All 30 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 4 November 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 4 November 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy?

Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019)

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44 Responses

  1. Neasvsf Nsjsiwhbwbw says:

    Ark is coming out tomorrow tho.

  2. CoolSkin Ivan says:

    Il y a beaucoups de jeux Retro Qui sort sur La Switch… Decevant
    Jaimerais avoir un bon FPS remasterised comme #BlackOps3
    #CallOfDuty WarFighter
    #FarCry3 *.*"

    Jai lus sur un site gamers que SONY (PLAYSTATION 4) a donnée laccords a NINTENDO de faire leurs jeux PS4 sur la SWITCH… la jai vue que WARFRAME est sortie❤️

    Jattend dautre super jeu

  3. professor de portuga do YT says:

    99 vidas eh BR..xupa gringos otarios hehehehe

  4. Jonathan Valder says:

    Nothing but straight-to-vhs-segal-classics

  5. Prince Echo says:

    Some of these games look like indie games.

  6. RockyD12 says:

    People here in the comment list act like the switch only has these games. And expect weekly great graphical high end games, no system has that..

  7. zeliz says:

    Shitty games

  8. Jarrett IceEarthGuard says:

    Getting more tired of the "same" complaining comments than the "same" indie/mobile games now (oh wait they don't bother my mind…)………. People needs to give it a rest… These games won't hurt you and I bet some would actually be fun for you……it depends…….It really seems like it might be mostly teens complaining I bet… 😛

  9. Derek Stockwell says:

    I know it won't happen but if borderlands made a deal with Nintendo I'd be soooooo happy!

  10. Renzo Ramirez says:

    Smash Ultimate: "One week. Ya'll get ONE week to get noticed by people, but nothing more. Got it?"

  11. dienoob dienoob says:

    4:22 "Cheat on your friends" wow

  12. Klaus Werner says:

    4:52 nice Song. Name?

  13. Ant Shield21 says:

    (Before video starts) Come on…… I need 1 game before Smash. Give me something!

  14. 욥히 says:


  15. Ian Micheal says:

    wow glad i did not buy one.. what shovelware the wii allover again

  16. Nick says:

    Buy dark souls everyone and it will all be ok!
    I put my bad joojoo on you, until you own dark souls.

  17. 오형제 says:

    ㅅㅂ~스위치는 겜이 죄다 폰게임 수준이네….참…씁슬하다…..

  18. Kyle Laurent says:

    Thirty games, and I'm only interested in three of them.

  19. Forensic YOYO says:

    Only got a switch for party games but I have to say playing smaller indie games on a switch is enjoyable. Like playing phone games with a working controller.

  20. Ricardo Jara says:

    I just see one game

  21. Dylan Boomhower says:

    Turok remastered?

  22. N Santana says:

    Delícias de jogo

  23. Saiyan Niya says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't have a switch and watching this. I might get one for Christmas if they ain't all gone

  24. frequencyHighGaming says:

    Horizon turbo looks fun!

  25. M-Cool says:

    When will the 1st three comes out

  26. Giants/Mets/Blazers says:

    I’m curious to see how “Ark” runs on the Switch. PC players of all people says the framerate is complete garbage and PS4/Xbox users aren’t optimistic either.

  27. DemiT says:

    ark. 30 november ? is that really for switch ???

  28. Sonya Tereshko says:


  29. Dunkan MacClaud says:

    Блять, ни одной нормальной игры! Свитч такими темпами скатиться в пропасть.

  30. jakehands says:

    Owning a Nintendo switch saved me and my families lives. Thank you Nintendo and Mario

  31. Marco says:

    90% are crap holy fuck

  32. Tim Browers says:

    More garbage for the Nintendo indie master system

  33. Consoles Love says:

    Shirt games for Switch kkkkkkk
    Nintendo Fans sad november

  34. Yusei255 says:

    just a few switch games Looking forward to palying next year, tell me what you think

    Daemon x Machina
    Metroid prime 4
    fire emblem
    pokemon 2019
    Super Dragon ball heroes World mission
    Luigi's mansion 3
    i'm sure i'm missing a few n the list

  35. Jamal. In Germany Jamie.Schmidt says:

    Awesome games genius of Nintendo

  36. Son Goku says:

    Still no Grandia. Bullshit over bullshit

  37. Gìáñ Łęonàrdó says:

    Did you just get random games?

  38. Fernando Cotta says:

    Juegos de móviles! Hype!

  39. Karma Israel says:

    dunno why some of these people hate the indies too much. they're not forcing you to buy it.

  40. Celes Griner says:

    Some fans: Nintendo consoles have no games other than first party.
    Switch: Over 1 thousand games released less than 2 years.
    Fans: Stop it with the indies, these are phone games! We want third party games.
    Switch: Take LA Noire, Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein, Payday 2, Dragonball fighter, Ys 8 to name a few.
    Fans: Nahhh those are old games, we want simultaneous releases third party games!
    Switch: Valkyrie Chronicles 4, Starlink, SNK Heroines,
    Megaman 11, Shining Resonance, Refrain Labyrinth…but no one bought them.
    Fans: Those aint the games we want! Where are our exclusives!
    Switch: Octopath Traveler, And over 20 first party games.
    Fans:we dont want Wii U ports
    Switch: Just get a PS4 dude.

  41. Celes Griner says:

    Cattails looks adorable

  42. Jack McSomeone says:

    You forgot a game
    Big Bash Boom releases on November 29th

  43. Octavio Arreguin says:


  44. dajam9035 says:

    I'm telling you..the main reason I remain subbed is because I found out through you that saints row 3 is coming to it. But if that don't happen you are dead to me because the games you show are not worth all the ads I have to sit through.

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