A Rare Look Inside Nintendo (SNES Era)

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This clip is an excerpt from the French documentary film “Otaku” by director Jean-Jacques Beineix from 1994. It appeared dubbed on German TV some time later, which is the version you are seeing here. It has, to my knowledge, never been released in English. The subtitles are my own. Content is the intellectual property of the original rights holders.

Here is a look inside Sega: https://youtu.be/8sD8uoy8T_0

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45 Responses

  1. SevenFoot Pelican says:

    shirts and ties looked so much better back then

  2. nedar giordano says:

    This guy put a smile on a lot of faces.

  3. Hải Quang says:

    Miyamoto's signature is so cute, love his sketching!

  4. MamonasDude says:

    Miyamoto looks like a new Nintendo intern in this video but he is 40 years old

  5. Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ says:

    90s Japan looked so lit.

  6. FrancisKingborn says:

    How did they get into the Sancta Sanctorum?

  7. Professor Roggington says:

    He wears a tie with a T-Rex on it. That's why we can play as one in Mario Odyssey 🙂

  8. シャットダウン says:

    Mind blowing. Wonder what the requirements would even be to work there…

  9. ImaFnT-Rex says:

    it's Miyamoto in the earlier days XD .. awesome

  10. parham aliev says:

    9:35 It just comes out of Miyamoto's hands like it's magic.

  11. Antonio Barbosa says:

    Does anyone know the music from the beginning of the video?

  12. ronald henson says:

    Super Mario rules

  13. ronald henson says:

    Japanese videogames rule

  14. InvaderBlaze3009 says:

    One day Nintendo will be mine

  15. chinchin says:

    Zuper Mario

  16. Dayron Arias says:

    man i just wanna smoke indoors while watching someone play starfox

  17. ButterBoi says:

    “We try to make are games as much as a kids allowance” well I ain’t getting 60 dollars a week so…

  18. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm says:

    The music at the beginning reminds me of Earthbound.

  19. Izlude Tingel says:

    PS – Those lucky punks get to play on PVM monitors!!! Arrrghh I want one!!!! Scanlines all the way baby!

  20. Izlude Tingel says:

    Guy looks in book at mahjong tiles… random footage of mario all stars appears… legit!

  21. 懐かしのゲーム音楽 says:


  22. retro corner plush production says:


  23. Branny Cedeño says:

    Earthbound-like music at the beginning? Funny.

  24. anbilo23 says:

    Leider haben sich Zeiten gerendert

  25. Excrafter says:

    Lol wer hat sich gefreut dass das auf deutsch ist xD

  26. EN. Be says:

    5:49 Myamoto forgot that he is already 41 at that time. His Birthday is Nov. 16 1952

  27. Our Boi says:

    Ok i think Mario is as popular as Mickey Mouse now

  28. Muhair Productions says:

    Is it just me or did Miyamoto get younger? Or do Japanese ppl age differently?

  29. Discotronic Ghettoblaster says:

    chinese dubbed with freakky deeky dutch

  30. Sabbath 64 says:

    So cute when he's holding plush mario /.

  31. John Matthews says:

    my god nintendo looks like some insurance company!

  32. Lucas Ferreira says:

    Inside nintendo, this is very rare

  33. Zwizard247 says:

    damn, didn't know he was left handed

  34. Highlen says:

    whew I was 8 years old then

  35. ugottagroove says:

    Tht guy smoking cigs looks to be pretty cool IMO

  36. RaBeMa says:

    If I'm not mistaken, the gentlemen at 5:30 are Yasuhisa Yamashita and Tsuyoshi Watanabe

  37. Ray s says:

    Go Nintendo

  38. Ray s says:

    hello miyamoto please send me a nintendo switch your biggest fan ray

  39. camari says:

    straight legend

  40. CrossfacePanda says:

    I've got a bit of a curios question: early on in the video it is mentioned that the Super Famicom sells for over 200 Euro. And this documentary first aired in 1994, right? But the Euro didn't even come into existence until 1999. So is it a case of this German dub airing on TV after 1999, or did you subtitle it as Euro to be more easily understandable for modern viewers? I felt like I could make out the German voice over guy saying the word "Euro", but as I don't speak German myself I'm not 100% sure.

    Juat a bit of an odd observation 😛

  41. Imperishable Neet says:

    Surprised to see they'd take an interview, especially at the height of their golden age. They're usually opaque as fuck.

  42. Maverik says:

    Not gonna lie, I got a Yakuza vibe from watching this. I can understand all the draconian and harsh stuff Nintendo has done to developers which caused them to abandoned ship

  43. MrHoppers002 says:

    i wonder if miyamoto still sits in that same desk today? nintendo is so clean inside.

  44. darkowin says:

    5:05 That nigga is none other than Khan from King of the Hill goddamit

  45. MartinCL says:

    I just want Miyamoto to draw something for me, I could die happily that same day >o<

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