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An animated trippy video for “Astrix – Poison (Wrecked Machines Remix)

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I edit together psychedelic / trippy videos for psytrance tracks that on the whole dont have videos already, This is a non monetary exercise, if you see any ads they are not from me, but from the record labels involved. Please if you like the videos like/share/subscribe it really makes it all worth it. Stay Trippy! 8)

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CGI Animated Short Film HD Adam by Unity Technologies CGMeetup –
CGI Animated Short Film HD Catzilla Short by Platige Image CGMeetup –
CGI Animated Teaser Natalis by – Daniel Brkovic Jan-Marcel Kühn –

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22 Responses

  1. Ильдар Саттаров says:


  2. Sumedh Shahare Music says:


  3. Jessica Hoyt says:

    I fucking hate robots!

  4. Marcelo Brasil says:

    Remix dum Clássico… :::::::::-)

  5. ingridmayo says:


  6. Видеограф Андрей Колесников says:


  7. דוקטור הו says:

    closer to heaven is better

  8. ALEX SEAMEN says:


  9. III Alexander III says:

    охуенный – мстит за всю хуйню!

  10. III Alexander III says:


  11. ovidiu bota says:


  12. Beverley O,sullivan says:

    Wow omg [email protected]@@in epic. What a tune that is banging when that dropped on asot 892 .went nuts . Awsome track

  13. Rangan Halder says:

    Powerful trance. Enigmatic visuals .

  14. Italo Maciel says:

    you did the visuals?

  15. Lucas Camargos says:

    Quem é do Brasil dá um salve ae!

  16. Ghanshyam Shyam says:


  17. Brian Rodriguez says:

    Muyy buenooooo

  18. Max's 420Grow says:

    if this were a video game i would be playing it…

  19. Josephine Morén says:

    If this is the future, I wanna be dead already, just think about this for a sec, we get programmed and get a robot body, and still destroy all things and make war, I don't want that, fuck this i am out then, but love the video and music.

  20. 66666 subscribers with no videos? says:

    Its great but the sub tag and name ugh oh well still love it

  21. Dolma Kumari says:


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