Alex Rodriguez previews NL Wild Card Game | SC with SVP | ESPN

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Alex Rodriguez joins Scott Van Pelt to discuss the National League Wild Card Game between the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. A-Rod explains why the Cubs should be comfortable heading into this matchup because they are home. He also suggests that the Rockies have nothing to lose in this game and suggests there is more pressure on the Cubs because they’re “supposed to win.” Rodriguez says Jon Lester is “world class” and is the right person to put on the mound with this much at stake. A-Rod believes that the Cubs are more equipped to make a run to the World Series based on their experience and the mid-season acquisition of Daniel Murphy has been very crucial for their ballclub.

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18 Responses

  1. pigjubby1 says:

    ESPN forcing managers to talk to the annoying announcers as their team is batting. Who picked ESPN? Good grief, they are bad.

  2. pigjubby1 says:

    ESPN is horrible. No matter what is happening, all they are talking about are the Cubs. Get rid of the girl.

  3. Gregorio Gonzalez says:

    Lol shows what Alex knows, Lester is made for the wildcard game, really? Let's go back a few years when the A's were up on the royals in the wildcard and Lester came in to pitch and gave up the game for the A's. Keep taking steroids Alex I think they are getting to your brain!

  4. Austin Jacob says:

    Anyone else remember when Arod had no faith in the Cubs in '16 lol I was waiting to hear some trash

  5. Glen Brown says:

    Alex going for The Cubs let's just say Experience doesn't always means victory.

  6. Ivanka2024 for POTUS says:

    So Alex is basically saying go cubs go?

  7. djaesy says:


  8. Tyler Flatt says:

    He looks exhausted

  9. Jorge Nava says:


  10. Protato Salad says:

    is it me or ESPN video AUDIOS do not work!?!?

  11. NewYork975 says:

    Every time I see this cheat I turn the channel.

  12. Celtix9 says:

    This guy finally stop doing steroids? Get back on trt aroid u look like shit!

  13. JasielVGC says:

    Alex needs to shed some weight. Not aging gracefully. Ponte ha correr loco

  14. Tramaine Terrance says:

    Hello, Humans.


  15. Lex Kastreaux says:

    Fk the scrubs. Best of luck to the Rockies!

  16. Nehemiah Howard says:

    dodgers over braves 3-1, brewers will win in 5

  17. Nehemiah Howard says:

    can we get this coverage during the whole season please? and while you're at it, more hockey

  18. Just Mendez says:

    Smh rockies unfortunately gave up against the Dodgers I'm was pulling for my home town team unfortunately this is another 1 and done

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