Best $700 GTX 1060 Gaming PC Build

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Presenting you my best PC build with the GTX 1060! Links & deals to all the parts in-order-of appearance below:
CPU – Intel Core i5-6500:
MOBO – MSI H170M Pro:
RAM – Corsair 3000MHz C15:
GPU – Gigabyte 1060 Windforce OC:
CASE – Corsair SPEC-M2:
PSU – EVGA 600W B1 80+ BRONZE:

See this full setup at:


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20 Responses

  1. fuzz shiba says:

    Does anyone know what fps you'll get on ark survival evolved?

  2. Farhan says:

    2018? & Crying Price?

  3. SwordSkiller says:

    Does case size matter if its a few inches Smaller/bigger?

  4. SwordSkiller says:

    Can it run Farcry 5?

  5. Rachel Doherty says:

    Is blinking you hobby?

  6. SIQU says:

    2:30 … those ram prices today

  7. Pro Gamer says:

    How much watts for msi gtx 1060 oc?

  8. KH SOPHAI188 says:

    I+see 799$

  9. mkks- says:

    The 1050Ti 4gb is better than both. But just slightly more than the 6gb 1060.

  10. Riskteven says:

    Intel i5 is GREAT for work with Microsoft Office and web browsing but hardly any option for gaming unless you only run games that won't put much stress on the CPU, like older games and some games made with the Cryengine engine.

  11. Nz0 says:

    Well there goes the budget

  12. Nz0 says:

    The 1060 is now 350$ more

  13. Moises Medina says:

    Im new on pc and dont know much so im a noob on this.I got a gtx 1060 6gb with a amd fx 6300 six core processor 3.50 ghz. is that bad? becuase i cant get those frames that you got with mine. what im doing wrong?

  14. EASSIR ARAFAT says:

    i7 7gen,8gb ram and gtx 1050 ti under 700 dollars plz brother

  15. Fatacus says:

    the case is now 255 dollars….

  16. satuxツ says:

    Can you make video how to build it plss

  17. tom America says:

    Is this computer VR-ready?

  18. Still think you can. lets use magic says:

    I changed some things like ram and the destop case…idk if thus will works…

  19. Fui Hawsatitam says:

    the gpu is all where the money goes. LOL

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