Asking random gamers how my mic sounds

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Today I put the Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless to the ultimate test- Asking random gamers online how it sounds in-game. Prepare for some interesting feedback and some priceless reactions.

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28 Responses

  1. Rupert Boyes says:

    That interaction was actually very entertaining!

  2. Maelstrum yes says:

    >KDA Ahri
    Knee guh wtf

  3. John Totten says:

    When that mix tape drop though?

  4. John Totten says:

    I cannot believe no one knew who Bitwit was during all that… SMH kids these days.

  5. Racist Grandpa says:

    Cool! Now make an elders react version

  6. Justa Fan says:


  7. Tater Tots says:

    Holy shit that was good. Should do more where you interact with randoms gaming or something.

  8. WildStyle says:

    I had a mod mic once… My friend said it sounded like someone trying to have a shit. Hopefully the wireless one then does have interference with EVERYTHING. But imma stick with my rode and maybe if wireless headphones become a thing.

  9. Alexander Mustermann says:

    More like telling kids their mics suck lol

  10. Junior says:

    This was so entertaining. Thx a lot, Kyle

  11. CINRmatic Harvey says:

    “Unidirectional or omnidirectional” REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT NOT UNI, ITS CARDIOID

  12. Samuel Fernandes says:

    Start streaming man, you really entertain ppl.

  13. Canaan Banana says:

    sounds nice but it was clipping a bit

  14. yoshyoshyosh says:

    This is epic. Love it. More trolling vids while reviewing gear plezzzzz


    You are literally using the same headset I am using while listening to you talk, hmm.

  16. Sl0ba Zl0ba says:

    Mic sounds nice, its clipping a bit so just lower the volume a bit.

  17. Daniel š says:

    You should have told them $120 when they asked you

  18. Filip Ivan says:

    5:48 Anyone else thought for a second that the kid recognised him ? 😀

  19. Russell Chan says:

    cool product! Would buy but price is $120 so rip if maybe half i would get it

  20. GiggzSc says:

    This would've been a VERY different video if Lyle had done the testing.

  21. jackson Hoover says:

    There is a reason why bitwit doesn't stream =) (cork in the eye)

  22. stuka06 says:

    That price point is an issue.
    At that point you can get something like a Blue Yeti or an entry-level Shure mic

  23. Rose Watson says:

    I don't know, I would love to watch Morgan Freeman play games. Just to hear the crisp clarity of his godly voice.

  24. Hafmans 86 says:

    Battery life is okay, but no usb-c is unacceptable. Noone should use micro usb in 2018. Especially higher end headsets/mics.

  25. Augustine Delgado says:

    There's actually a little bit of distortion, possibly just too close to your mouth.

  26. Glencoco39 says:

    It seems a little bit clipping? There's definitely some noise when you get loud at all, not sure if you can adjust gain for that.

  27. HazerGX says:

    my god that Bohemian cover

  28. Rikin P says:

    Lol, this was pretty funny. Great Video Kyle!

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