Actually DECENT Craigslist Gaming PC Ads?!

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‘Track of My Fears’ by John Deley and the 41 Players

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20 Responses

  1. Tony Scharf says:

    This did not turn me on nearly as much as the book but not gonna lie, I got a little chubbed.

  2. Donny Stanley says:

    Dude, the Phenom II isn't at all based on the FX Pile-driver/Bulldozer architecture. It's older than that and is very different in a lot of ways the Phenom II architecture was superior to Bulldozer.

  3. Nathan Stewart says:

    Trash that sweatshirt. You look like you’re wearing a blanket

  4. s0lidsneak says:

    Listing a product as $1 means he wants offers.. this is the way it works in general when it comes to listing something for sale.. nothing to do with Craigslist.

  5. My Man Zach says:

    What I have learned from the I read playlist,

    Greg is pretty funny.
    People on Craiglist can be pretty outrageous.
    I don't hate everything about life.

  6. Samir Duran says:

    I smart arse reply to those $1 deals with SOLD when do you want me to pick it up ?

  7. AvocadoOnPC says:

    bruh why do you look so tired. take a break. or maybe you're just tired of looking at these disgraceful cragslist ads.

  8. John Stehlik says:

    I just picked up a Sapphire Nitro+ radeon rx 580 4gb for $120

  9. VPX4 says:

    lmao $1,100 for a 1050ti system?

  10. Joca God says:

    On the second pc he could overclock his 4790 non k with that z97! check it out greg

  11. Wizard Koer says:

    Greg I'm thoroughly disappointed you call all the people putting up their ads as 'he'…

    Did you just assume their gender?

  12. Michael Schneider says:

    what do you think of the Intel Core i9-8950HK 6-Core processor 2.90GHz (4.80GHz Turbo Boost and overclockable CPU)??

  13. Yoda Master says:

    need more science tech stuff on this channel. get more creative please.

  14. MikeWithaBike says:

    I also know youre doing this on the spot but i wouldnt pay anything for a 4765T(3Ghz turbo/8 thread) when you could buy an r5 2600(3.9/12 thread) for 150 all day :PP

  15. MikeWithaBike says:

    I actually don't even deal with people who put 1 dollar.
    I have my price range close to what I'm willing to spend.
    an example would be if I'm looking to spend 1000 ill put 750-1250 or so

  16. Mike Erickson says:

    What exactly is a C-PEW? Say it with me now… SEE-PEE-YOO.

  17. Blue Bandit says:

    you wouldnt think someone with an engineering degree would spend 2 minutes begging for donations at the end of a video – hope that doesnt bode badly for me when i finish college

  18. IndigoViking says:

    What were you talking about with the RAM speed and the CC X's on the Ryzen platform? I couldn't follow you there, but am building a Ryzen system and curious about what you were talking about?

  19. Michael Schneider says:

    what about the Intel Core i7-9700K 8-Core 3.6 GHz for gaming and why not 9900k?

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