Arcade Game: Spy Hunter (1983 Midway)

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An action/shooting/driving game where you play a role of a driver of a G-6155 CIA Prototype Interceptor sports car. The object of the game is to travel the freeways and waterways, hunting down and destroying as many enemy vehicles as possible, all the while not harming civilian vehicles. Points are scored for driving on the road and for destroying enemy vehicles. There is a lead-in time when the player has an endless supply of cars. After this time expires, the player will lose a life each time the car crashes. Extra cars can be earned with high scores. The first extra car is earned at a default value of 30,000 points, but this value can vary depending on settings.
The player must be careful to avoid harming civilian vehicles on the road. There are three types: blue automobiles, pink automobiles, and motorcycles. Hurting these vehicles causes scoring to stop briefly, during which time the player’s score reads ‘NO POINTS’.
There are six enemies in all, each with their own special characteristic :
Switchblade’ or ‘Never To Be Trusted’ cars have tire slashers. Knives pop out of this car’s tires and can force the player’s car to crash if they touch his tires.
The Road Lord’ or ‘Bulletproof Bully’ cars have bulletproof armor plating; machine guns are ineffective against these cars.
The Enforcer’ or ‘Double Barrel Action’ is a limousine with a shotgun toting thug who shoots at the player’s car.The Mad Bomber’ or ‘Master Of The Sky’ is a helicopter which drops bombs. This enemy can only be destroyed with missiles.
‘Barrel Dumper’ is a boat which drops lethal explosives into the water.
‘Doctor Torpedo’ is a boat which shoots torpedoes at the player’s ship.

Note: Used the Don’t ram other vehicles cheat so I do not hit the good drivers. Also used infinite smokescreen, oil, and missile as well. The game is endless.

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17 Responses

  1. Robert Jackson says:

    ARRG Matey, you play so bad you don't even suck yet.

  2. Green Man says:

    This game was the reason I got my c64 in 84 .

  3. Marco V says:

    No sound anymore?

  4. heath ashley says:

    Timothy Sheatzle is a homo.

  5. AsiA I. says:

    this game  to me is about rivaL''' gangbangeRs out to kill the opposition ganGbanginG''' drug smuggler reaching to sell some serious cocainE. rather than james bond.

  6. Josh Pratt says:

    I swear the music sounds just like the theme for the blues Brothers hahaha

  7. Engel78 says:

    Top Agent TFL

  8. Hugh Jass says:

    I remember as a kid I just blew everyone off of the road.

  9. zzzombie888 says:

    11 people that were born five years ago LOL

  10. 126 scratch says:

    Just so you know, to play this game on MAME, you need both and, not just

  11. Brian Harrington says:

    God you suck, even with cheats!

  12. FurVlogz says:

    I remember playing this game at my old summer camp.

  13. Carnage1M says:

    At least try to avoid them. Looks like purpose of video is to show how not to play? lol

  14. Masculine Buddha says:

    My Alzheimer's afflicted grandmother could've played better.

  15. Masculine Buddha says:

    Suck ass gameplay.

  16. Tree Rock Creations says:

    Ah…Are you even trying…you cheater! LOL

  17. Pepper Spray says:

    Hard ass game…

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