Acceleracers Collectible Card Game Special Feature

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This was a special feature on the Acceleracers: Ignition DVD.
Its not on youtube anywhere so I wanted to upload it for viewers and fans.
All copyright goes to Hot Wheels and other respective owners.
If the owners would like the video removed let me know.

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43 Responses

  1. Dv says:

    i liked it,but just to be honest its too complicated

  2. Irmão Do Edu says:

    Monkey vs RD 01

  3. Irmão Do Edu says:

    Monkey ;( u is sad for me

  4. Chase Hudson says:

    So wild actually escapes the junk realm this time

  5. Nathaniel Grindstaff says:

    LOL, the drone fusses over nothing at the end. Monkey getting his first car across doesn't automatically mean he wins. Tezla said you have to get three cars across in order to win the game, so the drone still has a shot to win.

  6. Jekarion Smith says:

    To bad sony took acceloracers down so we couldn't see the last 2 movies.

  7. Nick Tobolski says:

    well, technically there's some hazards that DO destroy Accelechargers. Unfortunately, I dont believe anyone plays this game anymore.

  8. master chesse says:

    I´m Getting out you x2 Nana Nana boo

  9. BeeSquared says:

    So if this was on Ignition, did this part spoil the inclusion of the Silencerz?

  10. Jaws says:


    a robot created by technologically advanced aliens, designed to be a perfect racing driver


    a monkey boi

  11. omai wa mu says:

    Heart of the cards

  12. wolkaiser drake says:

    now I want to get a bunch of these cards and just try and play it with a few friends

  13. broth54c says:

    What the fuck is the theme on that ending?! xD

  14. John Doe says:

    I reeeeally need a gif of when RDL1 slams his hand down at 4:30

  15. Gil Carvalho says:

    Very nice video. Thanks for share this video.

  16. Kaneki Ken says:

    Ya know how you can tell if your friends are true friends?

    They played this game with you. Or at least knew what this show was ;w;…. none of mine had any idea what this was

  17. Josh Thao says:

    Monkey got the heart of the cards At the last moment

  18. eric vazquez says:

    I’m getting out before you I’m getting before you na na na boo hoo I still win

  19. J Gomez says:

    10 years later, I actually understand how this is played and just realized I had that accelecharger card I got from a power rage/card pack. Who knows where that card is now…

  20. chrisonthedot says:

    Anyone wanna play this through messenger ?

  21. Farpine says:

    Dude I didn’t know how rare these cards were according to the comments! I have a few sets of these actually. I thought it was somewhat still comment.

  22. Cubs Popply says:

    Jesus I've never seem this before, thank God I know how to play the game now

  23. Derpy Banana says:

    4:30 when you get 99% on your math test…

  24. The Gaming Lost says:

    I have all the dvds 1-4 and highway 35 but they are broken now :/

  25. Zip Zap says:

    For some reason I always loved watching this. It feels so calm lol

  26. Vent Light says:

    Racing Drones. CAN'T EVEN WIN A CARDGAME.

  27. Jake Miller says:

    That drone looks menacing even when playing cards!

  28. Spicy Water says:

    I feel somehow this was cannon. I want to believe Monkey and a drone sat down to play a card game


    very cool

  30. Jonah Reeves says:

    I remember this.

  31. Admiral Mikaela says:

    When summer starts.

  32. Hexion Gamer says:

    Never has a card game been this intense X) I think I still have some of these cards

  33. Eddie says:

    I remember loving the game, but I never had anyone to play it with 🙁 remember I got lucky with getting lots of rares and accelechargers.

  34. Blazinhorsepower says:

    Vert is being threatened by gelorum, meanwhile monkey and this drone fuck around

  35. liam henderson says:

    Any one in 2018

  36. CheezySalt says:

    Still got a binder full of these cards!

  37. KronkyDonk says:

    The real question here: is this canon?

  38. Al Limite says:

    Haría cualquier cosa por tener esas tarjetas, inclusive matar al presidente

  39. brayan souza says:


  40. VampireKatana says:

    Thats right Gig

  41. TheRossPletionist :3 says:

    Monkey said reck BEST THING EVER

  42. Chicane says:

    PLAY OF THE GAME: Monkey

  43. Great13 says:

    This looks pretty fun

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