looks nice yeah

  24. slithery TOMB says:

    Please reply to my comment

  25. Aidan Leung says:

    The real question is…..

    Did you nut yourself?

  26. NinjaPnut says:

    when will you do your next giveaway?

  27. Ayman says:

    Nice background m8 😀

  28. Randall Manalo says:

    If you like this comment the PC Master-Race Gods will give you a 1080 ti

  29. ScatterVolt says:

    Btw, who thinks I should do a budget build using that custom Cooler Master Q500L dust filter with the ScatterVolt Logo on it?

  30. Manandi says:

    Damn i am so early. Lets go. Plus good ces idea its unique and i wished more people did it

  31. Asad khalid says:

    Why do u look so different

  32. Mobile Gamer says:

    Would do another budget pc. Like 250-450 dollars idk

  33. Labib 2002 says:


  34. Dark Voyager_GAMING says:

    If I get 1k subs I’ll copy his personal pc

  35. Mr.Flamingo says:

    Technical genius

  36. Apex M4dness says:


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