Best $800 Streaming PC | Prebuilt Gaming PC | AleMight

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Best $800 Streaming PC | Prebuilt Gaming PC | AleMight


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42 Responses

  1. Abraham Hoskins X says:

    You have won the spot as my favorite Tech youtuber. I love your videos and they are always so well made. Thanks ❤️❤️

  2. charlie says:

    what were the graphic settings for fortnite when u were averaging 70-80 fps?

  3. Chubbish says:

    The bazooka is shit

  4. Joseph's Life ! says:

    No fps in pubg

  5. Anthony Abraham says:

    Also FPS pls ?

  6. Anthony Abraham says:

    Also do you still use this pc and game on it

  7. Anthony Abraham says:

    Do your ik it could run gta 5 smoothly?

  8. Zohreh Mahbubi says:

    Can I get this in UK

  9. soak says:

    Song pls?

  10. TweakedFuZion says:

    I’m building a pc for $850 and it’s 16gbs of ram! Rgb lighting! A great case! I also will be getting an RX 580 OC (overclocked) 8GB! And the cpu is a ryzen 5 2600 which is a generation up! This pc isn’t worth it! Comment for a link to my parts

  11. [SIMON] [ROGERS] says:

    Amazing video

  12. Mxncer says:

    Ummm it’s sold out sooo now what ?

  13. STRIKE GAMING says:

    Does it come with a WiFi adapter

  14. michael says:

    Keep it up you know what your doing , entertaining and informational . Very impressive for a young kid especially!

  15. FBI says:

    I was looking for a new pc I already have this pc

  16. Crimson Karma says:

    I found this computer in 20 minutes
    But I noticed it was American
    And I’m in Canada.
    I will try and get it……somehow

  17. Praia says:

    Im interested in streaming and recording console games, and video editing. I'm not really confident enough to build my own PC and I don't know enough about individual parts anyway. Should I buy this PC??

  18. Sphinx says:

    So would this pc beat the other 800 dollar budget build on your channel for streaming??

  19. LJester says:

    can it run rust good?

  20. Ethan Wendel says:

    Ya no.. I bout a “gaming” computer from Best Buy for 700$ and It was the equivalent of a rock

  21. Swipez_ says:

    Nice video and thank you so much

  22. digbricks says:

    Ships to Australia?

  23. DareDevil23 says:

    Do you use OBS to record/stream? I have this same pc and for some reason when I try to record pc gameplay I always get the encoding overload message and laggy videobut not when I stream? Not sure what I'm doing wrong but you should make a video on your settings sometime! Great video!

  24. XLILCC9X Gaming says:

    Does it stream well ? Btw nice vid !im subbing

  25. Perish says:

    Still worth it??

  26. Tropify says:

    I wanna stream well, record videos and game too. Will this computer work for that?

  27. Fxruq says:

    how much fps on fortnite

  28. balisticwolf Gaming says:

    Can this pc run rust and battle feild?

  29. ItsRevoh says:

    Could I stream fifa through my Xbox on the elgato software using stream command at 1080p 60fps? Please answer

  30. Jose Garcia says:

    What type of hard drive does it have ? (So I might change it in the future)

  31. Calico Davis says:

    This pc is sold out at all the near by Best buys .. I’m pretty sure it’s because of this video lol

  32. Local5 Finest says:

    If you stream or Record gameplay, will it be fine?

  33. ItsNico says:

    do you think you can stream on this pc one day? i just want to see the difference

  34. PandaMan says:

    So is the results while streaming ? Or just gaming ?

  35. TRØY says:

    How does he only have 1000 subs think he’d have way more

  36. NicoTheGoat says:

    Where's the unboxing video?

  37. NicoTheGoat says:

    Can it run fortnite?

  38. Yoshi ツ says:

    Omg i love your content so much!!

  39. xAssas1n says:

    Dude I just found your channel and I need u to upload again please

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