Allen Hurns Gruesome Ankle Injury | Seahawks vs. Cowboys | NFL

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Allen Hurns suffers a gruesome ankle injury vs Seahawks in the 2018 NFC Wild Card game.

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30 Responses

  1. Highlight Heaven says:

    pray for allen hurns

  2. rmendoza1004 says:

    Rip Allen hurns

  3. SnipingScorpion says:

    I feel nauseous watching this

  4. Jfitz TV says:

    Im sorry but… "Ooh aieee, Good Lord"

  5. Frank Reich 32 point COMEBACK says:

    Number 89 73 36 and 54 were all like a heeeeck naaaaaaaaah

  6. xander beunners says:

    Rest in peace Allen hurns ankle

  7. dj GRobG says:

    No offense too anyone opinion but the horse collar ruled should of been called here he started form the back collar and drop all his weight too the front thats asking too hurt someone.

  8. Raymond Smith says:

    R.i.p for allen hurns

  9. Wyatt Moody says:

    I feel bad for him and I'm a Seattle fan that was bad I seen it live and after the play I seen how his foot was when he was laying down thought he broke his leg

  10. rohan puri says:


  11. {GD} Geomentrykid says:

    My mom saw this live and she freaked out


    Jesus Christ. I'm a Hoosier, all for Colts, but damn. Sorry about that, Allen Hurts.

  13. Lincoln Williams says:

    That makes me nauseous

  14. Izaya Wilhite says:

    man I almost cried he is my favorite wr

  15. John Keats says:

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  16. Ryan Bowermon says:

    Noooooooooooo I'm praying

  17. Andrew Horry says:

    I fear his career is over

  18. franktank8363 says:

    Pray for hurns Rip in chat

  19. Charlie & Alpha says:

    First game brother was ever watching and dont think he will watch again

  20. Dj Camz says:

    I couldn’t believe they showed it twice live on tv , the second time up close in slow motion right before the break , I thought it was his shoe that flew off at first ( I was eating wings ruined appetite)

  21. manuel1654088 says:

    Hopefully it was a clean break and didn’t fuck everything up in his ankle.

  22. joseph maylor says:

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  23. Adam Black says:

    walk it off

  24. Mark Arrand says:

    I saw that game. Gruesome injury.

  25. GrassRootConnection says:

    Heartbreaking!! Hope he recovers and gets a chance to play again at a high level.

  26. Shelly Harrison says:

    Watch his ankle

  27. Shelly Harrison says:

    Warning!! 0:30

  28. Christopher Samaan says:

    that was a mortifying first down if i ever seen one… Allen, your one tough dude for handing that! Prayers!

  29. lil' Rey says:

    I love how at 0:15 everyone just leaves him

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