Arcade Game: Vanguard (1981 SNK)

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A side-scrolling shooting game.

Shoot down enemies with your laser. Keep a close eye on your ever decreasing fuel gauge, luckily each enemy that you destroy will add to your remaining fuel. Find the energy pods to be temporarily invulnerable), the energy pods will also increase your fuel level. At the end of each level you must defeat a boss that is guarded by two moving force fields with holes in them. The computer will then announce the name of the next zone using some nifty early 80’s synthesized speech. The different levels include Mountain Zone, Rainbow Zone, Styx Zone, Rainbow Zone 2, Stripe Zone, Rainbow Zone 3, Bleak Zone, and the City of Mystery.

Note: The game is endless. After levels starts to repeat, I killed myself afterwards. Infinite lives cheat was used in this game.

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37 Responses

  1. esathegreat says:



  2. Fraimco says:

    one of the best arcade…my childhood…

  3. rs3377 says:

    Who destroys the god?

  4. Proteus Hellene says:

    When i played this game back in ~1981-82.. the vocals were different:
    Better quality, more words and a more natural and deep (bass) voice.

  5. E Amos says:

    Somebody please tell me where I can get the arcade version of this game…I grew up playing it!

  6. badderthanyou says:

    Like Defender

  7. Drithe Bors says:

    With all due respect, the player is in need of training, for he is weak in the force.

  8. ak47wong says:

    The action starts at 1:20

  9. Realmasterorder says:

    Lovely game i believe this would relatively easily be modded to have different maps and levels

  10. 00Thony00 says:

    Best game at the time beside Phoenix. I spent all pocket money to play with these…

  11. Bernard Francis says:

    Loved this game

  12. Realmasterorder says:

    One very special shooter of that time i really liked the game its gameplay was unique and ahead of its time also it had nice effects and a lot of variety in gameplay

  13. Lauren Tyler says:

    I love the way they rendered Vultan's Battle Theme in this version.

  14. Randy Salter says:

    Ahhh, the first video game i ever played. in between the doors at the local supermarket. i could barley reach the joystick……

  15. jetit says:

    Wish they had this out on PS4

  16. fuzzywzhe says:

    This was the first game that I could win 2 times in a row with on a quarter. I got to the point where I just quit playing the game, because after 1 hour of this, it's not any fun.

  17. RargoFC19 says:

    Classic game , absolute classic

  18. Gains Bond says:

    Didn't you know that you score 1090 points each for running into those curly worms, OR their fire after you've just shot them – but ONLY the first three each time!
    I was looking forward to that, it was my favourite bit of the whole game;

    Also, you score a lot more than 1000 for killing the fly at the end, if you wait until 2 force fields complete behind/under you – I was looking forward to that as well…

  19. ZZBlue Comet says:

    This music has stuck with me since the 80's, I could t remember the name of the arcade game – now ai kmow.

  20. TakeAmericaBackfromISRAEL says:

    I remember playing this when it came out in 1981, I'm 46 now, what a trip, thanks for posting!

  21. 2199 says:

    What are the name of the rockets after the worms?

  22. Rriv2014 says:

    One the best early arcade games of all time but was hard to find.

  23. Bryan Sarracino says:


  24. AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

    Really fucking odd thing is that last night while making a cuppa in the kitchen i had that stupid voice in my head saying "stix zone" but couldn't think where it was from or where id heard it. Then today i ended up watching this vid, which was in recommend vids. That is weird as fuck. Because i honestly had forgotten all about this game. But that stupid voice saying "stix zone" had stayed within my memory for all those years. So odd that last night the voice saying "stix zone" was playing in my mind, then today i ended up watching this vid, yet no way in hell did i remember the game or its name until seeing this vid and being reminded of it.

  25. Jiltedin2007 says:

    Obviously someone who can't play this Arcade Game for shit!

  26. Chris Warwick says:

    Where the hell's the sound????

  27. drakionclawers says:

    growing up my family had an arcade version of this game in the corner in the basement, used to play it all the time

  28. Anne L. says:

    I was wondering if you were going to ride a snake.

  29. trip189n says:

    Where is Luthor?

  30. David Fullam says:

    An all time fave of mine.

  31. steve kirdeikis says:

    The robot needs to get the cock out of his mouth before he speaks, fuck!

  32. navyman4 says:

    Music at 1:22 sound familiar?

  33. Surfing On Squarewaves says:

    Enthusiastic Voice Zone

  34. Anthony Evelyn says:

    This game was so loud! And hard as hell too.

  35. 123456RaulMorales says:

    1:30 Vultan's Battle Theme from Flash Gordon(1980)!

  36. Bunnellius says:

    Pretty good music.

  37. small ed says:

    This game looks and sounds like an early Nintendo experiment gone wrong.

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