7 SURPRISING NEW Switch Games JUST ANNOUNCED! (2019 Nintendo Switch Games)

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7 NEW SWITCH GAMES! All 7 are brand new announcements for the Nintendo Switch! Thanks to the Yogscast for sponsoring this video. Get Caveblazers here: http://bit.ly/ZachBlazesCaves! Check out the new titles coming soon, hear our thoughts on each announcement, and let us know which one YOU are most excited for in the comments down below!

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
OlliOlli: Switch Stance
Giga Wrecker Alt.
The Office Quest
Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?!
Dark Devotion
The Shrouded Isle

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39 Responses

  1. Internet Anonymity says:

    Came to see some new titles for switch, ended up watching a 10 minute pitch for Caveblazers, somehow ended up buying a timeshare.

  2. samisnotclapped says:

    i want the behemoth games on switch

  3. Jan Ge Jo says:

    Nothing new. Nothing fresh. Maybe for people who haven’t played games in the last 20 years, or who like their familiar old stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when old games come back… but the last few years it’s like a zombie invasion and a lot of those games better have stayed dead on their console generations.

  4. atomic animator says:

    He was obviously told to say good stuff about the first game. It’s basically just terraria if u were only allowed in one cave

  5. Eggplant says:

    Trine is still the best game for the switch imo.

    I just love everything about it

    (I'd say Bastion and Transistor as 2nd and 3rd, but I don't own either on switch (yet))

  6. Barry says:

    Come on… GTA 5.

  7. Cassie O’Harra says:

    Oh so the new switch games are mostly just old games

  8. omar carrillo says:

    That begging was very uncomfortable like you were trying to force that game down my throat #stop

  9. Jakob LeClair says:

    I bought caveblazers awhile ago on steam and it's a pretty good 200+ hours of fun until you get burnt out. Hopefully the DLC gets added along with the game because it's a really cool and unique subgame

  10. Mike Jones says:

    When I bought the switch I thought it'd have a lot of cool adventure type games like Zelda breath of the wild but im slowly realizing all the games are stupid ass 2D looking arcade games. WTF dude the device would be way more chill with open world type games

  11. Jmaster94 says:

    It would be nice if we could see more than just platformer/roguelike/metroidvania pixel games from indie developers. Not to say that they're bad, but it'd be nice to see something different for once. Maybe a racer, RPG, fighter? Something? All this does is make the average person think these games are all the same, lose interest, and buy none.

  12. Brian Escobedo says:

    Exactly how much do they pay you to push this garbage on people? Seriously, most games you suggest look free cellphone games. I can't imagine spending the amount I did for the switch to play the garbage you push. I thought at first it may just be something you actually thought was good but after several videos I realize now I've wasted time I'll never get back. But it's my hope that people see this and learn from my mistake. If just one person heed my warning, then it was worth it.

  13. aieden says:

    This channel has gone to hell. Lol

  14. KyleYoung2012 says:

    i hope spyros re ignited trilogy comes to the switch;and i might get dragons dogma for the switch not sure yet though and those games do all look great

  15. MelodicTurtleMetal says:

    Wake me up when eternal darkness gets rebooted

  16. Soilent Diva says:

    how can you say caveblazer would be the first must have eShop game of the year, when Momodora 4 just released on the same day?

  17. KLASICK 90's says:

    Trash games I'll stick to 1est party games

  18. ValensBellator says:

    Caveblazers is co-op? I hope the Game Grumps play it heh

  19. Sollykun says:

    Samey indies and ports. I wish people would make new content for the Switch. The only thing I'm interested in is Dragon's Dogma, because I didn't play it when it first released. This is depressing. Where are the AAA companies? 🙁

  20. Khaymn Adams says:

    What a crap 7 new games

  21. The gaming team 101 ' says:

    This feels lilke an adverstment for all these games

  22. cameron lewis says:

    Waits for sponsorship money to drop into the account
    Yup this gets our very commendable seal of approval, lmao

    But for reals, this is trash. Don't waste your time with this channel

  23. Diego Estrada says:

    I farted

  24. Volessj 700 says:

    What about Saints Row 3?

  25. AleksSDF says:

    Cannot wait for saints row the third

  26. DeadRat Productions says:

    Summary: a bunch of shit indie games and a Dragon's Dogma port.

  27. dirt232323 says:

    Uhm no caveblazers is not "sooo good" I know everyone has their tastes but seriously you can smell the bias in this vid. I went ahead and bought it on eshop and was quickly bored. It was ok but not "soooo good" like these guys are claiming it to be.

  28. Sam .P says:

    I only see one game that looks good, and some promising. The girl that can manipulate debris. All other just don't look appitizing.

  29. Shareef Hakim says:

    At this point the switch has run its course. Ports and indies are not going to cut it in 2019.

  30. Jason Caruso says:

    Virgin Galactic is working on space tourism as we speak guys. It will definitely be in our lifetime, at the max 10 years away. Will it be affordable for the average consumer ha ha no not really.

  31. Cam Zone says:

    Yo where Naruto storm 4 for switch i have 1 2 and 3 all i need is 4

  32. brandon enoex says:

    Lame ass games might as well play on my iphone

  33. Demonwaffles says:

    Smite better be on this list

  34. Yato says:

    Just want FE Three Houses that's why i bought the Switch.

  35. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha says:

    Just a random thought.
    We know
    Yoshi March
    We know Mk11 april
    We know FF games april.
    Mario U just came out
    Febuary is probably indys.
    Is possible we dont get a direct till after yoshi in march?
    Remember march is end of fiscal year.
    Who else is expecting Animal Crossing to hit May?

  36. Nathan Oei says:

    Cave blazers look like a game from the 90’s

  37. DeadKold says:

    we need a way to play pikmin 1 and 2

  38. idonotmakevidsyet says:

    Im getting tired of these pixel art indie games. Theres only so much you can change in this style.

  39. Sean Renzi says:

    Boring give us better games like Mario odessy

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