ALL NEW CROSSBOW GAMEPLAY (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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In today’s video we’re playing with the ALL-NEW Crossbow in the new Fortnite Battle Royale Update. We get some funny kills with the new Crossbow in today’s gameplay.

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13 Responses

  1. TeezaOCE_TTV says:

    SUBSCRIBE TO Slaystro = 1 week luck

    LIKE THE VIDEO = 1 month luck


    so I guess you should do them all. DESTROY EVERY BUTTON

  2. -Apollo- says:

    Are you on a tv or a monitor?

  3. Itz 3duard0 says:

    How do you record your gameplay?

  4. Jivster says:

    Nice vid bro

  5. Ian Vdlinde says:

    Cools edeting but think yoir shortening the videos a bit much.

  6. Electric Animations says:

    Love ur video, pls make a tips video

  7. Samir.a4 says:

    Very nice video bro love your videos btw just got new sub keep it up mate u r killing this game bro

  8. N0tOnMyL3v3L says:

    You deserve way more subscribers, More than Ali-A

  9. THG Regained says:

    Can you make a thumbnail tutorial

  10. Kÿrø - says:

    Good video

  11. Tye Kelley says:

    Very well edited video. Keep em up.

  12. RanndyRodriguez says:

    Love your videos!!!

  13. bren says:

    first. good vid dood 🙂

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