Amnesia: Collection – Xbox Release Trailer

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The cult classic Amnesia horror series is now available for Xbox One! This collection contains all three games in the series: The Dark Descent, Justine and A Machine For Pigs.

Dive into madness with the new Hard Mode in Amnesia: The Dark Descent! Read more about Hard Mode on our blog:

Get the game from the Microsoft Store:

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34 Responses

  1. real morphious says:

    I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. SOMA 2 please

  2. Michael Newkirk says:

    Hey, since we're on the line of Amnesia… Doesn't Stranger Things remind you of amnesia's brute a little? like this comment if it does.

  3. Jake Valk says:

    Please make a dlc that’s 10 hours long for amnesia

  4. GOLD49DEMON says:

    I hope in a prequel of amnesia the dark descend

  5. Martin Canosa says:

    i hear the door opening sound in the conjuring 1

  6. Red Pirate says:

    I want Amnesia 2, not this machine for pigs shit((

  7. DEAGLETURK says:

    Dear, frictionalgames if u read this i want just say Soma is a best game i ever played in my life.Please bring it to physical disc blurays i want add it to my collection amazing story

  8. CookieBaBa says:

    Dammit how did I only find out about this after I just spent my $30 on Outlast 2

    (not knocking Outlast 2 but still)

  9. Cripe Cat says:

    I'm love is Amnesia

  10. Dustyn Trott says:

    One my favorite series!

  11. Dan Jacobson™ says:

    After finishing all three games shortly after purchasing, I'm gonna have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this collection.

    The collection is very buggy overall, with me suddenly falling through random floors, stairs, and walls in certain areas of each game included.
    This, combined with playing on Hard Mode makes the game even more frustrating to complete. Plus, all the games end up lagging a majority of the time.
    Some items that you have to pick up to complete a puzzle either vanish or get stuck in the floor sometimes. Forcing you to restart the chapter(section) you are on.

    Hopefully Fictional Games will be planning to release a bug fix patch for these issues.

  12. VV DA1 says:

    now i know this is dumb but do you think you could bring back the soma vertical slice / depth: the dark descent?

  13. PORSCHE 911 says:

    please read all my 3 comments Carefully

  14. PORSCHE 911 says:

    this update (hard mode) auto download in consoles (ps4,xbox) only, I know you about myself, I am an expert in companies, independent studios

  15. PORSCHE 911 says:

    I saw a tweet for you, in twitter, related to the hard mode update, if you want to fix the bug, in the update next week, fix it But if you want to launch the update for the computer (mac, lenux, windows,etc) I advise you to launch it on your official site, so as not to cost you a lot, and add the download link for update, to the your official accounts, and forget steam, gog etc

  16. Lukas Legacy says:

    please frictional give us amnesia 3

  17. XxBuchtičkaxX CZ says:

    Heeeeell yeaaaaaaah! >:3

  18. Игровой канал AxelFreid says:

    Ура! Не зря купил Xbox.

  19. Viktor Kuroljov says:

    Targeting Xbox is such a mistake IMO
    Would be better to make a new game

  20. Painmore says:

    GIVE US Amnesia 3 – That's not traditional fire

  21. Lionel R. Jeffries says:

    Can't wait to see the next exhilarating Lovecraftian horror experience these craftsmen cook up!

  22. Великий Комментатор says:

    Hey, did you think about realese on switch? I think it would be awesome to play on it

  23. Daniel Lee says:

    Any news about the new game?

  24. Ryan D says:

    The hard mode update is on PC now. Gonna see if I can make it through Amnesia without getting murdered by Mr Struts.

  25. RamenLlama says:

    Big love xoxoxoxoxoxo

  26. CooperCan says:

    Is this going to be free for ps4 AND xbox this October? That would be awesome.

  27. Superlosia says:

    Please show off your new project soon! It's been over three years since SOMA, can't wait to see what you got next.

  28. hustler_play says:

    What game you created? Amnesia 3? Soma 2?

  29. Pimpin' Ain't Easy says:

    Nah, the third is wack.

    Should have made an collection for all the games that didn't suck.

  30. Estevan17 says:

    Becase if you are please do

  31. Estevan17 says:

    Will you make a soma 2 ?

  32. Skull Gameplays says:


  33. Otaku/ /Gamer says:

    Such a mistake

  34. Daan Leeuwen says:


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