Best Board Games to Play on National Bosses Day

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Here are the best board games to play on National Bosses Day! 10/16 is National Boss’s Day.

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5 Responses

  1. wroot says:

    Nice list. Our boss has left the job before the Boss day, but maybe we will get a chance to try something out with a new one. If the ever get one.. o.O

  2. ButoyToTheWorld says:

    TOP 5

    1. Imaginiff
    2. Scotlandyard
    3. Bang! The Dice Game
    4. I'm The Boss!
    5. FunEmployed

  3. Karl Fenner says:

    Thanks GBG!

  4. Francisco Rivera says:

    never heard of national boss day before. wouldn't people rather eat or nap during their lunch hour though ??

  5. Nick Switzer says:

    Really enjoying these quirky top 5's. Thanks for putting these together!

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