Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

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Tom Nook has a special announcement…! A new mainline Animal Crossing game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019!

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20 Responses

  1. the Science guy says:


  2. cherry cat says:

    Better come out around my birthday

  3. Jolt of Lightnin says:

    YES!!! 2019 calendar: Shrek 5, Animal Crossing Switch, Kingdom Hearts III (3 for those who can’t read Roman numerals), Pokemon gen 8, Luigi’s mansion 3, and Toy Story 4. Not including the games I don’t like coming this next year.

  4. Roland Frank says:


  5. hypxxno xxbunny says:

    Now I really freaking wanna switch

  6. aktavist [NavaL54] says:

    Suicide rates have dropped by 99.9%

  7. JackGamingFTW says:

    i might have to get a switch for this i loved new leaf played hours on it and now on the switch 😀 !

  8. Kristen Torres says:

    I am so thrilled this is finally happening! Hopefully we get to see Animal Crossing for the Switch during the spring/summer of 2019. <3

  9. Blue shyguy says:

    Thankyou Nintendo (☯ ͟ʖ☯)

  10. Izzy Kendall says:

    I'm crying because I don't get to play this cause I don't own a switch kms.

  11. WarriorCatsLover says:

    As a person who hasn't played any of the Animal Crossing games, I am definitely going to play this game!
    Also, does anyone the name of the song on 1:08? Please, I need to know that cute song!

  12. Jaebums says:

    Do you hear me screaming

  13. a3sthetic _ali3n says:


  14. Average Chair Potato says:

    You're making me want a Switch just because of Animal Crossing

  15. Aveykitty 148 says:

    TOTALLY of topic from animal crossing but I was thinking for Tomodachi life if they’re even doing any more updates on that that it would be really cool if girls were able to date girls and boys be able to date boys because I like girls but in tomodachi life I can only date guys!

  16. Slothy says:

    So unbelievably excited!

  17. Max Rodriguez says:

    YES!!!!! Thank God you listened to us!! Thank you for all you do for us as Fan's Nintendo!

  18. Monster Hunters says:

    I’m hoping for in game consoles like they did with New Leaf but all interactive ones because if you use them with a multiplayer idea in mind it would make more people use it more often it worked well with new leaf to an extent but overall in my final thoughts I can’t wait for this

  19. ACoolDood says:

    On one hand it can’t come soon enough but I also want the developers to make this game special.

  20. Phoenix Paradise says:

    Please give us an animal crossing TV series. Maybe following a dub of the movie.

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