80’s/90’s Board Games

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A selection of board games from my childhood.

Please check out – https://www.youtube.com/user/P5ychoFox

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  1. dancentral says:

    Awesome mate, the only one I know is Frustration, I still have mine somewhere, great game! Nice to see some other older board games too! 🙂

  2. xneverwalkalonex says:

    I had that last one!, superperfection, completely forgot about that one. and i was also reminded of one like it this morning that i had, Patience, where like superperfection you had to press it down then put the different shaped pieces in before the timer ran out. I think the caption on the picture I saw this morning of the Patience game was something like, 'if you owned this, you know fear'  so so true lol

  3. Odd Pod says:

    i have a few but nothing amazing but i am going to be getting some so ill deffo do reviews on them 🙂

  4. shockz16 says:

    Thanks mate, I only have this collection as they are what's left from what we had as kids, if I had more room then I would probably buy back some of the ones we sold years ago or some of the ones that got damaged when we was kids.

    They're a niche' thing to collect board games, I love seeing people's board game collections so if you've got a video up of yours link me I'll check it out, if you haven't … sort it out! haha.

  5. Odd Pod says:

    Really nice collection there. Suitable for lions bit made me laugh. Id like to get more board games for my collection.

  6. shockz16 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it mate, I've already got another video up with a few more board games in it 'MORE Board Games (The Sequel)' is name of video lol.

    I have to agree, board games was very inventive when you think about them, I mean some was simple but some are a really complex & creative & the thing is if we crack one of these out at Christmas or something we can still have a good laugh & bit of entertainment with them all these years later.

  7. shockz16 says:

    haha believe me mate this loft boarding is a good 5 year job with me lol

  8. minks36 says:

    you'll never get those boards finished if you keep finding all this old stuff and messing about with it ;))

  9. shockz16 says:

    Yeah the aim of Coppit is to go round the board stacking your pieces up then getting them home or something like that but if another person lands on your space they can nick your pieces? I'm a bit fuzzy on the aim but it's something along those lines.

    Yeah deffo dig them out mate be good to see what you have, I've just put up another video with a few more board games maybe you've played a few of them too?

  10. LeBossu77 says:

    Coppit! I used to have that! I would've been playing it in the early 80s so I'm guessing it goes way back, I remember enjoying it but the actual aim escapes me, something to do with putting different coloured dunce caps on top of each other and racing around a board? I never played Frustration but I get a nostalgia kick from the ads that used to be on kids TV on Saturday mornings, and that kid on the front is straight out of the 1980s! I'm going to have to dig out my old board games I think.

  11. shockz16 says:

    I've never heard of Action GT before bit before my time lol. Superfection is hard as nails when your up against the clock. Frustration is quite a classic it's one of the more popular board games I guess 🙂

  12. shockz16 says:

    Your presumption may be correct then 🙂

  13. bluetonic78 says:

    That 'Action GT' logo brought some nostalgia memories back there Adam…….although the game 'Superfection' didn't ring many bells i've got to say! Definitely remember Frustration though 🙂

  14. shockz16 says:

    Cheers Brudda!

  15. shockz16 says:

    Haha I'm sure that cheeky swine may have been me at some point to stop the pieces from falling out, I'm surprised that tape is still hanging on though these have been in storage at least 20 years lol.

    Our board games are about the only thing I have left from my childhood that didn't get sold on a car boot everything else I've had to buy back.

  16. SegaCDUniverse says:

    coppin' it sweet! Nice video homie

  17. P5ychoFox says:

    Ha ha shame some cheeky swine taped all the boxes shut! I've still got the Ludo / Draughts board we used to play with our Nan. Apart from this al our other original games got sols at car boots 🙁

  18. Segasocks says:

    I remember my parents giving me the board game from their childhoods and it also included the popping dice so i presume it was always featured 🙂

  19. shockz16 says:

    Cheers mate, Broadband? what is this Wizardry you speak of?

  20. shockz16 says:

    Who knew Spears Games made so many Board Games? Taped boxes ftw, so you don't lose the pieces haha.

    Yeah Frustration has been around longer than I have, like I say in the vid I think that version is an early 90's one as I remember my cousin having an older version of it, I think the one I shown may have been the version that introduced the popping dice?

  21. shockz16 says:

    Haha, bow before me 😀

  22. shockz16 says:

    haha I know, this is what happens when you film unprepared videos, I should've known they'd be taped to keep all the pieces in. I could of sworn they used to print the dates on the boxes though? obviously not lol.

    I can actually remember the normal Perfection, I think we may have had that at some point too, yeah they was pretty tough to complete.

  23. shockz16 says:

    No problems mate, glad to have sparked some nostalgia within you. Frustration is a classic, I will be surprised if anyone has heard/played the other as they are little more unknown than others I guess.

  24. shockz16 says:

    I wish I'd of kept hold of some of my toys cos they would of made an appearance aswell unfortunately they have all gone now. They've done away with the popping dice? that's not I'd be writing a letter of complaint, like oi where's me popping dice mofos!! lol

  25. shenmueso says:

    very cool games there dude.. back when people used to play things physically together, before broadband. lol

  26. Segasocks says:

    Spears Games overload! Loving the taped up boxes! Frustration was from way back possibly the 60/70's! 🙂

  27. Segasocks says:

    The new nostalgia king has arrived! 🙂

  28. Tom Maguire says:

    Wow, u really keep hold of everything in ur house! Cant say I've heard of any of them apart from Frustration. Bought my niece Frustration recently, such a simple game but really fun and addictive. The popping dice in the middle is gone now ,u have little tabs for each colour around the outside of the board which u slam down to make the dice jump BOOOOO! Popping dice was better IMO. Fave Games from my childhood were…Mousetrap, Operation,Screwball Scramble and Guess Who

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