An Editor’s Take On Kotaku’s Latest Attack on Ivy Valentine

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Strap in kiddies. It gets bumpy… ooh. Unintentional pun.

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19 Responses

  1. shardinhand says:

    id like to see a full armor variant for ivy in the same design style as her left hand gauntlet that would be cool.

  2. Justin Sheriff says:

    People are gonna hate sadly.

  3. shardinhand says:

    … must suppress… my inner jerkass… must comment… constructive things… 
    typing… in… 
    sentence fragments….

  4. Movie Man Reviews says:

    Also the fact that she said Ivy was wearing the best push up ever is more proof of her jealousy and that female competitiveness like you said. Bc that's what women do when they see a woman with better features that they personally consider to be part of their beauty. If they see a women with bigger boobs they try to dismiss her attractiveness by saying things like that, oh it's just a push up or whatever. Same if they see a woman with better hair: oh she is just wearing a wig. Etc etc.

  5. shardinhand says:

    because demon possed dragon knights wielding swords that blink are fine… but a large breasted woman… thats just a step to farr beyond realisim… 😀 problems are like asses everyones got one. and they are all full of shit. ivy is an very force and strong intelligent woman who also is super hot… guess what traits i care bout when i choose to play as her in a match 😀 ivy valentine is in some ways like bayonneta… not nearly as well developed not that way git yer mind out the gutter :0 … :3 but thats expected bayonnetta has had 2 full games to flesh out her history and personality, same with samus… ahem… somewhat.

  6. shardinhand says:

    attack on ivy, sigh ok… ill watch the vid.

  7. Arve Eriksson says:

    "Raging turbo-slut". My vocabulary extends in fascinating ways.

  8. mato cajsa says:

    I agree that Ivy Valentines breast aren't ''small stuff'', they are bit bigger then usual.

  9. Mew says:

    Well you either didn't read the article or you chose to use a clickbait title. Downvote.

  10. DOOMsword7 says:

    Bro. You get that this is an opinion piece. From a queer woman? The whole article was trying to reconcile her feelings about Ivy as a creation of the male gaze and how she can take it back for herself. It never shames fans. And it only shames the devs a little for making a character whose costume rejects story for titillation and removed alternate costumes that fit her character more

    And the reason she has such conflicting feelings is that as a queer woman Ivy is both a character she can see as a sex object and a character she can identify with (she's really cool) but she was explicitly created to cater to male players…

    That's a lot to unpack. Of course she is going to have conflicting feelings. Why go so hard on a straight up opinion peice? How can her opinion be wrong?

  11. Sakura CardCaptor says:

    Ivy rules anyone who hates her badass outfit and fighting style is JEALOUS. XD. Women should be proud to wear whatever they want and feel empowered when fighting.

  12. dragon_slayer2026 says:

    I actually preferred the look of Taki, in her skin-tight body suit. I thought she was the sexiest character. I'm actually kind of surprised she wasn't brought up by the prudes, all things considered.

  13. DSWynne says:

    BTW, I didn't know you were a cosplayer. Wow. You're a better person than I, when it comes to being dedicated to costumes.

  14. DSWynne says:

    These people are just "mining" for outrage. When I played "Soul Calibur", I typically would play girl characters, including Ivy, for the unique move-set. And after the initial "titillation", I would simply play the game. No big deal. But now, Ivy is some sort of issue to warrant scrutiny? The character is over twenty years old. Who the hell cares about such things now?

  15. B(.Y.)BIES!! says:

    I just don't like Ivy, there is something wrong in her face, her proportions… give me the feeling she is some kind of transexual.

  16. OtakuDaiKun says:

    I subbed. This is great.

  17. Fnors says:

    At this point, I don't think any of the game journos actually know how the internet works.
    Their knowledge of the internet and its denizens seems to boils down to the twitter echo chamber.

  18. Javan uHnah says:

    Your response was just as petty as the article tbh

  19. Raster1990 says:

    My only problem with Ivy is the fact that I can't play her… why does her move pool have to be difficult??!?!!?

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