BADASS Wall-Mounted Gaming PC

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45 Responses

  1. TheAvirus says:

    Wow the shape looks like a Dick

  2. Michael Wilhelm says:

    yo im high af and you fuckin killed me when u said dank af and other voice animations

  3. Akrid pedia says:

    When you lock up the editor in a room and give him 10$ and some cocaine. THIS HAPPENS!

  4. Anil Rai says:

    we want you to make a new gaming room

  5. Tobias says:

    why the heck are there unskippable ads when the vid is already sponsored?

  6. Joshua Campbell says:

    that is literally the Reason logo

  7. Alpha Cretin says:

    Hoe can i work for/with you? Ive got 1million ideas, maybe more if you ask nicely!

  8. 4GB MEANS 4GB says:


  9. Josh Guyette says:

    Does it game? No idea what you just made.

  10. IRDeady says:

    you should give away these crazy builds you do. Like but make sure i get one.

  11. Fire panda Plays says:

    4:09 sound wrong ?

  12. MemeMlgLolzzGod xhdgam says:

    can i buy the wall mounted gaming for 1500 dollars pls. or more

  13. HykaWK says:

    How do I like a video 7 times

  14. Amitdraak says:

    The first fidget spinner gaming pc

  15. Handsome Jack says:

    why isnt the gpu rgb

  16. GarageLifeTV says:

    Omg, why are the fan stickers always crocked!

  17. Minhaj Shahriar says:

    Thermalsair LOL

  18. Teh Cookie says:

    mucho rgb

  19. NeonFruit says:

    love the editing, cool computer

  20. Brawlex GD says:

    My PC is really bad, AMD 220G Vega 8 graphics, Nvidia GeForce GT 710, 8gb ddr3

  21. Anthony Scotellaro says:

    AvE woot!!!!

  22. MinecraftFan2010 says:

    Fuck y’all for those long-unskippable ads

  23. Abhishek Chaudhari says:

    4:09 "looks like he had some practice with that movment" LOL

  24. G POWER DRAGON says:

    denk AF I think he just made that word Up I cannot find it in the dictionary

  25. BlingBlingStarmie - says:


  26. Futurist 2046_ says:

    Just buy a dell and attach it to the wall.

  27. Zak Thackwray says:

    crazy ivan xD

  28. Magic unicorn farts And bacon says:

    You remind me of coop772

  29. Marco Büdler says:

    i die on this crooked tubes.

  30. Cameron Crump says:

    e m b i g g e n e d

  31. TheePaintballFreak says:

    i'll buy that for a dollar
    seriously get them on the web page

  32. The Four Knight says:

    Why do you need a fan when it's not closed or sealed

  33. Rainbow Slime says:


  34. DAWGZofWAR says:

    What in the world is a dick butt application area lol… No I'm serious can somebody please explain that to me please?

  35. Koko Bogatinov says:

    You the best ……

  36. Karel Smítka says:

    why everything have to be water cooled ? 🙂 99.9% of the systems are just on air.

  37. Stuart May says:

    E M
    B I G
    N D

  38. Evil Nugget says:


  39. Joweswizz says:


  40. Hydra Jamm says:

    Badass is a subjective term

  41. TimeBandit says:

    So, forgot hanging a computer on your wall, make your wall into the computer

  42. JakeIsWayBlack says:

    uhh.. thats cool and all, but how are you gonna plug in peripherals like monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.? would like to see it actually set up

  43. Zayd Abbas says:

    At 6:08 you can see the power cable was tied, looks like a dropping hazard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. Treed R says:

    Editor's need a raise

  45. TFtv says:

    if it's black

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