AMD X570 + PCIe 4 Challenges, Vega VII Boost Retooling

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We have more information on Vega VII & Ryzen 3000 after meeting with AMD at CES. The Vega VII boosting behavior will be retooled from Vega 56/64.
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We also spoke with AMD about VBIOS lock-downs (and avoiding them), X570 chipset details, and spoke with separate sources about product release timing and challenges with PCIe 4.0.

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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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30 Responses

  1. Gamers Nexus says:

    We met with AMD on-record for Vega VII and CPU discussion, but also spoke off-record with some of AMD's board partners. There is new information in this video not contained in the keynote.

  2. Ecidemon says:

    Never been a fan of AMD gpus but that Vega card looks sexy!

  3. Joshua Pineda says:

    Thanks for the update! I was completely unaware that memory amount effected anti-aliasing.

  4. nicolas 123 says:

    why less stream processors.

  5. tmkongen says:

    We don't need 16gb VRAM for gaming on a GPU that will struggle with 4k…

  6. BrianTheNoob says:

    Does amd coverage video, sponsored by intel.

  7. tenshi7angel says:

    The only exciting thing about Radeon 7 is the 16 GB HBM2 in regards to content creation. So many projects I have seen run out of memory space on consumer cards.

  8. sahlool says:


  9. SuperCapuka says:

    Did any company showed ddr5 ram sticks?

  10. Ă„lister Roquer says:

    16VRAM holy shit!

  11. omnisemantic1 says:

    Idiot spotting: every comment that complains that VII doesn't have RTX & DLSS xD

  12. mmhorda says:

    if you happen to get Radeon 7 do please overclock + undervolt.

  13. FRAG aLOT says:

    it's Radeon VII not Vega 7. It's really Vega 2 or "V" for Vega, and "II" for 2.

  14. Bran Tse Mallory says:

    Thank-you for making this video… I guess you'll be testing it before certain other channels even mention the GPU (linus jayz).

  15. Mira Smit says:

    300 Watts? Holy shit, well you won't be needing your heater.

  16. Br turas says:

    wooowww Steve 500k … nicee brother

  17. Anthony Davis says:

    If that ROP count is correct then AMD have stayed true to their word and have aimed to sort out the unbalanced nature of their previous cards who where often ROP or TMU bound which is why at the same lock speed the Vega 56 and Vega 64 cards were performing the same as Vega 64 just didn't have the ROP and TMU throughout available to be able to make use of the shader power. That's why Nvidia cards perform better with less Tflops as they're better balanced then AMD cards but looks like that's about to change.

  18. Emerld G says:

    Leaked division 2 gameplay on the right

  19. Red5StandingBy says:

    "Vega" LOL. Clearly says "Radeon VII"

  20. john figueroa says:

    If you do end up getting the radeon7 review sample can you do me the favor of seeing if it can mgpu with existing rxvega cards? That would help those that do have a 56 or 64 make our decision on purchasing the radeon7 or not.


  21. f688xt6 says:

    Exciting stuff for the GPU/CPU markets. It's good to see competition.

  22. Connor Lee says:

    I love opening all the videos and just hearing "Hey everyone, we're at the _ suite/booth" back to back in the same voice.

  23. nitroxide91 says:

    What was the game playing in the background?

  24. Nalianna says:

    Still want to hear about the Ryzen 3000 DESKTOP chips.

  25. Stevey TeeVee says:

    Damn that new AMD reference cooler is fucking sick. It's a good thing Nvidia got rid of the blower coolers, those reference Vega cards probably suck for just regular air cooling. So it's nice they both updated their reference designs.

  26. Richard Scarlett says:

    I'm soooo frigging PIS&ED at AMD / Radeon right now. I havent bought a single Moneyvidia GPU in over 10 years. I've suffered and remained true to AMD / Radeon because they were for us gamers that have intelligence not to pay the outrageously overpriced amounts of money that Moneyvidia want to sell their GPU's at. We just want good performance at a fair price. Now they come out following Moneyvidias BS business plan and stabbed us, the very people that have continued to funnel money into their business, in the backs and said they dont give a damn about us any more.

    In this situation I woud normally just buy one of their cheaper GPU's and wait for prices to come down to reality. I feel so betrayed, so insulted that I think Im done with AMD Graphics. I think I will just waste my money with Moneyvidia where I at least know that they dont give a crap about in the first place and that wont change. In fact we should ALL just not hand over any more of our hard earned money to AMD Radeon anymore until their GPU mindshare tanks. Maybe then they will remember who brought them to the dance, ask our forgiveness for cheating on us to take them back, that they will sell at fair non-over inflated prices like that other company does.

    We dont want to pay for 16 Gig of over priced, un necessary memory to fix the mess they made of Vega. Oh and its NOT R7, it is frigging Vega refresh on 7 Nm. Do they really think that they are Moneyvidia and can just BS us, lie to us like this? How insulting that they believe we are that stupid. If they do this same BS with their CPU's, I am done with AMD as a whole, I will file for a divorce from them. I guess they just dont care about us anymore.

  27. Esteban Cruz says:

    I wonder if the people at the booths get nervous when they see him walking up to them.

  28. saultube44 says:

    @0:58 Why The new Radeon VII has less CUs than the Vega 64, it was supposed to compete with the RTX 2080/GTX 1180, WTF AMD? Oh you really fucked up this time, just when Ryzen 3000 series was kicking Intel ass, you fuktards come and drop the fuking ball… wow you deserve to be second! This was the moment where you should had done better, to actually met what Lisa said in her speech, we're here to stay and lead not to be second option; it was harder not to do better you had a clear objective and the previous experience of Vega 64 to overtake RTX 2080 +30% performance over the GTX 1080, but no, you had to come and make the next Vega with FUKING LESS CUs, you bunch of fuking fuktards!

  29. JaysonSR says:

    From what I've heard, that doubled memory bus might just make Vega a beast. If it turns out to be a monster, it could be time to sell off my current Vega card for the new one.

  30. Brett Prior says:

    Soooo…. in testing, which no one tests this shit any more so I figured why the fuck not…. So, in testing the limits of PCIE 1, 2, and 3… I found an RTX 2070 unable to saturate or bottleneck up to PCIE 2.0… It of course does bottleneck on a 1.0 bandwidth .. however once up to 2.0, doubling the figures, there is so much overhead I seriously doubt a 2080 or even ti would NEED a 3.0 bus. So… what the god damn fuck is the use of a 4.0 PCIE bus? Other than fast storage for the needs of enterprise the likes of which normal humans can't even comprehend? I mean, I seriously doubt any human being since the Sandybridge era, has ever saturated their PCIE 3.0 bus to this day… at all. Hell, when overclocked via bclk on a first gen, a PCIE 2.0 bus can surpass a stock 3.0… and it itself, again, isn't an inherent bottleneck while stock. This isn't innovation, this is filler and distraction.

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