9/14 WoW Reddit AMA Recap and Reactions! World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

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The Reddit AMA https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9fv4tk/im_world_of_warcraft_game_director_ion/

In a mostly podcast format, I run through the Reddit AMA that took place with Ion Hazzikostas, game director for the World of Warcraft. He fielded questions on the Battle for Azeroth expansion and the many concerns and critiques about its current state!

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38 Responses

  1. SoulSoBreezy says:

    I think this AMA "met expectations!" How about you folks? Here's your navigation; have a good one all!
    1:15 Azerite Gear
    4:20 Shaman
    5:26 Island Expeditions
    7:09 Raid Testing
    8:05 Warfronts
    12:00 Sims
    15:50 Feedback
    16:14 Time Gating
    17:39 Rep grinds
    18:35 Profession item excess
    20:08 “backlash” abilities
    20:35 Paragon (and whoops, error on the label!)
    21:13 Alliance mounts
    21:54 Feedback revisited (and another label error, apologies!)

  2. Alex Gia says:

    Ion: "we dont want people to feel like they have to log in, we want them to have fun".
    Then why do you indirectly force us to log in every day or three, and do the exact same WQs and checklists?
    Is this your idea of fun? Cause for most people that's just a boring routine chore.

    Just give me a freakin Tabard, and let me log in whenever i want, and do whatever i enjoy within the game.
    And still progress with the various reputations while doing it.

  3. Taliesin & Evitel Do Games says:

    "Falling for their own cynicism". I like that.

  4. Exxcalibur S says:

    Not its fucking boring as fuck. They didnt address jack shit.

  5. The Cris says:

    love the viceo !

  6. andrew owens says:

    I want Azerite traits that cause rotational changes or something different vs the best traits only being passive stat gains or passive damage boosts in general.

    Basically really hoping 8.1 fixes the traits and my Shadow Priest, had to re-roll already expecting to keep my spriest as my main as he has been since Wrath, instead I'm playing my frost mage which I can't complain but would be nice to have both my toons enjoyable.

    Overall I still enjoy BFA much more than WOD, and that's probably not the best mindset but I won't cancel my subscription over the current issues. 8.1 will be my deciding factor as most people hanging in there.

  7. Chris Benn says:

    Who is the high-value community members that quit WoW?!

  8. Gboi7 says:

    Ion is the DM that bugs you about encumbrance.

  9. DrGehron says:

    I feel bad for Shaman consdering all the feedback from Alpha and Beta. I'd love to level mine and use her to raid but my Frost DK is just better.

    Also I think the explanation for the Alliance mounts was BS. With that thought process the Horde would have gotten three more raptor mounts. It's a Troll island what else are they gonna have?! Really? To say that with a straight face while looking at the diversity in Drustvar? Know what one of the first non-humanoid mobs you run into in Stormsong Valley is? It's a saurolisk. A horse for Tiragarde Sound is fine considering you have an entire quest chain where you riding one around but the donkey would have been more interesting and fitting considering the story… What they meant to say is that they did look at the zone diversity when considering the Horde mounts since three raptors would be boring considering the Digital Deluxe gave one. As for the Alliance it's boiled down to humans so horses. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Games, Gains, And Petroleum things says:

    All I hear is the shaman players wine cause their class has been bad for a few weeks…. Shadow priest has been bad for going on two expansions now….quit your bitching… I have a 353 s priest and can't even get a pug to accept me into a mythic 0-5 due to my fucking class…. I get insta denied 40-60 times before getting a group to take me in….

  11. Kevin Raber says:

    I find it's easiest to understand Ion's answers when I remember that Ion is an attorney, not a game dev. Attorneys don't answer questions, they set (often false) narratives to deflect the question, and justify their position. I find it's easiest to understand what Blizz does when I remember that they hired an attorney to be their "lead game designer" and public face of this game. Maybe some day Blizz will hire an actual gamer type person to lead, and be the public face of WoW. Until then I'll stick with MMOs that respect their player base enough to actually engage with us, and address the concerns we have (currently GW2). In GW2 I sometimes disagree with developer decisions, but at least I know how and why the decisions were made.

  12. Fernando Lastarria says:


  13. Livia a says:

    Get your Azeroth gear from raids rather than relying on the chest. People have stopped raiding, I think for the number of reasons but mainly because mythic dungeons are better for loot… raiding is obsolete now, it makes me sad

  14. Kerry Crandall says:

    What about Qing for dungeon races? bonus rewards.

  15. Melanie Deann says:

    Good Summary of the AMA. Thanks for the video.

  16. Not a Robot says:

    WoD 2: Electric Boogaloo

  17. Mark Frellips says:

    ~ 6:00 With regards to advanced island expeditions, I'd say that it'd be more interesting if they aim to go about programatically creating islands. A system that's akin to how XCOM2 pulls from different plotsof a level from pools and then skins them based on the biome. Firaxis went above and beyond with their system where it was highly modular, and independent modders could even expand upon the available plots.

  18. Christian Heid says:

    The big mistake in the current Mythics is to have it on timer. This creates the exact same rush as we have in Island expedition that makes the game less of a fun to play and explore the content. Timed runs is the first thing that has to go for the game to become fun again for me.

  19. Christian Heid says:

    So correct about Islands. I feel they could be awsome 5 man PVE content with many different and random features and events. How awsome would that be compared to the bore of running the same dungeons again and again and again… and again!

  20. eXo says:

    lol the people that quit wow cuz shaman suck, well….learn to play ur class, im enha shaman and yes im not always on top dps but the class isn't so bad to quit 😛

  21. iGyman says:

    Ion said a lot of words. Like seriously, walls of text that contain nothing but lawyer talk

  22. XAn0nymousX0 says:

    Na, blizzard is done taking my money. They swindled me for the last time on this one. Selling me an unfinished game in such a terrible state is an embarrassment to the blizzard name. They aren't the same company they used to be and I don't think they ever will be. It's clear their only concern is making money with cheap garbage, not an engaging, quality, and finished product.

  23. Honeuma Tsubasa says:

    No offense, but you kind of come off as a Blizzard/Ion apologist. The majority of the AMA was unsatisfactory and Ion continues to be pretentious and rude. He should be fired or at least step down.

  24. Sebastien Roux says:

    Enhancement shaman should be a tank spec.

  25. tiger_howe says:

    Why was these issues not brought to the surface by players during beta? Now, all of a sudden there's problems while we're live? I don't get it.

  26. Eduardo Sixto says:

    I love your videos. They give more of a logical argument as to why some things are included (paragon rep, lvl 1 professions recipies and lvl 2, and 3 gated behind luck or rep, and so on). You go into how its not always easy to do everything to appease and cater to millions of players and so many play styles (raiding, alting, RP, PVP and so on).
    Blizz has to make money to justify keeping WoW alive and keep people employed, so there has to be some gating to keep players interested and paying that monthly sub.

  27. The Wavy Wun says:

    Will anyone post a wow video that makes it look fun lol? I haven’t seen a single video that makes me what to play this

  28. Marcel Klein says:

    If the bee mount doesnt get a farmable recolour for the horde iam gonna go mental, literally every hord mount was farmable recolour as an world drop or achivment for the alliance so this would be more than fair to give the hord atleast a chance for getting a bee mount that everyone can get….

  29. TacocaT says:

    I know I’m speaking as an alliance-centric main but isn’t Zandalar a primarily troll nation? So you’d expect all their mounts to be raptors?

    But seriously tho they could have been waaaaay more creative with the alliance variants but even since beta we’ve known that kul’tiras was fleshed our and finished after Zandalar so I’m guessing it wasn’t an art issue it was a time constraint issue (one which they could balance out by giving the horde variants of 1 type of flying mount and the alliance 3 distinct flying mounts, but I doubt they’d go that far)

  30. Miss Kobe Yoshi says:

    Remember ion during Legion? I remember the players fighting against ion's game and the Legion followers defended him. Now Legion followers get to fight ion alone.

  31. Applecrow says:

    I missed the question about Touch of Karma. I do hope they leave it alone, synergizing ToK and ToD to maximise DPS is a great part of playing a WW.

  32. grafspe807 says:

    I am pro allie through and through and a mount collector and I had no problem with getting new horse mounts.These lands were not inhabited by Elves , Dwarfs or blue fish monkey ppl they are human lands and we should have human things in them .

    On another note im still not sure why the High Mountain Tauran do not have Eagle mounts

  33. Darin Calhoun says:

    It seems to me that it broke down to what he said earlier on the Q&A, "We're sorry, we will try to do better in the future."

  34. cope_dipper says:

    The question about siming yourself was pathetic and i cant believe they even acknowledged it. If you NEED to sim yourself to make you feel like your class/skill matters you need to uninstall. just look at the damn stats and traits and figure it out yourself, its laughable to see how overly complicated people make that out to be… reminds me of the southpark dick measuring algorithm.

  35. parasemic says:

    Pretty sure you misinterpreted the "neck level 18 thing". It''s not gonna stay at 18 once new tier comes up but Uldir mythic first row traits require 16-18 level.

  36. Mr. Legend says:

    About the simming question, i'd like to see % in the traits for procs, everything has a chance, but the chance seems to be different on each trait, some you need 4 buffs to get the effect and other its a instant dmg effect, so seeing 10% proc or 40% proc would help alot in calculating if i wanna stack more chance or try something else in combination with the the other trait

  37. Matthew Olson says:

    I gotta give Ion and Blizzard a lot of credit. They have to manage a whole wide range of topics, problems, player feedback, etc. Its a big community we live in and they try so hard to please everybody which is downright impossible. I like the fact they are bringing paragon rewards back because it was good in Legion. I have to agree on the fun aspect. Are people just logging in and going through the motions and then logging off, or are they becoming enjoyably involved with what they are doing? I'd have to think most are. I believe patience is the biggest part all of us have to realize, stuffs gonna come and get better, so just relax, chill out and enjoy it.

  38. LethalShadow says:

    I paid full price for the expansion… It is NOT okay to have to wait months before we get the content / class balance. Not to mention Allied Races. My sub ran out before I could unlock Void Elves, grinding oudated content every day since BFA Launch, and Kul Tirans / Zandalari Trolls are STILL not available. Mag'har and Dark Iron Dwarves were also locked behind rep grind.
    Much of my interest in BFA was leveling a new character with Allied Races, and I didn't even get to do that before completely burning out on BFA.

    And Ion's answers all seem to boil down to "yeah, just keep waiting, it'll be alright eventually". Which comes across as particularly ridiculous if you cynically read that as "keep paying subscription a few more months". The Expansion was full price, and it should have had full content. Every month we have to wait for the content to be complete and fixed is another 15$ on the price.
    Makes me feel like a sucker, which is why I did not renew my subscription.

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